What Researching 911 Taught me About Life, The Universe and Everything

Andrew Johnson


11 Sept 2021

20 years ago today in Manhattan, New York most of the World Trade Centre Complex was completely destroyed in a manner never publicly seen before – or since. In the words of Dr Judy Wood “The WTC Towers did not burn up, nor did they slam/fall to the ground. They turned mostly to dust in mid-air.”

When this actually happened, I was 36-years old and completely ignorant of these observable facts which immediately disprove the official narrative of that day. In 2001, I was certainly not following any “current affairs” very closely. I only watched or listened to the TV or radio news a few times every week. For about 18 months after 11 Sep 2001, I believed the “official story” of the events – and really had no understanding of what had actually happened at the 3 sites. When I saw the destruction of the WTC towers on a TV news bulletin, I thought, “Oh no! It’s an earthquake destroying the towers!” However, I also knew that this was most unlikely to happen in New York City. Being in shock for about 2 days after the events, I thought a new war would start. I didn’t think any more deeply about the conflagration that took place that day – I simply had not taken in the enormity of the events.

As I have said many times in talks and interviews I have given since my “awakening,” it was in 2003 that a re-investigation of the 1980 Rendlesham UFO event that led me to a reconsider the horrific events of 9/11. This seemed to initiate a process which has deeply affected the course of my life and the goals and aspirations I may have had.

Many lives were lost as a result of the destruction of the World Trade Centre and, in the words of a wise man, Keith Mothersson, who passed on in July 2009, we should “tell the truth” if we are to “honour the dead.”  This has been my goal, since I learned that the official narrative could not be true. Many others oppose this goal – as I have shown extensively in my writing and discussion over the last 13 or 14 years. I will now list (in no particular order) some things I’ve learnt or experienced during my activities.

  1. There are many highly intelligent and altruistic people around the world who have invested time and money to help or encourage others to learn uncomfortable truths about world events and global deception. I have greatly benefitted from their direct and indirect support in the form of information and donations (in various forms) that they have kindly sent to me. 
  1. Some of the altruistic people have paid a very high price for their efforts in supporting revelations of the truth. 
  1. Many kind and well-meaning people have had their efforts to reveal the truth subverted by those wishing to maintain the global deception. The kind and well-meaning people either don’t realise this, or find it hard to accept that other so-called “truth seekers” could be supporting or managing ongoing deception. 
  1. People whom I counted as friends and assumed would share my goal in finding the truth turned out to be interested in covering up certain evidence – and controlling discussion and analysis of that evidence. 
  1. Some kind people don’t distinguish very clearly between “truth-seeking” and “truth determination” and seem resistant to deciding what the truth about something actually is. 
  1. Many well-established “alternative knowledge” speakers and researchers react and behave in a “political” or perhaps an “egotistical” way – and reject new or additional knowledge which would force them to admit they were mistaken about certain things. They seem to prefer “popularity” over humility – and they rarely show a willingness to learn from mistakes. 
  1. There are very few people that possess sufficient technical and scientific knowledge to analyse a topic in sufficient detail, based on the available evidence, without being influenced by dogma and “the baggage of belief.” 
  1. People with scientific and technical skills and knowledge who hold responsible jobs – either in industry or in academia – are mostly unwilling to apply these same skills and knowledge outside a very narrow area of focus. They usually defer to belief (or other so—called “experts”) when they are considering material outside of their own area of practice, and they have a tendency to dismiss evidence because “they’ve never heard about it before.” 
  1. Intellectual integrity is very rare. 
  1. Many good people in the “truth groups” or “alternative knowledge community” don’t have good science, analytical and problem-solving skills and neither do they value these things highly enough. If pushed, they will admit they don’t understand something technical or scientific, but they will rarely ask the right questions needed to deepen their understanding. Oftentimes, they defer to belief rather than striving for knowledge and understanding at the “fundamental level.” They don’t seem to realise that acquiring new skills and knowledge could help them in their quest to know the truth. 
  1. Most people prefer to live by beliefs rather than knowledge and often don’t even seem to understand the difference between these things. If one attempts to point this out to them, they will mostly be unable to grasp what you are saying or they will become defensive or even aggressive towards you. 
  1. Sometimes, when people seem to have actually understood the truth and realised the implications of it, they later seem to forget this or they don’t have a realisation that when you know one thing is true, it will automatically mean something else cannot be true. 
  1. In what might be called the “new age” areas of the “alternative knowledge community” (for want of a better label), love is spoken about more than telling the truth. There doesn’t seem to be much discussion of how love relates to being truthful or accepting that individuals make honest mistakes but love can help and allow them to learn from those mistakes and become more mature and experienced. 
  1. A technology which liberates “Free energy” from the environment and/or from materials has been developed and weaponised and was used on 9/11. This truth was presented to the world over 10 years ago, but only a few people seem to grasp the enormity of this. 
  1. The way that energy is being produced on a global scale is deliberately and unnecessarily inefficient and destructive. 
  1. Weather control technology was used around the time of 9/11 and other evidence shows that the whole “climate change” or “anthropogenic global warming” matter is a scam. Again, many well-meaning but ill-informed people have been unwittingly recruited into promoting these scams because they believe they are “saving the planet.” As mentioned above, they will mostly reject evidence which shows that they don’t have a good enough understanding of “what is going on.” 
  1. Military and other “black programmes” are real and have deeply affected the development of human civilisation since at least the late 1940s or early 1950s. (Most people have no awareness of this). 
  1. The words of Don Marquis are often applicable, “if people think you make them think, they will love you. But if you REALLY make them think, they’ll hate you.” However, sometimes the opposite is true. 
  1. The world is controlled by powerful groups, who have a “negative agenda” of promoting fear, ignorance and oppression – in more forms than most of the population can recognise. They know how to promote and execute sophisticated global psychological operations and micro-manage “hot spots” where exposure of their tactics and their existence becomes a threat to their power or influence. 
  1. “Trolls” are everywhere – and can appear in “physical form,” as well as in all online environments. 
  1. 9/11 was some kind of occult ritual, in which numerology played a key role. The timing and placement of the event had some kind of wider significance. It seems non-human intelligence or beings or entities were involved in the events. 
  1. Following the events of 9/11 and the deception, many people have chosen to raise their consciousness by thinking much more independently – to help them learn about some of the topics I’ve touched on here. Many more have chosen to more tightly cling to their existing beliefs whilst becoming more fearful and accepting of oppressive measures and “group-think”. 
  1. The use of global media outlets and the sorts of changes in society that happened as a result of 9/11 have made it much easier for the controllers to effectively implement the COVID-19 global scam and construct a “virtual prison.” 
  1. Elements of the evidence and thinking mentioned above (or related to both) leads to the conclusion that we are part of an enormous tapestry of life and consciousness – which stretches far back in time and far off into the solar system, the universe and into non-physical realms. 

It is obvious to most people that a vast majority of the world’s population can’t even consider any of the above, because they are either in a very bad situation – not even having clean water to drink – or they don’t have any access to the information needed to draw the same conclusions I have. Others are simply living a life of “bread and circuses.” They are not currently equipped or inclined to begin “a journey of discovery”  and have no interest in any of the issues I’ve mentioned above. Any childhood curiosity they may have had has been largely extinguished, for various reasons, so it is unlikely they would ever reconsider an issue which would then trigger them to learn more.

 If you wish to learn more about why I have made all these statements, then please download and read my free books from this page. www.checktheevidence… . It is my underlying hope that eventually, more people will choose to explore areas outside of “mainstream” thinking – and empower themselves. I hope they can free themselves from the (often invisible) shackles that they have placed themselves in and, in the words of John Lear, they can then live freely – without envy, hate or greed. 



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