FW: Robert Green – Monday 14th November 10 AM, at Stonehaven Court,

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2011-11-07 23:04:43

 For those that can make it…. From: Mick Kevill [mailto:mickkevill@btinterne…] Sent: 07 November 2011 21:34To: undisclosed recipients:Subject: Fw: Press Release — On Mon, 7/11/11, Namaste Publishing wrote: From: Namaste Publishing Subject: Press ReleaseTo: Undisclosed-Recipien…: Monday, 7 November, 2011, 20:51 #ygrps-yiv-236016002 #ygrps-yiv-236016002yiv155482209 .ygrps-yiv-236016002yiv155482209hmmessage P { PADDING-BOTTOM:0px;MARGIN:0px;PADDING-LEFT:0px;PADDING-RIGHT:0px;PADDING-TOP:0px;} #ygrps-yiv-236016002 #ygrps-yiv-236016002yiv155482209 BODY.ygrps-yiv-236016002yiv155482209hmmessage { FONT-FAMILY:Tahoma;FONT-SIZE:10pt;}   Even if you are NOT in the UK, please NETWORK FAR AND WIDE. This COURT CASE has profound implications for FREEDOM OF SPEECH for ALL. Robert needs ALL our support.   holliedemandsjustice…   When Speaking the Truth Becomes a Crime,
Freedom of Speech is on Trial
  Monday 14th November, 10 AM – Stonehaven Court, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.   Robert Green stands ALONE in a Stonehaven Court accused of “breach of the peace”  for reporting the TRUTH. If you can get there please attend your presence
and support is NEEDED in this landmark case.
  On Monday 14th November, my long-awaited trial begins in Stonehaven, 15 miles south of Aberdeen, on a Breach of the Peace charge and is scheduled to last for two weeks. Already, with its 12  pre-trial hearings, I understand it has set something of a record in Scottish legal history. My defence stands on the right of a journalist to publish both what he believes to be the truth and is in the public interest. Therefore, the case will have huge ramifications for freedom of the press and by extension, freedom of expression and should therefore be of genuine interest to all those who believe in a free and open democracy as distinct to those in positions of power who plot and conspire behind closed doors. Everyone should be fully aware that the publicity campaign over the past three years has essentially been one of last resort. Anne Greig and her supporters have tried all possible legal means over the last eleven years to seek the justice Hollie so richly deserves, yet have been frustrated at every turn by a state-sponsored conspiracy to protect the influential culprits involved, even after the state accepted Hollie`s evidence by awarding her £13,500 in compensation for her ordeals. This case is most certainly not about me, but about Hollie, Anne Greig and the other poor children who have undoubtedly suffered at the hands of this vile gang. It is also about a good man, Hollie`s beloved Uncle Robert, known to all as Roy, cruelly murdered in 1997, because he accidentally became a key witness to this horrific abuse and thus had to be silenced. The build up of evidence indicating his murder is compelling beyond reasonable doubt, compounded by the authorities’ increasingly desperate and evasive efforts to continue to cover it up.   However, the trial is set to begin, a public hearing, at 10 AM  on Monday morning. I have been denied a jury trial, which is not a good sign, but with public support and the sheer strength of of evidence, let us hope that it is one of those rare moments when justice is seen to prevail in Scotland in this awful case.   Of course, the multiple crimes and indeed the campaign itself have nothing whatsoever to do with the little fishing port of Stonehaven. The only plausible reason for all the hearings taking place there is to make it as remote and difficult to get to for the public and media. Of course, if anyone can possibly come along, I would be delighted to see you.   Finally, may I just thank those many people from around the world who have been kind enough to send me letters of support for my legal team to pass to the Sheriff. It is very much appreciated and I am so grateful.   Robert Green holliedemandsjustice…   Please show Robert that he does not stand alone. Show up at Stonehaven court in Aberdeenshire on 14th November at 10am, lend your support to him with a weight of numbers.  

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