Latest Mars Anomaly Story

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2011-06-05 21:22:28

I guess this will do the rounds now:…   Please, to see how awful the research skills of daily mail reporters are, watch as many of the YouTube videos below as you would like. None are longer than about 10 minutes:   What’s Going on – on MARS (Pt 1 of 2) –…   What’s Going on – on MARS (Pt 2 of 2) –…   More Mars Anomalies –…   Rings on Mars (analysis)… audio volume)   And why have Arizona University “hidden” this image:…   i.e. this is the current version:…   and I think you’ll agree it’s extremely dull compared to the original. (sigh)   Here is a quote I pinched from a forum:   www.abovetopsecret.c… (Dr Love) Let me give you the whole Mars conspiracy in a nutshell. I have no doubt that there is some real mind blowing stuff going on on Mars and our governments know it. What they have to do is take the peoples’ minds off of Mars. They send these rovers up there and they send back pictures of basically nothing. The TV and internet are flooded with these pictures of nothing. Soon the people get tired of looking at pictures of nothing and don’t want to be bothered with Mars anymore. They trust that the government will make them aware of any important happenings on Mars should they occur. Of course this will never happen.   We the taxpayers paid for those rovers. We had a right to know when they were launched and how they landed. We have a right to see the pictures, so they give us a million pictures of nothing. Now we’re so bored with the pictures that we really don’t care anymore. They know we won’t ask questions anymore for fear of being bored out of our minds.

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