9/11 – 20th Anniversary Verse – by Evan Denton

I spent a couple of hours making the excellent composition (below) into a video.



Music – The Signs – by Chi & Aether Music


9/11 – Evan Denton

It happened twenty years ago,

Lest we forget, but did you know…

What actually happened on that day?

Yes of course, most folk will say.

And now for the anniversary,

They’ll broadcast programs on TV.

Go watch them if that’s your cup of tea,

And if you’re into fantasy.


But for those of you not quite brain dead,

I advise you watch this instead…

This presentation by Dr Judy Wood,

The first one who really understood,

And pieced it together at her pace,

Resulting in a Qui-tam case,

Unlawfully dismissed by the court,

Not because evidence fell short.


So if you’re sitting on the fence,

Suggest you check the evidence.

Conventional physics can’t explain,

And neither can an aeroplane.


The towers didn’t collapse per se,

But turned to dust that blew away.

The debris pile was way too small,

With nothing recognisable at all.


The “bathtub” structure did not break,

The seismic signal was barely a shake.

And perhaps most amazingly,

Were the survivors in Stairwell B,

While others completely disappeared,

And this is where it gets weird…


Glowing stuff that ought be hot,

But without heat, it was not.

Melting boots but no burnt feet,

And cars exploding down the street,

And other cars a block away,

Got a toasting too that day.

And some cars, without clear causation,

Flipped over as if by levitation.

What caused the cars to become toast?

Was it Erin parked off the coast?


And what about Earth’s magnetic field?

The full truth will remain concealed.

Though other things can be ruled out,

And conclusions made without a doubt.


Kinetic energy was not to blame,

Nor thermite as some clowns will claim.

The technology at play that day,

Is often regarded as hearsay.

Mainstream science, no surprise,

Tends to ignore and mischaracterize,

And blindly follow consensus thought,

By institution, paid and bought.

Opposing facts are forbidden,

To ensure the truth remains hidden.


Heroes of the alternative scene,

Like Dr Mallove, the late Eugene,

Pons and Fleischmann, John Bockris too,

And Hutchison and Tesla to name a few,

Have all stumbled across this science,

Thanks in part to noncompliance.


So if you don’t know about this stuff,

Refrain from watching mainstream guff.

Listen to Dr Wood instead,

And your perception will be put to bed.


It was removed by YouTube in less than 12 hours, with only 488 views

UPDATE: This video was reinstated some time on 15th or 16th Sept after appeal!! Amazing!




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