A very rare M4 earthquake hits Ireland

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2012-06-09 09:31:51

Attachments :487003_3134088160766_113255432_n.jpg The photo attached is not meant to be related – it’s from Australia –   www.facebook.com/pho…   earthquake-report.co…   This is the largest magnitude Irish earthquake ever recorded! The Lleyn Peninsula Earthquake 19 July 1984 which was M5.4 caused intensity IV in Ireland.It is expected that Mayo County will have intensity IV-V shaking from this 6th June 2012 earthquake. Mayo County has a population of 132,000 and very little earthquake resistant building measures!The epicenter was located 50km off the west coast of Ireland. Locals in a number of areas on the west coast reported feeling earth tremors this morning. Tremors were felt in counties Mayo, Sligo and Galway with some local radio stations receiving calls from listeners who described houses shaking. There have been reports of some structural damage but this has not been confirmed. Ishnakea South Island (closest point to the earthquake) Most important Earthquake Data:Magnitude : M4.0 (BGS)UTC Time : 07:58:13.9 UTC on 6th June, 2012Local time at epicenter : 07:58:13.9 AM  on 6th June, 2012Depth (Hypocenter) : 3km (BGS)Geo-location(s) : 45km west of Old Village, Ishnakea South.Location is approximately 60km west of Belmullet, County Mayo. Felt in the Counties of Mayo, Sligo and Galway. Historical earthquakes near Ireland (courtesy:BGS)

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