Re: Dr Judy Wood and ADJ on Pete Santilli discussing Alex Jones

From: benthejrporter

Date: 2013-07-07 13:36:06

I always watch 9/11 debunking videoes just because I always look at both sides of every story. I even attend Skeptic meetings sometimes. But none of them have ever come close to proving the official story, nor the “alternative official story”, thermite etc, either. It does look really weird that Alex Jones blows up at the caller over a technicality. But that’s a psychological method used to intimidate the caller, see Arthur Schoepenhauer’s “The Art of Being Right”. When Alex drops Dr Judy Wood’s title I think it’s done on purpose. Alex has lost a lot of his old genuine style, he used to have earthy redneck charm, but now he’s just another product. He’s probably been turned into cointelpro. — In Cognoscence@yahoogro…, “Andrew Johnson” wrote: > > Sorry if you get 2 copies… > > Dr Judy wood and myself discussed the call in to Alex Jones by Anton Kalaj > (he contacted me via Facebook) with Pete Santilli. I asked Pete to play > another interesting Alex Jones clip from 2006: > > > %20Johnson%20and%20Pete%20%20Santilli%20-%20Discuss%20Alex%20Jones%20and%20S > teven%20E%20Jones.mp3 >

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