Lloyd Pye has passed on.

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2013-12-10 17:41:12

There are many tributes on his Facebook page – and they all say similar things – he was a friend to everyone and made everyone feel welcome in his life. He was a great listener, thinker and speaker. He set a shining example for those looking for the truth and helped to shine light into areas of murkiness or darkness. He has inspired many of us and I was so glad and honoured to have counted him as a friend.   From his facebook page: “This is Lloyd’s nephew. Lloyd Pye passed away at approximately 6:15 PM CT USA. Lloyd was surrounded by family and died in his mother’s arms. The family is asking for privacy at this time as we deal with the loss. We will post additional information in the near future. Thank you to all of his friends and fans for your support, prayers and love. He loved you all deeply.”   “We have had requests for a way to send cards and letters to the family. Cards and letters can be sent to Lloyd’s family care of Bryan S. Stone, PO Box 1413, Destin, FL 32540.”     Nick Angelo R.I.P. Lloyd. Legend.16  4   Clemente Ciamarra deep condolences to the family – Lloyd was great man, i dont think its good-bye but only a matter of time when we all will see Lloyd again.16  1   Vito Marchese I am so sorry for you and you family’s loss.16   1   Cody Seago Rip Lloyd.16   1   Bill Busha R.I.P Lloyd Pye !16   1   Michael Zand RIP 16  1   Liz Millar Rest in Peace, Power and Freedom Lloyd Pye. Sending waves of gratitude for your steadfast approach to your work. Many thanks for sharing the news of your Uncle’s passing and deep condolences for your loss16   2   Margrete Grey Wolf We’ll miss you, Lloyd. I am very sorry for the family.16  1   Mary Waldron May Lioyd rest in Peace. He was a kind man. My prayers to you and your family.My Deepest Sympathy.16  1   Bella Smith May you Rest In Peace,Lloyd..My Condolences to the Family~~~16  1   Jovanna Goette RIP16  1   Katja Jordan-King So sad. Loved his work. RIP Lloyd.16  1   Cookie Stringfellow Thank you so much. I enjoyed speaking with Lloyd a few years ago in Phoenix. May he rest in peace. Prayers to all of you from the Rochester UFO Meetup Group.16  1   Janny Nagtzaam RIP Lloyd, My condolences to the family. love and blessings16  1   Keith Goodyer A few years back, I heard about Lloyds book “Everything you know is wrong”. However hard I tried I could not purchase a copy for under $200. I eventualy wrote to Lloyd, who very kindly replied that their was a Lady in London who had a box of them. All he could remember was her name was Belinda. A few weeks later I was invited to a Party in Hull, the host introduced me to a Lady called Belinda. Jokingly I said to her “You wouldn’t be the Belinda with a stack of Lloyd Pie books in your Attic would you” – “No” she replied, “they are in the back of my car”. A few years later I was very fortunate to meet Lloyd on one of his trips to the UK. It was at that point I realised ‘Every think I knew was wrong’ – Thank you Lloyd, Rest in Peace.16  7   Garylee Molitor OMG another good friend lost ! may he find peace….my condolences to the family.i will dearly miss him.16  1   Joseph Strogish R.I.P16   1   Ross Sarzynski R.I.P16  1   Robert Hipp So sorry16  1   William James Smith Rest in peace, Lloyd.16  1   Vera Prescott Covarrubias I am so very sorry to hear this….r.I.p. Lloyd.16   1   Mike Dysland 16  1   Lana Hutchinson So very sorry for your loss, please give our love to Miss Nina16   1   Eric H. Altman I had the pleasure of talking to Lloyd on numerous occasions. Very sad to hear of the news and please accept my families deepest condolences.16  1   Mark Smith Very sad news. Thank you Lloyd Pye for your work and persistence.16  1   Marcello Laginhas Supertramp May his soul rest in light. Love from Brasil.16  1   Jill Tedrow Mognet So sorry for your loss16  1   Carol Douglas I’m so sorry for your loss. He was a wonderful man.16  1   Connie Willis Lloyd, now knows all the secrets of the universe! i know he is happy about that! i loved that man. intelligent, brave and funny too. i am so glad to have known him. 15  4   Bonnie Walden Loved his theories… his books opened up my mind to alternative ideas on creation. Everything he said was so logical. RIP Sure hope the work he started will be continued by someone.15  2   Gia Scott My condolences to his family. Lloyd will definitely be missed.15  2   George F. Schwebel Susan and family , you are in my prayers and in my heart may he now find the unknown .15  2   Michael Radford I am so, so sorry to hear this! My prayers and Blessings!15  1   Tony R. Elliott He will be missed by many.15  1   Kevin Downing I am truly saddened by the loss of a man that I was fortunate to have only met once in person. I have been forever changed by that which he has written. I can only hope that someday we will meet again across the veil and rejoice in our understanding that Everything We Knew Was Wrong.15  3   Matthew A Johnson Smooth sailing, Lloyd Pye.15   2   Nadine Boulianne So sorry for your loss. 15   2   Meredith D’one Sympathy to you all. Sorry for your loss.14   1   Danielle Garcia my condolences to you and your family. Rest in Peace, Lloyd.14  2   Scott Davis My condolences and well wishes for your family. May you all find peace and comfort in each other’s presence. Thank You Lloyd… for taking time to converse with me a few times a number of years ago and for everything you did for all of us. RIP … you’ve earned your rest. You are already missed. 14  4   Iva Adamson Oh no, so sad. 14  2   Linus Borgström My condolences and deepest sympathies. Lloyd was a truly remarkable person who’s work will live on. I’m glad I got to exchange a few e mails with him, he will truly be missed!14   3   Roman Castle My condolences.14  2   Tom Ham We have lost a warrior for truth. I had the very good fortune to spend a fair amount of time with Lloyd over the last 10 years, and am better for it. His kind soul and ever-searching intellect will be missed.14  4   Mark Betancourt What?!!! Wow! What a loss! I admire him and his work very much! Very sad to hear that.14  2   Sharon Cornet I have known Lloyd for soooo many years… since before he met Ray and Mel. I am so incredibly sad!!! :*( RIP dear sweet Lloyd… I always said you were the PERFECT person to do what was your life’s work.14  2   Phil Jones I was thinking about him all day and we just enjoyed a good laugh at a joke I told him14  · Unlike · 3   Bryan McGuire Very sorry to hear this. I followed his work for the 12 years. He touched many people. I am very sorry.14  3   Connie Willis phil, can you share the joke that cracked him up? it would be great to know one of his laughs…14  2   Max Wedge Deeply saddened to hear of Lloyd’s passing. He was a very rare individual indeed, and a champion of truth.14   2   Janet Schoder So sorry to hear this. May he rest in peace knowing he had many, many people that cared for him. Condolences go out to his family.14  2   Phil Jones it was more like sharing with his spirit my intentions to continue the internet battle with the wackypedists and we both laughed at that just then. we share the same disdain for the bastards14  · Edited 4   Don Schneider Am so sorry for your loss. Lloyd had incredible knowledge and instincts that have inspired my search for the truth. He will be missed, but never forgotten.13   2   Matias Duran Rest in peace my friend13   2   Wm. Michael Mott God bless and God speed, Lloyd.13  2   Tina Beal Blessed him most beloved and surround him with your love and pure light.13  2   Duane Tudahl Lloyd. You were a great guy and I’ll always remember the fun we had when you stayed at our place in Los Angeles. You will be missed buddy.   Today you know if we are alone in the universe.13  2   Anne Sterling Dislike. Goodbye old friend.12  2   Robert Simcox Lloyd brought a lot to the table of humankind, he offered and he gave.12  5   Gail Webster Aww he fought the fight right to the end I send love and blessings to his family left behind his spirit will always live on god bless and god speed12  2   Mariagrazia Caterina Lloyd. ..12  2   Nathan Phillips R.i.p12   2   Peter Horler See ya Lloyd,we love you……R I P !11   2   John Novak So sorry to hear. Our thoughts and prayers to family and friends.11  2   Lee da Silva how?11  2   Oluwayinka Winzenburg Popoola Sorry for the loss.11  2   Roberto Giuliani My Condolences11   2   Paul Zuest Jr Glad to have been influenced by some of Lloyd’s ideas. Sorry for your loss, and the loss to all of us who buck mainstream academia and mainstream scientifica to think freely and search for alternative answers to some of the big questions we are being misled on.10  2   Jane MacRoss 10  2   Angel Espino I will never ever forget you LloydPye you really were a great friend, mentor, and a hero. Not only to myself but to many many people in this world… Thank you for everything you did for humanity. This is one sad sad day… Rest in Peace to a good man. God bless you.10  2   Caroline Flynn I’ve never met the man but heard some wonderful things about him. He will be greatly missed by all who were blessed to have known him.9   2   Lin Roswell Will miss you, Lloyd. Your work will live on forever.9  2   Dan O’Connell Rest in Peace Lloyd9   2   Giuseppe Lambertino So saddened to hear of his passing. My deepest condolences to friends and family. He was a very intelligent man and talented writer. He also loved sport and I’ll cherish the memory of watching some of the 2010 World Cup final with him.8  2   Garylee Molitor he was a great man and a great friend.8  2   Alex Trenoweth I’m so glad I got to see him one last time here in London. Rest in Peace, Lloyd.8  1   Andrew Johnson We all loved him so much as well and we were so honoured to know him for him to be part of our lives. I send my love and best wishes to all his family and wish them strength and fortitude in this time of loss.7  1   Belinda McKenzie He was my closest and dearest real friend in every sense of the word, I did whatever I possibly could to save him but he was profoundly tired and needed to go home. Down the line our species will appreciate what this one valiant man has done for human self-realisation and our understanding of life on this planet.7  · Unlike · 5   Ann-Britt Palmgren So sad….7   1   Belinda McKenzie He was also a most lovely human being, had time for everybody and interested in everything going on, and sooo interesting with that encyclopaedic mind and rich store of anecdotes, yes we were all honoured to know him.7  1   Jamie Burbidge RIP Lloyd Pye7  1   David Sheriff I am heartbroken !6  · Edited 1   Debi Coates It was an honour to have known you R.I.P. xxx6  1   Bev McDonnell Deepest sympathy for your loss, a great man. X6   1   Joseph Renard Will be missed and remembered. Enjoyed our conversations over the years. Was a great yet misunderstood and under appreciated man of his time.6  1   Jan Peter de Jong R.I.P.5  1   Patti Mason Denison RIP Lloyd.5  1   Pablo Ayo A great loss. Rip.5   1   Paul D France   Great Man and Research…. What will Happen with the Starchild now…???  4  2   Johnny WatchDog Very sad. Our condolences to the immediate family. Very interesting man with very interesting research.4  1   Mojca Emeršic My condolences to the family 4  1   Yoli Hernandez Rezaremos por el.See Translation2   1   Loretta Benecke my prayers are with all of youabout an hour ago 3   Jamie Havican Lloyd was an amazing man with purpose, and a drive in life. It was an honor to know him, and interview him many time. My condolences to the family.about an hour ago  1   Cats Moulder’s Our thoughts and prayers go to all the family and all who were blessed to know him!

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