For people in the UK Using BT Internet ISP

Just a quick message to try and stave off others. I have received 2 reports that BT internet are blocking – this is suspicious as it comes soon after the general release of Richard’s Jo Cox film. However, I have also received reports that if you put in just “” or use http:// rather than https:// that may work on BT. Also, I am advised that if you connect on WiFi to BT FON, that will allow access too.

As a final note, Richard and I run our websites completely independently of one another – so  we can’t access each other’s servers and have no control of the status of the other’s website (I say this because people often write to me when there is a problem with Richard’s site, but there is nothing I can about that!)

UPDATE: About half of BT users who have made related posts on facebook or emailed me have said there is no problem – the other half have said there have been some access issues.

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