FW: Instant Photos of the Dead?

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2010-11-21 16:26:00

Have a look at the photos – very odd… I think Nancy is probably right…. From: visions    Sent: 21 November 2010 02:12To: Undisclosed-Recipient:;Subject: Instant Photos of the Dead? Get ready for your “boggle” factor to be challenged people…….   For several years a crop circle/UFO researcher and friend Nancy Talbott has been visiting and studying medium Robbert van de Broeke in Holland.   Her website has featured this young man allegedly capturing all manner of anomalous images in digital cameras ranging from light orbs and strange wispy mists to UFOs, alien faces and also pictures of people who have died.   It’s the latter group which makes up the bulk of her latest six page report on her website here:  http://www.bltresearch.com/robbert/apparition1.php   Some of this work has appeared previously and has been attacked all over the internet by sceptics and debunkers who claim Robbert is a fraud and trickster.   But Nancy has persevered undeterred because she is totally convinced – because she has been a prime witness along with others – that Robbert’s strange talents are genuine.   She claims that many photos that Robbert has produced of dead people – simply by firing off a camera often randomly – have been recognised by their living relatives.   Nancy was even present when 60 photos of her brother’s face appeared on the camera screen – two months after he died.   In the report linked above she tells of a woman disturbed by a ‘presence’ in a house, Robert visited there, took some photos which depicted the woman’s neigbour who had died years previously. Later he captured on camera, images of the woman’s dead mother.   Nancy further relates the story of the ‘ghost’ that came a’knocking at the door of a room where she was with Robbert. They heard three taps and Robbert photographed the closed door. The face of a man appeared on the camera screen several times as he pressed the shutter button.   In the report there is the story of a mystery soldier appearing on screen who was later identified to be almost exactly – but with subtle differences – the same as a soldier in the book of a military neigbour!   Summing up what may be happening Nancy suggests Robbert may be “imbued with an expanded consciousness”.   She writes: “That fits most reasonably my many years of direct observation of these events. And that with this remarkable sensitivity comes his ability to not only perceive, but to interact with, what may very well be multiple currently unknown aspects of consciousness or some other as yet unknown forces of nature not evident to most of the rest of us.”

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