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From: Hilary Jane Kitching

Date: 2015-06-08 12:17:57

You could prove facts over and over again regarding 9/11 using Dr Wood’s book and many will still ignore its importance. I know a woman who was given Dr Wood’s book by a friend a year before I met up with her and when I first visited her and asked her about what she has learnt she was not interested in discussing it. But she still claimed she was really into the truth as a whole. ​Instead she spend most of the time proving how much she knew about water and how it is affected by emotions(which is true), and I couldn’t get a word in edge ways all night. It was all manner of truth related conversation, but WDTTG? not a jot of interest. And as for church goers…I myself am a God-fearing Christian, but mention anything about 9/11 and Dr Wood’s stuff…not a jot of interest. They say it doesn’t matter. Well, everyone here, even though you may not believe in God have a far greater chance of getting into the Kingdom of Heaven than any of them.  Doing right by God is seeking the truth.  God bless.      Hilary J Kitching MInstRE On 8 June 2015 at 11:46, john_d_devlin@hotmai… [Cognoscence] wrote:   I challenged a few Truth Seekers and their Blog posters (as in the Clint Richardson Corporation Nation Site) about their many references to the same very well organized, with unknown specific purpose for their existence and extremely well funded (Time Square Ad!) group and in stark contrast little to nothing ever said about Dr Wood other than a few derogatory and incorrect statements about her ‘Theories’. I questioned Clint (a person that does seem to spend a lot of time researching) about why he had an ex-Air Steward on for 2 hours then another 2 hours discussing her fiction book? And, why he never asked Dr Wood to come on and discuss her non-fiction book that formed the bases of a Fact based Legal challenge? Its surprising or telling given that Clint is a Legal (or the Legal Lie) expert and would know what it means to go up against this Legal System without the correct factually based evidence. Anyway, apart from being labeled on his Blog by a commenter, as a Judy Wood ‘Hero worshiper’ (Interesting in my exchange with Jan Irving he called me the same thing), I hear nothing else back from my Email/Comment’s posted.Someone close to me recently wanted to have their eyes opened and one of the things I told them was how over the many years I’ve researched and moved my position as I got closer to the truth or historical fact. I had been taken in few times by the smooth talkers who will give you either 80% Fact and 20% less than fact, both of these figures vary but it still boils down to one thing they are not tell 100% of the truth. So now I only listen to those that try to give 100% truth and they in 9-11 area (as I told this person) are very easy to spot. If they don’t cite Dr Wood as their primary source for WHAT happened then they are not telling the truth (everyone in this area now knows Dr Wood so I don’t allow for ignorance anymore). Even if they are not interested in the WHAT happened and only as in Jan/Clint’s case are interested in the Political or Physiological (I’d argue that the What/How is as Physiological as it comes i.e. a real life David Copperfield show that made 6 buildings disappear, partially or near completely), but even if we give Jan his demarcation of research, then why would he still cite and promote A&E as having anything valid to this area and deride Dr Wood citing the Greg Jenkins hit as his proof that Dr Wood is somehow lacking? No I’m sorry as I told Jan directly he was not getting any benefit of the doubt on his feigned ignorance of her work, he knows exactly what he’s doing in citing A&E and employing the same mind control tactics that he is meant to be exposing!

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