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Recorded 27 Jun 2017

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Monday, June 12, 2017

Jupiter’s Large and Diffuse Core

The spacecraft Juno has revealed that Jupiter has a large and diffuse core. Using microwave equipment, the core was measured to extend up to half of Jupiter’s 70.000-kilometer radius, but is only 7 to 25 Earth masses of a total of 318 Earth masses.


With a total mass almost 320 times that of Earth, Jupiter’s core should be at least 40 Earth masses, according to the standard model. That’s evidently not the case. Jupiter’s core is substantially less dense than the outer layers of Jupiter.


This fact squares up well with the predictions of the Capacitor Model of Gravity. According to the capacitor model, all planets are likely to have a gas filled hollow at their center, less dense than the outer layers.

Also see this video from The Thunderbolts Project/Wal Thornhill, Posted Jul 2017


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