Re: What has Morris 108 learnt ?

From: realiseyourefree

Date: 2015-03-27 11:18:40

You talk about leaders John:  I am friends with a 94 yr old man who survived two “Death Marches” (totalling 1000 miles) after being taken captive by German enemy forces at St Valery(he was fighting as part of the 51st Highland Div. as a Royal Engineer) . I have no reason to doubt his accounts of what happened because he is not a liar so if you can explain why Nazi POW guards would batter POW’s with rifle butts until they can’t go on and then shoot them in the head I’d be happy to hear it. Of course you weren’t there and I don’t just believe anyone’s story, but he is not lying. Nazi guards were bastards, but when my friend escaped Stalag XXB and was eventually re-captured and handed-in to the German Police they treat him like Royalty, but the guards and the Doctor beat him with rifle butts and the Doc dislocated his wrist without anaesthetic. They also had to work 14 hour days on one bowl of soup and one small slice of bread and they were skeletons like the Japs when they got home. Have you ever seen an angry German, probably not, like most people who weren’t there.War is hell; leaders become dangerous because war and other pressures makes them do bad things because they are human and unless you’ve been there you are not coming from the same perspective as he is. I am all for evidence and not for hearsay, but don’t pressurise me into following leaders, no matter who they are, even Bill Cooper. I know the problems associated with leadership because I’ve served in the Reg. Forces for 12 years. Now, I am a free person and don’t follow anyone but myself and believe no one and nothing until it can be proven. As a final point, despite what my brave friend went through, he still admires Hitler(Germany for the Germans), even after seeing his friends shot because they had holes in their shoes on the death march and the blisters and -30 Celsius temps froze their feet and limbs. I’d like to ask how keen you’d be to follow a leader if you had to suffer this. People have got no idea about war, unless they’ve been there. Here endeth the lesson.

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