Understanding The Cover Up Of Free Energy

This article was written in July 2015, for GlobalBEM’s "Pulse" Magazine, but it has only just been published in the magazine, as their latest conference has just taken place.

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19 July 2015


In November 2012, I was honoured to be invited to speak at the Global Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference in Hilversum. Around the same time, I also wrote a short article for the conference magazine. In that article I asked the question "Do We Have the Energy to Change the World?[1]" The short answer to that question currently appears to be "no," though many look forward to the time when we can answer that question "yes." If we could answer this question in the affirmative, then we would have indeed achieved a global breakthrough in the way energy can be generated. We would have free or very cheap pollution free and fuel-less forms of energy in daily use…


The 2012 conference included many presentations on various energy-related topics which in totality showed that (A) free energy technology was created perhaps as long as a century ago (Nikola Tesla, Nathan Stubblefield etc) and (B) this same free energy technology has been suppressed, sabotaged and stolen from the inventors and groups that have tried to develop and promote its usage.


Growth in Usage of Conventional Technologies


Since then, there seem to have been some apparently positive developments in the commercial world – such as Elon Musk’s Tesla One car[2] and the related battery system (called Powerall[3]) and certainly in the UK, we continue to see more and more solar panels appearing on the roofs of houses. Of course, these developments are all based on conventional and rather inefficient technologies. (Solar panels and batteries are not particularly efficient ways of generating or storing energy). Both these examples are also expensive in terms of the amount of energy they can generate or store per dollar and they require sophisticated techniques and expensive materials in their manufacture. Similarly, in the UK and other parts of Europe, we have seen an enormous increase in the number of wind farms in use, which present certain problems of their own. These 3 examples, therefore, are not technologies which I would describe as being "breakthrough energy" technologies.


Ongoing Suppression


I think it can be argued that there seems to have been little change in the wider public understanding of what technologies have been suppressed, but neither has there been much change in the general understanding within the "alternative knowledge research community" about the extent of that same suppression. There is little appreciation of some of the more subtle ways in which the suppression takes place. Part of this problem is psychological – it is difficult for us to accept that a few of those people who appear to be promoting the use of free energy technologies might also be involved in suppressing or obfuscating certain important knowledge about certain uses of this technology. Further difficulties arise when people like me write about the actions of other individuals (and I also name them) as a way of documenting how the suppression works. However,  I just ask the reader to consider the evidence, and what is at stake.


Know Thine Enemy


There is an old saying, "Know thine enemy.” And we do have an enemy – we can’t be sure exactly who that enemy is. However, it is clear what the enemy does – they suppress, sabotage and attack the work and reputation of those who want to bring forward breakthrough energy technologies. I would argue that not enough research has been done about the way this enemy operates and there is some confusion over who the enemy is able to influence and control. (It has become clear to me that the enemy can influence and control certain people in disturbing ways.)


The problem comes when one tries to name individuals being influenced and document their actions. One can be accused of "infighting" or perhaps of being "too negative." Nevertheless, if one does not understand the way one’s enemy operates then it is far more difficult to develop strategies to defeat that enemy.


There are various methods of suppression, of course. One obvious method is simply to not talk about a topic. You simply pretend it doesn’t exist or pretend that the topic has no relevance to what you yourself have been talking about. Another method of suppression is to talk about the topic, but talk about it inaccurately – you mis-report certain details, or you change certain terminology about the topic to make it seem less important or less relevant. It is this sort of activity that I have been studying and documenting for several years, now. In discussing  some of my findings below, I will be naming certain individuals – though it might sound like some kind of personal attack or "ad hominem," this is not what I intend – my intention is to suggest where suppression appears to be taking place, so that it can be studied more closely.


Black Programmes and the Military-Industrial Complex


In the article I wrote in 2012[4], I highlighted and quoted the words of President Dwight D Eisenhower in 1961. He warned of the power and influence of the military-industrial complex – and his warning is just as relevant now as it was when he uttered those words in his leaving address, just before Pres John F. Kennedy was sworn in, over 50 years ago. However, it seems that his warning is one of the topics which is often ignored in relation to the free energy issue. To put this bluntly, if a number of inventors have been tinkering around with equipment and they have been coming up with highly significant inventions for the last 100 years, what has been achieved by groups with nine-digit budgets working in secret, with possible access to what we might call "foreign" technology? For me, that question was answered after I’d studied the events of 911, as revealed by the research of Dr Judy Wood. It is this set of events and this person which are still largely ignored in the study and discussion of free energy technology. Speaking plainly, it is clear to me that the military-industrial complex knows all about free energy technology, ether physics and what can be achieved with it – indeed they know so much about it and have been working on it for decades, so they have been able to develop it into a working and powerful weapon system. This weapon system was deployed, in a highly precise manner, on 911. This is not speculation, nor is it a theory nor is it a hypothesis – it is the truth. It is this truth that few will talk about and in not doing so they are slowing down, limiting or even preventing the "breakthrough” that is required if we are ever to defeat our enemy. The enemy uses those ignorant of this truth to further their agenda and maintain their power base. Careers and livelihoods depend on this ignorance and so it is an ignorance which is not easy to overcome.


Talking about the Full Picture



I would define the “Full Picture” here to be the one which includes discussion of weaponised free energy technology, as catalogued in Dr Judy Wood’s book and on her website. Before I discuss a few of those people who are not talking about the full picture, let me first discuss one person who has attempted to talk about the full picture. That person was also present at the BEM 2012 conference – the Right Honourable Paul Hellyer[5] – a former defence minister of Canada. On 18 Mar 2015, David Whitehead posted a video address by Hellyer[6] entitled “Full Disclosure”. I have been following Mr Hellyer since late 2005 when he “went public” with his statements about the UFO/ET cover up[7], having read Col Philip J Corso’s book, the Day After Roswell[8]. In his 2015 address, although Hellyer incorrectly states that “some of the WTC buildings had been rigged for controlled demolition,” he goes on to say, at 16:50 into his 2015 address:


A new weapon of mass destruction was used to reduce the concrete and steel to dust before it reached the ground, if you have any doubts about this, get a copy of Dr Judy Wood’s book entitled Where Did the Towers Go? 500 pages of meticulous evidence.


Out of the many books seen, in the background, in this video, this is the only one that Hellyer holds up to the viewer. I would suggest this is a measure of the book’s importance.


Another Global BEM speaker that has recognised and understood the weaponisation of free energy technology on 911 is Michael Tellinger. In a talk he gave, he also showed the book to the audience.


Not Talking about the Full Picture


The previous section in this article entitled "Talking about the Full Picture" is mainly copied from an article I posted in May 2015 entitled “Paul Hellyer Begins to Break the Taboo Of Disclosure[9].” In this same article, I discuss statements not made by several researchers who are well known in the “alternative knowledge” community. Just over a year ago, in June 2014, another conference took place in San Mateo California. This conference featured presentations by Richard Dolan, Joseph P Farrell, Mark McCandlish, Michael Schratt and others. One of the areas covered was secret technology (though this wasn’t specifically in relation to free energy, it seems churlish to deny the link between secret technology and “free energy” technology – which to me, at least, was amply documented in Steven Greer’s “Disclosure Project” almost 15 years ago). Despite several opportunities, none of the main speakers discussed what happened to the World Trade Center on 911 and made no reference to the Secret Technology which has been weaponised and was used on that day. This was particularly odd in the case of Joseph P Farrell, because his presentation did discuss Cold Fusion – which Dr Judy Wood also discusses in her book (Where Did the Towers Go?)


Tritium and Cold Fusion


I would like to talk a little more about an energy phenomenon that became incorrectly known as  “Cold Fusion.” It was a highly significant discovery in the 1980s where, in a fairly simple chemical cell, anomalous or “excess” heat was repeatedly generated in significant quantities. (The anomalous energy output was not seen in every experimental “run”.) It was initially posited that the energy came from a “room temperature” fusion reaction. In common with many “free energy” discoverers and or inventors, the two chemists, Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann did not experience "positive career development" following their revelations in 1989. They did not coin the term "cold fusion," indeed, they did not even like this term. They preferred a term such as "Low Energy Nuclear Reactions" (LENR) or "Chemically Assisted Nuclear Reactions" (CANR). The term “Cold Fusion” was coined by none other than Steven E Jones and his colleague Paul Palmer. It is important to note that Dr Steven E Jones also published research  (later shown to be disingenuous)[10] relating to the destruction of the WTC on 911 – indeed, he even discussed this in 2005 with Dr Judy Wood. I have written more about this important matter in an article called "9/11 and Cold Fusion – a Possible Attempt to Rewrite History?”[11]. I mention this here specifically because Dr Steven E Jones was also a friend of another Global BEM speaker, who appeared at the 2012 conference (and the subsequent 2013 conference), namely Sterling D Allan. If one watches Dr Judy Wood’s 2012 presentation in full, one can witness Sterling Allan’s statements near the end, with regard to his friendship with Dr Steven E Jones. Allan stated, with some concern, that he intended to discuss what he had seen in Dr Wood’s presentation with Dr Steven E Jones[12]. He said:


I wanted to make the point that Dr Steven Jones lives in a neighbouring town of mine [in Utah]… I’ve got a very high connection with him… And what I’ve learned today and yesterday about Steven Jones is very troubling to me and basically that he plays the role of a decoy of… “don’t look here type of thing" and the reason that that’s important is because he has this evidence and he has not gone with it. To me it’s blatantly obvious. So I commit to you that I will sit down with my good friend Steven E Jones… with this book in hand and say "Steven, why don’t you go with this story because it is very very very obvious” and I will then report on my conversation and I will either explain where the “mental disconnect” is on his part that “he didn’t see this, now he does”… or that he is indeed the decoy and he is trying to divert attention, as a government plant to get us to look the other way and not see something that we should be seeing that she [Dr Wood] pointed out.”


 It was of great interest to me, then, when I found out that Sterling Allan had made a new posting on his website[13] less than 1 week after the BEM 2012 conference. Allan’s posting included a letter from Dr Steven E Jones – about LENR / Cold Fusion (which Jones had given a presentation on in Oct 2012). In the letter, Jones repeats false statements about Pons and Fleischmann’s research. In Allan’s posting, there is no reference to his concern about the connection of "Cold Fusion" phenomena to the events of 911. Neither is there a reference to any conversation he had with Dr Steven E Jones about Dr Judy Wood’s Book or the 911 evidence contained therein. Indeed, Allan later became somewhat hostile towards Dr Judy Wood in relation to these matters. I have written this up in more detail in an additional article entitled “Chilling Out about 9/11 With Sterling D Allan and Steven E Jones”[14].


Interlocking Deception


In the 2012 article that I wrote for BEM Conference magazine, I referenced the words of the (now deceased) free energy inventor Bruce DePalma in describing his encounter with alleged moon walker Dr Edgar Mitchell. Mitchell is the founder of the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) – one of their interests being free energy technology.


Careful study of the evidence relating to the Apollo programme reveals a deception of enormous magnitude. Edgar Mitchell, perhaps unwillingly, or because of more complicated circumstances than may be immediately obvious, has played his part in this deception. In 2013, he appeared in the extended version of a BBC documentary called "The Secret Life of Uri Geller" and he admitted that in the 1970s, he worked for the CIA. It seems that immediate members of his family were aware of this. At the end of a different interview filmed some years ago by Bart Sibrel, after Sibrel had confronted Mitchell with some of the evidence of the Apollo deception, Sibrel is almost “ejected” from Mitchell’s house and then makes a hasty retreat to his car. As Sibrel is leaving, we can hear that Mitchell still has on the radio microphone with the camera still rolling. Mitchell is heard to say to his son (who has joined in the exchange)


You want to get a gun Adam and we can shoot at him before he leaves …


As Sibrel and his cameraman are getting into their car, the radio microphone is still recording and Mitchell’s son is heard to say:


Want to call the CIA and have them waxed?


It seems very clear to me that a very dark side of Mitchell’s background is revealed in this brief and disturbing clip. Again, I have written more about Dr Mitchell in yet another article called "Will The Real Edgar Mitchell Please Step Forward?”[15]


Accentuate The Positive?


For approximately the last 9 years, I have been documenting how various people have been acting to keep certain truths covered up. Some have argued that this documentation process is a "negative" sort of activity – it is easy to see why such a view is held. However, as I wrote above, it is important to "know thine enemy." I have to point out that making false statements and misrepresentations about, or minimising the importance of, the research and expertise of other people is not conducive to finding the truth about such things as free energy technology. Understanding that key people in the so-called "free energy movement" have either been doing just this, or they have been adopting a "limited hangout” position, has helped me to see one important reason why we don’t have general usage of free energy technology. Perhaps some people feel that it is too negative to talk about the weaponisation of free energy technology and they would rather "accentuate the positive" and raise people’s hopes of cheap, free and clean forms of power. However, it is quite clear that the enemy has the ability and resources to restrict all access to such technology, and one way that they do this is by infiltrating those groups that are promoting knowledge of these technologies. In the last 12 years, I have seen repeated statements suggesting that "general usage" of free energy technology is "just around the corner." The reality is that the group that suppresses this technology is still powerful – because it is rarely studied and its weaponry and strategies are therefore poorly understood. The enemy remains very well hidden. My hope, therefore, is that by revealing one or two of the suppression techniques and strategies used by this hidden group – as well as pointing out the capabilities of the weaponry they possess, their powers of deception will be weakened in some small way and we will be “psychologically stronger” and more quickly able to make an unstoppable “global breakthrough”, some time in the future.

About the Author

Andrew Johnson grew up in Yorkshire, England and graduated from Lancaster University in 1986 with a degree in Computer Science and Physics. He has mainly worked in Software Engineering and Software Development, for most of the last 20 years. He has also worked full and part time in lecturing and tutoring (in Adult Education). Now he works for the [Contact Me Ref-1] (part time) tutoring and assessing students, whilst occasionally working freelance on various small software development projects.


He became interested in “alternative knowledge” in 2003, soon after discovering Dr Steven Greer’s Disclosure Project. He has written a book about the research of Dr Judy Wood called “911 Finding The Truth”. An electronic version of this book is available free from his website is www.checktheevidence….



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