YPAF – Fluoridation Report – Part 2

Yorkshire Citizens Caring for Yorkshire People


7 January 2016 YPAF (Yorkshire People Against Fluoride) 1/167


The Fluoridation Report (Part 2)


Submitted to Public Health England & Wakefield County Council

Author of the Report: Simon C. Haigh BA Single Hons, MIfL

A Review of the Safety Guidelines of Fluoridation / Non-Legality within the EU

Important note from Joy Warren (Coordinator of Fluoride Free Alliance UK which  – see www.ukfffa.org.uk.)

It is true that Simon submitted the document to Wakefield Borough’s Health and Well-Being Scrutiny Board but it was not accepted by them because it did not match the terms of reference.  Wakefield had already put a fluoridation proposal on ice in 2007 and in 2015, urged by their Public Health Consultant in Dental Health, they decided they had to revisit the issue.  So, in 2015, they asked for recent evidence that fluoride was either beneficial or injurious and ineffective.  

At the time, I had formed the embryonic UKFFFA and with long-term residents of Wakefield  (Malcolm and Anna Bowman) we were invited to present our evidence which we did successfully.  

I am attaching our report to Wakefield Borough Council and wonder if you could replace Simon’s report with ours since our report was the one which was instrumental at preventing Wakefield becoming fluoridated. www.checktheevidence… (PDF Version – Click Here)



This report aims to set out the arguments against fluoridation with specific reference to safety guidelines outlined by the National Health Service (NHS) and its regulatory bodies. Emphasis within this study will focus upon the ‘quality’ of evidence (or lack thereof) supplied by Public Health England appertaining to the benefits and efficacy of fluoride. In addition, legal and ethical considerations will be presented to the committee to establish the illegality of fluoridation schemes throughout the EU. This report will therefore clearly outline the discussion against fluoridation within a legal and medical framework. It is intended to compliment the information that appeared in YPAF’s (Yorkshire People Against Fluoride) 1st report dated on the 25th of August 2015 and gives clear guidance regarding the law and the protection of the individual from ‘experimental treatments’.


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