The Mars Rover Hypothesis – Part 2

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2015-01-16 11:51:17

Attachments : Richard D Hall has now posted the 2nd part of the Mars Rover Hypothesis Program:…   Continuing from last week we look at more evidence to help us decide whether the Mars Rovers actually went to Mars. First we look at images which seem to show evidence of moisture, which apparently doesn’t exist on Mars due to the very low atmospheric pressure. We also take a look at the very enigmatic organisation, The Mars Society – who are not a company, nor a charity, but a “not for profit” organisation. Why do we need an autonomous “society” to do field research pertaining to Mars Rovers? – Could it be that NASA need some plausible deniability if their fraud is ever discovered? Who is Robert Zubrin? and does he really believe that rockets can get Man to Mars, or is he part of something more sophisticated? – There are more questions than answers with the Rover Missions, it’s just a pity NASA don’t seem to like providing answers to very simple questions.

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