FOIA from Grant Cameron regarding the response to the recent “Disclo

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2012-01-02 18:04:30

I was recently sent the results of an FOIA by Grant Cameron. He had made an FOIA regarding the response to the recent “Disclosure Petition”.   As you will see, much of the text is redacted.   www.checktheevidence…   Grant has written about an appeal to this FOIA   whitehouseufo.blogsp…   In an e-mail to me, I found Grant’s comments about the culture  of secrecy to be quite inline with everything else we’ve seen happening over the last few years.       I expected this B5 exemption to have been used. It is basically if you give advice on something in the White House it is exempted as supposedly no one would give advise if they knew it was going to become known. There is a 12 year hold on it. It is used a lot and makes getting anything useful  through FOIA hard. The B6 stuff was just e-mail and phone numbers. It is sad that “We the People” has to hide as much as possible. Secrecy has become a way of life in Washington and in the Obama administration. Much worse than when I was filing with the Clintons .   Thanks for posting them. Hopefully people take time to look at them as it helps complete the story.   Much more info on Grant’s extensive and detailed website www.presidentialufo….

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