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From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2016-02-11 22:45:33

Attachments : Thanks to Matt W for sending this:   famagusta-gazette.co…   Attack of the vapours – did jet trails block out Cyprus today? A satellite photo of Cyprus today CYPRUS – FAMAGUSTA GAZETTE• Thursday, 04 February, 2016 Activity in the skies above Cyprus has caused a buzz online; with satellite photos showing the island almost completely obscured by what seem to be condensation trails left behind by jet aircraft .   The day was bright and sunny, which made observers notice the unusual amount of traffic above however, some of the aircraft spotted were not visible on the popular flight tracking service “Flight Radar”.In addition, a high altitude aircraft circled off the east coast of Cyprus for most of Thursday afternoon, with satellite images showing the island from Paphos to Ayia Napa almost blanked out by what appear to be aircraft engine residue . A local resident sent a set of five satellite pictures showing the mystery phenomenon to the Famagusta Gazette hoping to find out what it was – and asked the following question: “Can you look at these and tell me how and why Cyprus is being obscured today from the air?”  See all the photos on our Facebook PageA Facbook page called “Cyprus Chemtrails” was set up several years ago. The group said “We are a group of people who are trying to create awareness with regards to one of the worse crimes against humanity: that is Chemtrails ; we see it everyday on our skies; most of us don’t pay enough attention; we think these are only ‘innocent’ fumes from commercial airplanes.”For years the Cyprus Green Party has highlighted their concerns about so-called chemtrails in Cypriot skies.In 2011, they even launched a petition calling for a proper investigation into the chemtrail phenomenon, which they say is on the increase in the skies above the island.The chemtrail theory holds that some trails left by aircraft are actually chemical or biological agents deliberately sprayed at high altitudes for a purpose undisclosed to the general public in clandestine programmes directed by government officials.The existence of chemtrails has been repeatedly denied by government agencies and scientists around the world, who say the trails are normal contrails, or condensation trails made by the exhaust of aircraft engines.— © FAMAGUSTA GAZETTE CYPRUS

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