FW: Sandy Hook truther to face jury

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2016-02-01 07:49:43

Sandy Hook has been used as a way of setting things up so that we can’t really find out what happened. With baseless claims and counter-claims being made, to the point where “researchers” have suggested parents dig up their child to prove they are the real parents of the child, we now have a situation where media can paint anyone who questions official accounts as a “stalker” and someone who is “breaching the peace”, “causing harassment” etc   Sofia Smallstorm, Jim Fetzer, James Tracy and Wolfgang Halbig have all helped with this situation (deliberately or accidentally).   www.spingola.com/San…   www.huffingtonpost.c…   jamesfetzer.blogspot…   From a contact: Sandy Hook truther to face juryNotice as well the bleed-over into 911, and how the entire Sandy Hook Hoaxers debacle, as predicted, is now being used to destroy whatever chances may have existed in bringing any kind of skepticism possible towards the events of that day.www.ctpost.com/news/… Sandy Hook truther to face jury By Daniel Tepfer  Updated 4:59 pm, Thursday, January 28, 2016 Photo: Autumn Driscoll/file Photo / Hearst Connecticut Media IMAGE 1 OF 3 Buy Photo Matthew Mills, 32, of Brooklyn, N.Y., appears before Superior Court Judge William Holden in Bridgeport Tuesday, Nov. 17, 2015, on a charge of interfering with police and second-degree breach of peace for … more BRIDGEPORT — So-called truther Matthew Mills will get his chance to convince a jury that not only did the Sandy Hook tragedy not happen, but that hero-teacher Victoria Soto was a made-up person. As Soto’s younger sister, Jillian, cried a few feet away, Superior Court Judge William Holden rejected Mills’ request for a special probation program that would have cleared his record. “Please don’t give him this (accelerated rehabilitation), he shouldn’t get it,” Jillian Soto tearfully pleaded as she stood before the judge. “He over and over again has harassed my family.” Mills, 32, of New York, stood glancing around the courtroom as Soto spoke, showing no emotion. His lawyer, James Hardy II, said his client was exercising his constitutional rights when, police said, Mills shoved a photograph of her dead sister in Jillian Soto’s face before a charity race in Victoria Soto’s memory last Nov. 7, contending it was all a lie. He then made a video recording of her reaction. Victoria Soto, of Stratford, was hailed as a hero after police said she was killed while protecting her first-grade students from gunman Adam Lanza at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in December 2012. Under accelerated rehabilitation, a program for nonviolent offenders, Mills would not have pleaded guilty to the charges against him, but could be place on up to two years’ probation. If he committed no crimes during that probation, the original charges would be dismissed. “Sometimes facts are misinterpreted and police reports are not as factual as they should be,” Hardy told the judge of the allegations against Mills, who is charged with breach of peace and interfering with police. Hardy argued that the charges against Mills, who works for Wells Fargo Bank, are not serious, and that there was no likelihood Mills would offend again. “He has a wife who has had it up to here with him and given him an ultimatum,” Hardy told the judge. “They have a child on the way.” But Assistant State’s Attorney Craig Nowak retorted that Mills’ history shows he has every reason to do it again, pointing out that Mills barged into a post-game interview for Super Bowl 48 at Giants Stadium, yelling that the 9/11 terror attacks were not real. “He is entitled to his First Amendment rights; what he is not entitled to is to confront members of the Soto family before a charity race, shove a photo of their dead sister in their faces and harass them,” the prosecutor continued. “I object to him getting accelerated rehabilitation.” Holden glanced at the crying Jillian Soto as he paused to render his decision. “I’m of the opinion that any crime that threatens someone’s liberty is serious,” the judge began. “No one, Mr. Mills, is limiting your passion to do what you desire, but this request is denied.” Holden continued the case to March 2. “I’m so happy the judge didn’t give him accelerated rehabilitation,” said Jillian Soto, her cheeks wet with tears, as she left the Golden Hill Street courtroom. “While he is sensitive to the claims, he stands firm that he was exercising his First Amendment rights,” Hardy said as he and Mills left the courthouse. On Nov. 7, hundreds were attending the third annual race in Stratford to raise money for educational scholarships in Soto’s name when, police said, Mills approached Jillian Soto. They said Mills shoved a photograph in the younger Soto’s face and began angrily charging that not only did the Sandy Hook tragedy not take place, but that Victoria Soto never existed. Police said the photo was of the Soto family, including Victoria Soto, sitting on a seawall in Stratford. Jillian Soto became very upset at Mills’ actions and repeatedly asked him to leave her alone, but police said he persisted until officers arrived on the scene. He then ran off and was captured following a short foot chase with officers on Main Street, police said.

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