Carbon Dating My Carbon Footprint by Alan Kilvington

I just received this message from the author, and thought I’d “pass it on!”:



Hi Andrew,


I am not sure if it is the type of thing you would want to promote via your mailing list emails, but my new book of poetry written under my pen-name of Alan Kilvington entitled"Carbon Dating My Carbon Footprint" is now available.


It is a collection of fun poems and I make fun of climate change believers, Aspartame, the Moon landings, Fluoride and other things that annoy me in everyday life.


Here is a few from the book:


Carbon Dating My Carbon Footprint

An email at work asks me to consider the environment

As I’m about print out an invite to a colleague’s retirement

But I still go ahead and print it out without having any fears

Knowing the stationery cupboard has enough paper to last 100 years

My hobbies include making ozone layer cake which tastes fantastic

Collecting 100 watt light bulbs, cotton buds and straws made from plastic

Scientists made up climate change on a day when things were slow

Yet they pretend it’s real despite us still getting so much snow

They say keeping a carbon footprint is a good thing for us

I want to carbon date mine back to the days of stegosaurus


Lord Anthony


Fluoride in our tap water that tastes of bleach and stinks

Poisonous aspartame in nearly all of our soft drinks

Fast food chains selling artificial meat

You are safer drinking Dettol, neat



It is available on Amazon for £3.99:…



All the best



Alan Kilvington


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