Re: Kent University’s Upcoming 9/11 Truth Debate

From: Hilary Kitching

Date: 2014-06-17 08:48:53

I’m not able to post a comment to their psy-op video presentation on my iPhone for some reason, but I’ve just tried something new and found some interesting results…I typed “was 911 an inside job” into the YT search box and there seems to be a familiar pattern of leading conspiracy theorists labelled under this heading of which I feel are all working for the same entity. Henry Makow recently posted an article about Alex Jones to encourage response about him, but as soon as you ask Makow about Dr Wood’s evidence he shuts you down without even looking at what you say. But yes, it’s ok to waste time discussing the validity of Jones and “oh it’s the Freemasons”.   On 16 Jun 2014, at 19:12, “benthejrporter@hotma… [Cognoscence]” wrote:   Hillary, it was recorded. I’m curious to hear how it went.Part 1: Was 911 An Inside Job? University of Kent, UK Part 1Part 2: Was 911 An Inside Job Part 2 Was 911 An Inside Job Part 2 Starts at 0.48 seconds: Debate: Was 911 an inside job? at University of kent, Canterbury UK on april 1st 2014. Edward Shambrook who considers it wasn’t an i… View on Preview by Yahoo   Was 911 An Inside Job? University of Kent, UK Part 1 Starts at 0.47 secs. Was 911 An Inside Job? A debate at University of Kent at Canterbury, UK. April 1st 2014. Any other Universities interested in holding si… View on Preview by Yahoo   

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