Re: Remember this man?

From: jon_devlin

Date: 2015-03-16 13:13:42

Hi Hilary   Unless you know WHO they are, you’ll not know WHAT it is that THEY have done to us and continue to this day. Most people don’t know they are in a war and yes the Jew is the enemy that has and is enslaving us with their lies, deceit and genocide.   A good place to start is the so-called Jewish Holocaust, once you see this total fraud and then realise that ‘every’ Jew to this day perpetuates this lie then you’d have to question the honesty of even the Jew’s not in power. Then, have a look at their Talmudic teachings and its codes that they live by and see how they regard me, a white European, in their teachings? And, if your Christian (not to be confused with the Corporate COE and Papal Catholic versions) you might be interested in how they describe Jesus and other non-Jews of the bible also?   I think I should point you at some sources and/or those that will cite the sources, some come at it from slightly different angles but the below will give you a grounding in the Jewish (or those that say they are Jews) history and what they have been up to.   republicbroadcasting…      – look for Deanna Spingola and her many years of interviews about Jews with numerous guests over the years that will lead you to their fact based research. She also has several books and new one just out, that all seem to have a common thread that she’s found in her research.…   www.andrewcarrington…   Regards   John

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