Supposed 9/11 Grand Jury Investigation etc

A couple of people have mentioned this to me. It is being pushed by the liar Richard Gage’s AE911 group. Once again, it appears they are asking for more money. For those not familiar with the earlier research done into these matters, please search for Gage’s name on my website or, even better, read my 2 free ebooks

As you may know, I was involved on the side lines in a court case related to 9/11 issues back in 2007. I’ve seen several things like this supposedly new initiative over the years. The main thing to look for is: 


1) Is there any mention of the WTC turning to dust before it hit the ground? 

2) Any mention of the Hutchison Effect? 

3) Any mention of Hurricane Erin? 

4) Any mention of SAIC and ARA? 


Does anyone anywhere mention the testimony of First Responders, published between 17 and 15 years ago? (As analysed in Dr Judy Wood’s book ). That book was self-published under a specific publisher name “The New Investigation” (because liars like Richard Gage had been raking in cash to go and ask nobody in particular to do one.) Do you think someone will buy 1 or more copies for the grand jury and/or its members? Would they be shown the “Irrefutable” film made a 2 or 3 years ago? (, part 6 about Hurricane Erin here


People can already know what happened to the WTC. They can also know who knows “who did it” (see point 4 above). If you’ve already read the WDTTG book, you will know what I mean. If not, it’s a worthwhile read. Unfortunately, people like Richard Gage and Barbara Honneger don’t want to talk about this evidence. They actually want to cover it up.


If people want a real investigation into 9/11, they have to be truthful about what is already known, based on years of meticulous research. Yet again, we see the supposed truth-tellers (Gage and Honneger) are anything but. So where does that leave us?


Folks can also watch 2 presentations I compiled “Taboo of Disclosure”  


(no audio at start) and “Non Disclosure Agreements”



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