The Key to Fat Loss, Health, and Longevity?

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2012-05-09 07:26:51

Attachments :…   It’s Rainmaking Time!™ is a broadcast vehicle for introducing new and ancient knowledge, solutions, discoveries, and compelling stories. Tune in!   The Key to Fat Loss, Health, and Longevity by KIM GREENHOUSE on  MAY 8, 2012 in HEALTH & WELLNESS Dr. Jack Kruse Neurosurgeon Jack Kruse has open-sourced a life-changing scientific experiment. He is taking the world by storm with a new paradigm on the connection between diet, health, and longevity. In all my years of health and wellness research, his findings on cold thermogenesis, circadian biology, and ancestral living, in combination with other protocols, represent the most amazing synthesis of knowledge I’ve ever seen. By applying his insights to his own problems, he lost 77 pounds in 3 months – and 133 pounds 11 months later. Jack’s profound insights, timely and unusual questions, and scientific revelations are worthy of a new kind of prize. Here’s the framework: “Calories in, calories out” makes no biological sense. For example, 2,000 calories of wheat do not do the same thing in the body as 2,000 calories of protein. Electrons from foods cause different hormonal switches to go off and on. Circadian biology, cold thermogenesis, and ancestral living are the keys to optimizing health, preventing disease, and ensuring longevity. There is a direct link between telomere biology, leptin, and cytokines (inflammation). For example, obesity is a brain inflammation disease involving hormonal disruption. Fat loss is tied to the destruction of leptin levels. Cold destroys leptin and gets rid of our fat cells. Biology requires us to get rid of fat cells on a seasonal basis to reverse our insulin resistance. An ancient pathway exists in the brain that must be switched on daily. The cell is intelligent, and can tell what is going on through its own membrane. Cell membrane chemistry dictates mammalian biology. We humans are Eutherian mammals that have lost our way. There is a pathway to the brain in the hypothalamus that involves the eyes. Light cycles and body temperature are connected. A cold system is directly wired into the peripheral and central nervous systems of mammals. If we can re-tune our hypothalamus, feed it based on circadian biology, and use cold to induce cold thermogenesis, we can convert white fat into brown fat and get rid of fat cells. Getting rid of fat cells is the science we should be focused on. Join me with Dr. Jack Kruse. Let’s unwrap the great gift of health together! Listen using the player above, or: click here to download as a podcast

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