FW: A 7 piece puzzle- Paris and COP21

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2015-11-17 15:33:55

I was just send this short list of bullet points – make of it what you will… From: blueshift.nu [mailto:i@blueshift.nu] Sent: 17 November 2015 11:21To: cc@blueshift.nuSubject: A 7 piece puzzle A 7 PIECE PUZZLE The real reason for the Paris attacks – enforce Martial Law for COP21… blueshift.nu/a-7-pie… find below 7 pieces in a puzzle the reader needs to put together in a way that makes sense… France declares martial law. The reason given are the attacks on Friday 13th November 2015. 17 days later, on Nov 30, the UN climate-summit COP21 starts in Paris. The undisclosed agenda of the summit is the creation of a global climate court, part of a one-world government. As a result of the martial law, people are unable to voice their opposition against the global CO2 scam and the encroaching global police-state. Swedish climate-minister Åsa Romsom is attacked for mentioning the attacks in Paris (piece 1) and the COP21 summit (piece 2) in a tweet. Her enemies claim that it is unethical to reflect on how the attacks on Friday 13th might affect the situation at COP21. The allegation makes no sense. Was Romsom’s real faux pas simply making the connection between martial law and COP21? Russia seems to have overtaken the US in military technology and now holds the initiative in Middle East affairs – stabilizing Syria whilst rolling back Western proxies such as ISIS and Nusra. Using the attacks on Friday 13th as an excuse, France is on behalf of the US Empire trying wrestle back to the Empire the initiative in the Middle East. France’s President Francois Hollande declares war on the alleged perpetrators of the Friday 13th attacks. The attacks in Paris took place under a new moon on the occult day of Friday 13th in the 11th month of the year (November). The secret governing force of humanity are black magicians, a perennial priesthood that as a matter of course stages ritualistic sacrifices (including human) to promote fear and obedience among the public.

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