FW: Mars Rovers – Are they on Mars?

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2013-05-20 14:40:17

 Below is what I received this from a reader and thought I would pass it on to add to our pile of ideas to consider…. This is pasted together from 3 messages.    Some people have sort of asked me that if I talk about the Apollo Missions being hoaxed, then don’t I consider that the Mars Rover missions are some kind of hoax as well? At the moment, I do think the rovers are on Mars, BUT, I have to be open to the possibility that they are not… A few years ago, someone suggested to me these rovers are in the Arizona desert… but I don’t think that can be correct because of the temperature readings. So, I was intrigued by the suggestion below.   On one of my YouTube videos, one person commented on the size of the parachute that would be needed to safely land some of these rovers. The Martian atmosphere is said to be very thin, so a very large parachute may be needed. (No, I understand that Curiosity had some time of retro-rocket arrangement, so maybe this is a non-issue, but I still thought it worth mentioning…   Andrew,                             A belated thankyou for your Richplanet Mars talk. You mentioned Charles Shults’ “Fossil hunter’s guide to Mars” and I realised that his work may be the perfect confirmation of something that I have suspected for a while – that the Mars rovers are probably transmitting from one of the dry inland areas of Antarctica – why else would “Martian” photos appear to show fossils of Earth species ? Dry Antarctic terrain looks exactly like the photos, and in the youtube videos I’ve looked at, you get exactly the same overnight frost forming on the tops of rocks. Why have we had no photos taken at dawn, nightime or dusk? Perhaps ’cause they’d show some of the constellations of the Southern hemisphere and give the game away? One photo shows a metallic thing sticking out of the ground, but that’s what metal ores do in totally uninhabited areas – the rock gradually weathers away but harder metallic seems are more weather-resistant and end up protruding. It may even be pure silver – which obviously gets mined pretty damn quickly in any inhabited area. They knew they couldn’t get to the moon – which is why the elaborate cover-up was already in place when the astronauts returned – and they knew they wouldn’t get to Mars either. This would explain some of the secrecy in Antarctica.             I’ve been trying to narrow down the area where they could be located. The Bunger Hills area has melt water ponds everywhere – don’t think it’s around there. About 100Km West of McMurdo station, there’s Wright valley and Taylor valley – they’re certainly dry enough – mummified seals lie undisturbed for 5,000 years plus – but there aren’t enough rocks around – looks like they’ve been scraped clean by glaciers at some point. There aren’t many photos of the dry valleys around there – we need some really sharp-eyed google-earther to identify the skyline in the “Mars” photos.    The valley bottoms in Antarctica are relatively rock free. The higher ground between the valleys is much more interesting. There are 16 restricted areas listed on the Dry Valleys website. I think this is in one of them –          www.earth.columbia.e… Are we getting warm?

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