FW: Two Crop Circle Experts Lock Horns

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2010-08-25 08:33:15

More arguments…. From: visions [mailto:visions1@talktalk.ne…] Sent: 25 August 2010 01:33To: Undisclosed-Recipient:;Subject: Two Crop Circle Experts Lock Horns   The crop circle world awaits with bated breath the next move in acontroversy which has arisen between two top researchers ofthe phenomena, Nancy Talbott of the BLT group and Colin Andrews.Colin says some of the conclusions of BLT biophysicist researcher William Levengood are plain wrong and the group should admit the mistake.He claims to have filmed proof that circle plants Levengood saidshowed good evidence of the genuine “crop circle making energy”were in fact from a fake circle made by Nancy’s own plant samplers.Nancy sparked the dispute in a piece she wrote for the Reporta Crop Circle Facebook page responding to questions aboutpublished papers by her BLT group.She suggested “No reputable professional scientist would challengealready published work without having carried out researchreplicating the research they are challenging”She adds: “And if some of the lay-people involved in the crop circlesituation are themselves raising questions about the scientific work,such questions are basically insignificant…precisely because theselay-people do not have the academic or scientific training neededto correctly understand what the published material actually says.”But weighing in with his own statement headed: “BLT got it wrongand should admit it and move on”, Colin argues: “It does not alwaysnecessitate replication of a finding to prove the scientist is headingdown the wrong road”.He claims he filmed Nancy’s crop circle samplers making a circle, sending samples to her from it and then finally viewingLevengood’s findings sent back to them.Writes Colin: “Mr. Levengood concluded that the plants from thiscircle were among the best examples of the real phenomenon andshowed the highest crop circle making energy.  But the team and Iknew differently.  Whatever the science and protocols, whateverhis findings, the plants came from a man made crop circle. Theresults showed whatever they showed, but the interpretationwas wrong”.He adds that downed plants from wind and rain in the same fieldwere also judged by Levengood to show a “very high level” ofthe mysterious energy.In an email exchange, I asked Colin why Nancy’s team were makingtheir own crop circle.Colin responded: “It was a legitimate blind test of BLT analysis.  I asked the sampling team to join me to blind test Levengood.  BLT received samples as normal as they would from any other crop circle. I have it all on video and sent Nancy a copy.I’ve not wanted to make it bad for Levengood but it’s important to get some balance back into this.”I have forwarded Colin’s Facebook statement to Nancy and will report further her reaction if she chooses to respond.The full text of Nancy’s statement is here: tiny.cc/dts6bThe full text of Colin’s statement is here: tiny.cc/97umyDave Haith

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