Urgent Care Doctors Masihi and Erikson, Bill Gates Speaks, UK Elderly Care Case, Dominic Raab – Supporting BMGF

Dr. Artin Masihi and Dr. Dan Erikson – Bakersfield California

This article focuses on the video I posted in the last update:


[EDIT: It looks like the article was pulled. Also, a reader, Omar comments:

I understand the point of sharing this interview, but how can you agree with them asking more testings, given that previously you have shared Dr Kaufman’s analysis of the RTPCR test being used?? I mean Dr Kaufman really got the point of this scam, and how it has been perpetrated through a useless test (btw it’s the same test that’s been used since the 90’s to diagnose the HIV/AIDS scam!).

I agree with most of what these doctors pointed out, and I am sincerely glad that more and more professionals are speaking out against this lockup, but promoting more testing is actually a big part of the agenda (more testings=more positives). There is no proper testing being used to detect this alleged virus, therefore there technically is NO virus ’till it’s been purified and proven to be the cause of ANY disease. Dr Kaufman also has proven through peer-reviewed studies, how not COVID-19, nor H1N1, ZIKA, or SARS have ever properly fullfiled Koch’s postulates (neither River’s principles).]





The article include some viewer comments, which I have pasted below.

  • These are the smartest, most logical and most professional doctors we are seeing right here. No other doctors are speaking truths like these two fine examples of boldness and professionalism.  Facts!!
  • Huge respect to these 2 doctors speaking out and exposing this nonsense. I’m seeing more and more medical professionals speaking up.
  • Unfortunately the masses aren’t really interested in the facts.
  • Brilliant Doctors who actually care about the truth instead of just a paycheck. This exposes the PLANdemic and needs to be shared worldwide!
  • The reporters love saying, trust the science, until the science doesn’t match up with their agenda. Love that the truth finally seems to be coming out.
  • The job of the journalists is to keep the COVID scare going.
  • You know what’s sad about this..? In the current state of people’s minds, they probably won’t believe it.

UK Case – First Hand Account of Treatment of a non-COVID 86-Year Old Patient

Nikki from Hampshire posted her account on Facebook – and it makes for shocking reading – again revealing that what is happening is nothing to do with helping elderly people – it is perhaps even the reverse. I am thankful to Nikki for speaking out.


I’ve been wanting to share this with you for a few days now but I needed to focus on events that were unfolding.

My dad (86) was taken into Winchester hospital late on Monday night. My worst nightmare. We assumed it was another UTI but because he had breathing difficulties (which is normal for him) and apparently a slight cough, you can imagine what the doctors were thinking.

He was put into the ‘hot’ area (in A&E) which had been designated suspected COVID-19! I spoke to a nurse who told me they would be taking a swab. I made it very clear that his symptoms were exactly like last time. In other words you’d better not make any shit up.

I was in such a state as you can imagine. I had to get him out of there as quickly as possible. Most of my family are fast asleep which made things much harder as they weren’t on board with my concerns.

I rang back just gone midnight as I’d forgotten to tell them not to give him morphine at any stage (the ‘lights out’ drug). A doctor came onto the phone. I removed my conspiracy hat and proceeded. He said a number of times he didn’t think dad had CV. I said good, because there’s NO WAY he has it. He and his wife have been at home for weeks and weeks by themselves. I asked what was the test they were using. PCR. He explained a bit about it. I said that makes no sense whatsoever. He said I know but it does 🙄 He then couldn’t wait to discuss CPR. I asked him if this was usual practice. He said yes, because my dad was old and frail (funny that .. this had never been discussed in May 19 when he was last in hospital). I said he MUST be given CPR no matter what. He tried to dissuade me but I held firm. He then went on to say that because dad was old and frail he wouldn’t be taken to ICU after CPR was given. WTF! So I said ‘you’d just leave him to die’? He said he’d already explained it was because he was old and frail! He said he would make a note of my wishes, but should a doctor decide it was not in my dad’s best interests, they would override my decision anyway!!! And here’s the best bit .. I asked what would happen if anything happened to dad, as I’d been hearing all sorts of things. He confirmed it would be recorded as COVID. I said how could that be right. You’ve just told me you don’t think he has it. He said he could catch it whilst he’s in here as he’s in a high risk environment!! I thought I’m not having that so on went my conspiracy hat .. ‘I’ve been hearing you can’t catch a virus?’ .. silence 😂 He of course said that that was wrong and you can catch them 🙄 I mentioned the germ Vs terrain theory. I don’t think he’d ever heard of that! I continued, tactfully.. ‘there have been a large number of highly respected doctors who are coming out and saying that what we are being told is not correct. I’m very confused.’ He assured me not to worry blah blah. I left it there as didn’t want to jeopardise dad’s care. I just hoped I had said enough to avoid anything being ‘skewed’!!

He got taken to the ward early hours of Tuesday morning. The swab came back negative but they took another one! When I asked why, the nurse said the first one could have been a false positive… don’t you just love those words 🙄 I asked her how long the incubation period was. She didn’t know!

Dad continued to make good progress and they were looking at discharge. I was concerned they might change their mind if the second swab miraculously came back positive (or would even keep him in there til they got a positive result 😩). I was assured the result wouldn’t have any bearing on his discharge though! So if he did have ‘it’, it was okay for him to go back home and self-isolate for two weeks (!) give it to me and his wife. I could then pass it on to others. Nice eh! What a friggin joke! I thought it was a deadly virus that was wiping thousands and thousands out, globally? Most of the world was on lockdown as a result! Hellooooo … is anyone thinking out there??

Long story short, dad responded well to the antibiotics (yes I know 🙄). Turns out it was just a chest infection. I took him home yesterday.

Now here comes the interesting bit! Whilst waiting to pick dad up (he was wheeled out to me as I wasn’t allowed in, which I was gutted about 😂), I spotted an ambulance driver sat on a bench. He got up and was walking past me so I thought here’s my chance. I decided not to get the mic and notebook out 😂 And I of course removed my conspiracy hat.

I asked him how was everything. Was he busy. I think you know what the answer was. No! The wards had been cleared … patients sent home in readiness for the big influx but it never came! And it’s been quiet ever since!! He actually said the government’s statistics are inaccurate!! And people are dying of other things but their deaths are being recorded as covid. His words! I was gobsmacked! The clapping thing was a bit of an embarrassment because most of the nurses had little to nothing to do!! I asked him about the nurses dancing and he said yes this was happening. Southampton had done it. I said how did they have time to learn the routines during this ‘pandemic’. He gave me a ‘yes I know’ look. He added it was a moral boost.. I suppose it’s boring as hell having nothing to do all day! He did say he had to be careful what he said as he was in uniform but he didn’t believe what the government were saying. He went on to say there wasn’t enough PPE for everyone and yet the government found money to pay people for not working etc. He showed me the mask he was using. I burst out laughing and said you don’t actually think that’s going to save you do you. He agreed they were rubbish. Some of his colleagues had goggles, full face masks and suits.

He then went on to talk about the social distancing which he thought was a good thing. So I said do you honestly think germs are going to stop dead in their tracks at 2m? They actually project a lot further which he did in fact agree with! He did think there was a virus (which is understandable I guess). He said his friend’s dad had died. How do you know it was a virus and not something else? He couldn’t answer that. A bit earlier on he actually said people are dying all the time anyway, of the flu as well! I said how come none of you have got it and key workers too? He couldn’t answer that either. I mentioned the 201 virus simulation event latter part of last year. Don’t you think that was a little odd/convenient? He’d not heard if it, obviously!

He was a lovely, friendly guy. We only stopped talking as dad appeared. Whilst I kept it as light as possible, I’m hoping I planted a few seeds, on top the things he already knew weren’t adding up.

Throughout I have to say the staff were extremely nice and couldn’t have been more helpful. Only adding this bit as I’ve seen some saying the NHS staff were awful. We didn’t experience this.

A bit of an essay but thought you would like hear this, straight from the horse’s mouth!

Basically, just about everything I’ve been reading and hearing is true. It’s one big Lie/PLANdemic/Pantomime (whatever you want to call it) and the masses are still falling for it 🙄 Blindly believing every bit of bullshit and lies the government and media (TV and radio) are spewing. Worrying times, for sure.

So, is anyone still clapping and cheering the NHS? I think someone’s taking the mickey folks – and laughing at you from behind a curtain…

David Crowe – Flaws in Coronavirus Pandemic Theory

David Crowe is an independent science writer who founded the Green  Party in Alberta. He has posted 40+ page paper/article where he breaks down the Corona Virus narrative:


Jon Rappoport has posed a summary here (pasted below)


David Crowe: “Scientists are detecting novel RNA in multiple patients with pneumonia-like conditions, and are assuming that the detection of RNA (which is believed to be wrapped in proteins to form an RNA virus, as coronaviruses are believed to be) is equivalent to isolation of the virus. It is not, and one of the groups of scientists was honest enough to admit this”:

“’we did not perform tests for detecting infectious virus in blood’” [2]

“But, despite this admission, earlier in the paper they repeatedly referred to the 41 cases (out of 59 similar cases) that tested positive for this RNA as, ‘41 patients…confirmed to be infected with 2019-nCoV’.”

“Another paper quietly admitted that”:

“’our study does not fulfill Koch’s postulates’” [1]

“Koch’s postulates, first stated by the great German bacteriologist Robert Koch in the late 1800s, can simply be stated as”:

“* Purify the pathogen (e.g. virus) from many cases with a particular illness.

* Expose susceptible animals (obviously not humans) to the pathogen.

* Verify that the same illness is produced.

* Some add that you should also re-purify the pathogen, just to be sure that it really is creating the illness.”

“Famous virologist Thomas Rivers stated in a 1936 speech, ‘It is obvious that Koch’s postulates have not been satisfied in viral diseases’. That was a long time ago, but the same problem still continues. None of the papers referenced in this article have even attempted to purify the virus. And the word ‘isolation’ has been so debased by virologists it means nothing (e.g. adding impure materials to a cell culture and seeing cell death is ‘isolation’).”

“Reference [1] did publish electron [microscope] micrographs, but it can clearly be seen in the lesser magnified photo, that the particles believed to be coronavirus are not purified as the quantity of material that is cellular is much greater. The paper notes that the photos are from ‘human airway epithelial cells’. Also consider that the photo included in the article will certainly be the ‘best’ photo, i.e. the one with the greatest number of particles. Lab technicians may be encouraged to spend hours to look around to find the most photogenic image, the one that most looks like pure virus.”

“There is no way to tell that the RNA being used in the new coronavirus PCR test is found in those particles seen under the electron micrograph. There is no connection between the test, and the particles, and no proof that the particles are viral.”

“A similar situation was revealed in March 1997 concerning HIV, when two papers published in the same issue of the journal ‘Virology’ revealed that the vast majority of what had previously been called ‘pure HIV’ was impurities that were clearly not HIV, and the mixture also included microvesicles that look very similar to HIV under an electron microscope, but are of cellular origin.” [5][6]


1. Zhu N et al. A Novel Coronavirus from Patients with Pneumonia in China, 2019. N Engl J Med. 2020 Jan 14.

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6. Bess JW et al. Microvesicles Are a Source of Contaminating Cellular Proteins Found in Purified HIV-1 Preparations. Virology. 1997 Mar 31; 230(1): 134- 44.

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—end of Crowe article excerpt—

Bill Gates Speaks! The Messiah Will Save Us!

Thanks to Alex for sending me this link. In an essay titled “Pandemic I: The First Modern Pandemic”  by Gates published on his site www.gatesnotes.com/, on Page 3, Gates writes

Have we overreacted?

It is reasonable for people to ask whether the behavior change was necessary. Overwhelmingly, the answer is yes. There might be a few areas where the number of cases would never have gotten large numbers of infections and deaths, but there was no way to know in advance which areas those would be. The change allowed us to avoid many millions of deaths and extreme overload of the hospitals, which would also have increased deaths from other causes

Essentially, this is just an “opinion piece.” It contains no images, no graphs or charts – and no references or web links. It’s just a “flat” essay. How can the UK Government be “teaming up” with his Foundation? (See below.)

Thanks – but no thanks – what you’ve said on the OUTSIDE is creepy enough!

Can We Prevent Further Steps in the Agenda?

Hope so….


Dominic Raab – Supporting Bill Gates et al

He is (effectively) Deputy PM of the UK –  www.bbc.co.uk/news/u…


So here we have a clear message of who the UK government has got into bed with – and just remember what Gates has said and who Gates has been associated with.

At Jeffrey Epstein’s Manhattan mansion in 2011, from left: James E. Staley, at the time a senior JPMorgan executive; former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers; Mr. Epstein; Bill Gates, Microsoft’s co-founder; and Boris Nikolic, who was the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s science adviser.

UK Guardian – Surveillance a price worth paying to beat coronavirus, says Blair thinktank

Again, it is pretty clear what the real agenda is – and it’s not public health. “Tony Blair Institute says carefully applied technology could be route through crisis”


An Interesting Hypothesis – Endogenic Carbon Monoxide

A couple of people have written to me to either tell me of their own “heavy flu illness” or to mention some more severe lung conditions. I’ve also heard of a couple of other cases (like in the New York Doctor video – which I was a little sceptical of). The symptoms have been likened to a severe form of altitude sickness. Is there another toxin or infective agent at work?

This is discussed below. I couldn’t find the original source of this posting, but it could be pointing to “something else” that a few people have reported – that is not quite the same thing as the seasonal flu, of which CV is a version.


Dear PM Scott Morrison

I’m a Veterinary Surgeon that graduated from Melbourne University with a double degree ( 1st: Veterinary Science, 2nd: pathology/toxicology), I have two Masters degrees one of which is in disease surveillance (epidemiology), and I’ve been doing my PhD on epidemiology and risk assesment. I was also awarded a recent alumni achievement award from Melbourne University. I’ve been watching this outbreak since it started, and have correctly predicted its course.

You are doing a fabulous job at slowing our curve, and I commend you on what you are doing as you have certainly bought us time.

I have two urgent matters to bring to your attention.
The first is it is unlikely a vaccination will work. Veterinarians are the only ones with a caronavirus vaccine, and what’s been found in vaccinated animals that are subjected to infection with another coronavirus often results in worse pathology and they even have fatal consequences as demonstrated in a few studies.
This makes prevention very difficult, and vaccine efficacy will be questionable. This means the focus will need to be on treatment/cure.

The second matter is my current disease hypothesis that may result in successful treatment of critical cases.
I have a crazy but very plausible hypothesis, and there’s a toxicologist in the USA that has released a similar hypothesis this week, so that’s at least 2 of us that believe this is plausible.
My theory is that SARS-cov2 causes an increase in endogenous (produced in our body) carbon monoxide production in the body, resulting in carbon monoxide poisoning.

Carbon monoxide toxicity fits with everything we are seeing. It fits with the high fatalaties with comorbidities particularly diabetes, heart disease and obesity. It fits with cases overseas just dropping dead in the streets, it fits with the ground glass lung pathology seen. It fits with the symptoms, as carbon monoxide poisoning is often misdiagnosed as the flu, causes headaches, dizziness, fatigue, breathlessness. It fits with the lower than expected success with ventilated patients, as carbon monoxide actually increases in ventilated patients. It also explains the neurological signs seen in some patients, and it fits with the success seen with zinc.

This is 100% a hypothesis, but I can’t physically test it. It’s simple though, doctors need to test for Carbon monoxide which is simple to do if they are looking for it. We aren’t looking for it, so no one is testing for it. Up to now doctors have assumed this is a viral induced disease. I believe the virus does not mean to kill us, this is a mistake that has occurred in our bodies in response to the virus, causing a toxicity event. This is why most people are asymptomatic or have mild disease.

So my theory in a nut shell is the virus causes our bodies to produce more carbon monoxide than usual, which inadvertently causes carbon monoxide toxicity.

Treatment is relatively simple as its just in addition to what is already happening, with the addition of using a hyperbaric oxygen chamber.

How I came up with this hypothesis. I lived in bogota Colombia for 3 years and suffered from altitude sickness. To me this sounds like and looks exactly the same as what I suffered. Carbon monoxide poisoning and altitude sickness present very similar. Humans produce endogenous carbon monoxide, so I started looking for instances where this Carbon Monoxide production could be exaggerated, and it all started to make sense. In addition in bogota the young coped very well, and travelers new to the region suffered greatly the older they were, so the age fits too with what we are seeing in cases.

Whilst I plan to publish this in a formal paper this will take a month or 2, and I would like Australia to have access to this knowledge on the off chance I’m right and we can save lives.

It’s easy to test for, and if it is Carbon Monoxide toxicity it’s easy to treat. Carbon monoxide has been found to Increase in pathological conditions, it’s not that hard a jump to think that somehow the virus induces certain people to get their carbon monoxide production into a slight overdrive. It doesn’t take much to result in carbon monoxide toxicity.

Thank you for everything you are doing, I know where we would be without the measures you have put in place, and you have done outstanding.

Dr Verné Dove
BVSc Hons BAnimSc (Research: Veterinary Pathology) MVS (Veterinary Conservation Med.)
MVS ( Veterinary Disease Surveillance) Dip. Conservation
PhD candidate (Dolphin Health Assessment)
Murdoch University, Australia
Universidad de los Andes, Colombia


Reader Note:

Just wanted to say I totally agree with your evidence gathering. Here’s a coincidence for you:

Certificate Of Vaccination Identification (ID).   COVID-19

George Carlin – He Comments on Germs, Viruses and Germs

Carlin passed on in 2008. He makes some very well-observed points – with many expletives!




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