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Date: 2014-04-13 20:54:39

Attachments :MASTER_HSBC_BOOKLET_PDF_SCREEN_VERSION.pdfForwarded from Tony Farrell via Sheffield branch of Friends of the UK Column. If anyone is around on Tuesday 15th April we would certainly value your moral and lawful support. Unfortunately, Tony currently resides adjacent to Nick Clegg’s constituency office, so only those with strong stomach’s (should that be constitutions?) need apply. If anyone has a concern regarding lawful rebellion, please forward this to your contacts. Whatever your beliefs, Tony has made a stronger stand than most and deserves our support.Neil On Saturday, 12 April 2014, 17:44, Jason Holmes wrote: —–Original Message—– From: Tony To: jasonholmes98 Sent: Fri, 11 Apr 2014 11:58 Subject: TONY FARRELL’S EVICTION IN SHEFFIELD ON TUESDAY 15TH APRIL AT 11:30PM THE EVICTION OF TONY FARRELL IN FULWOOD, SHEFFIELD Dear Jason, As discussed, please circulate to your contact list on Friends of the UK Column. Peaceful observers will be more than welcome to witness events. I am not sure what will happen here, but it might get interesting and witnesses may be useful to have around in order to deter any of the usual misconduct of bailiffs and their allies the police in these situations. THE EVENT The implementation of the Notice of Eviction served on Tony Farrell as a resident of the flat by the Sheffield County Courts in support of the claimants HSBC Bank Plc. I am in this flat by invitation. The house is in probate, but has been granted a repossession order. Apparently, there was no life insurance upon death to cover the home-loan and there are complicated issues with the last will and testament of the deceased. The original invitation for me to stay at the flat prior to its possession by HSBC Bank Plc, came from Muad Dib / JAH and one of His close friends who happens to be the dad of the deceased. I have been in the flat by invitation for several months now since my return to Sheffield from Ireland. DATE AND TIME 11:30 AM ON 15TH APRIL 2014 Tea served from 9:30 am onwards. (Noting the irony of the date, Im just surprised its not been set for 3:15PM!) ADDRESS FLAT 2, 32 ARMTHORPE ROAD, FULWOOD, SHEFFIELD S11 7FA. IT’S CLOSE TO THE LOCAL CONSTITUENCY OFFICE OF DEPUTY PRIME MINISTER NICK CLEGG. POSSESSORS HSBC BANK PLC Please see attached Banksters R Us pdf booklet. I hope to see a one or two friendly faces there, if you can make it. It should prove interesting. Tony Farrell 07783858892

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