From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2017-05-10 08:50:30

A few weeks ago, I was visited by a chap who wanted to record a discussion/interview about a booklet he had written some years ago called “The Thought Police Inside Our Heads.” It basically goes through the psychological tactics which are constantly used to control us. I have finally edited this down and made 2+ hour video (with audio download too) I have posted everything here: videos are about a booklet which is designed to point your attention towards how a small minority can act with impunity over a majority (you and me) with our unwitting consent and willing obedience.  In outline, discover how you have been conned in Finance, Religion Education, Science and Orthodox Medicine and how you (are being made to) deceive yourself (via your own DAFT thought police) to continue your enslavement..  Download The Booklet Here.  NUTTER! How do you know? Are they just behaving like one? What (faulty) information source are they or you acting on? Remember the chances are you have been and still are :  – paying (large) sums of money that do not physically exist- being emotionally blackmailed by religion that you (have been made to) think is ethics- thinking that indoctrination is education- accepting that if science and orthodox medicine do not know, then no one does.  Increase self-awareness enough to change your mind, if you wish to. Of course these are just one-offs. NOTHING.TO.WORRY.ABOUT. It is just that they have a common theme behind all of them – obedience (to authority). PROBABLY.JUST.A.COINCIDENCE. And it is the ruthless exploitation of our human freeze reflex to fear that continues unabated, because we are (kept) ignorant. If and when you realise the deeply imbalanced mentality that exploits our conditioned reflex to fear or blind obedience to authority, be aware of your anger and channel it constructively, principally by making others aware and letting them make up their own minds. This deeply imbalanced behaviour is to be condemned. But it teaches us to act from our hearts not just our minds, so that we can find the courage to take more responsibility for ourselves and our actions :   Good indignation brings out all ones power. — Emerson  

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