A Perspective on the Ukraine/Russia Psychological Operation

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Andrew Johnson (ad.johnson@ntlworld….) – 14 Mar 2022

A Perspective on the Ukraine/Russia Psychological Operation

In a previous update, I said I didn’t really want to study the Ukraine situation – due in part to what Karl Rove is alleged to have about the “empire” creating “new realities” for us to study. This is what has been going on for centuries, it seems.

This is a hastily assembled piece – based on messages I’ve received and postings I’ve read since the start of this operation. Let’s start with how people who haven’t broken away from the shame-stream media sources seem to be reacting.

This is a quote from friend of our family (one who is oblivious to my years of involvement in truth/evidence-based research):

We are just very upset with what’s happening in Ukraine.  We joined the Solidarity march in town last week and made donations but wish we could do more.

A quote from an oblivious family member goes like this:

I know from our interactions that there is some considerable solidarity for those Ukrainians suffering from Putin’s invasion, and also for refugees fleeing from this. It may well be that some of you are already involved with other initiatives to help the Ukrainian people.  I have today linked myself with a coordinated effort from my region in France to rescue some of those refugees fleeing across the Polish and Romanian borders.

As we’ve seen so many times now – where death, disease and violent conflict seem to be occurring somewhere in the world, emotions trump investigation and people assume shame-stream narratives are true and accurate.

Let us assume that people in the Ukraine and surrounding areas are suffering – of this there seems little doubt – but the nature of that harm, the cause and the perpetrators of it will not be found if you simply follow shamestream sources – you have no chance.

There are strong signs that this indeed is just another deception-based operation. For example, driving through central Bradford today, an  electronic billboard flashed up a Ukraine Flag with a “support” message (which I didn’t get chance to read). It could just as well have been a “get jabbed” or “stay at home” or a “black lives matter” message.

The UK government is offering £350 per month to take in Ukrainian refugees – I don’t recall this ever happening before. (And in any case, how and why would they differentiate a Ukrainian refugee from any other?)

Let’s now explore other areas of this – I will leave you to explore the links etc for yourself and I will only add a few of my own thoughts/comments.

Ukraine’s Borders

One article I received noted this: “Ukraine does not have any borders so what exactly are they defending

YOU WILL NOT READ THIS IN MAINSTREAM MEDIA: The Secretary-General of the United Nations said that Ukraine has not asked for registration on the border since 1991 so the Ukrainian state does not exist. And we knew nothing about it.

04/07/2014 Ban Ki-moon UN Secretary-General made a surprising statement, which was banned from broadcasting on Ukrainian media and the internet. The conflict between the two countries was discussed at the UN Security Council meeting.

[EDIT: I could not find a source for this statement – it doesn’t appear on the UN website where it should – e.g. here: www.un.org/sg/en/con…. See below for more links.]

The following conclusion was withdrawn from there: Ukraine has not registered its borders since 12/25 1991, the UN has not registered the borders of Ukraine as a sovereign state. This is why we can assume that Russia does not commit violations of rights over Ukraine.

According to the CIS Treaty, the territory of Ukraine is the Soviet Union’s public administration area. For this reason, no one can be blamed for separatism and the forced modification of the borders of Ukraine.

But then we have this from 6 Sep 2016:

Russia is preparing for a full-scale INVASION of Ukraine – and Europe is too weak to prevent it, warns President Poroshenko

So they’ve been bubbling this one up for years (as usual).

Further Reading: Ukraine without Borders: Should Obama Sanction the UN?

Ukraine Announces Plans To Quit CIS, Terminate Parts Of Russia Friendship Treaty

Why Ukraine Ends Big Treaty with Russia


Ukraine Resident Speaks Out? (Gonzalo Lira)

In this video, which I received from a reader, Lira claims to be in the Ukraine. Though he discusses, for example, that the Ukrainian President is an actor, I think Lira has his own agenda here – pointing most of the blame at the USA as the “demon” here – due to the apparent connections of Biden and other democrats to mass-corruption in the Ukraine (see below). Lira comes across as quite pro-Putin (also see below). I also have a little concern about his orange baseball cap and slightly dishevelled look. Maybe I am being over-sensitive, but these are attributes sometimes seen in agent provocateurs at demos – so that they can be picked out by Intelligence ops. Lira also asks, on the livestream for people to type “33” if they agree with one of his comments. He is also asking for patreon funds.



If Lira is indeed in the Ukraine, he doesn’t show any footage of the conflict or anything like that. Indeed we don’t see much evidence of anything. However, what he says about the Ukrainian president  is true (see below).

[Edit: Here is a video of him from 11 Mar 2022 in Krakow – no obvious conflict seen though – he claims he hears bombs, but it could just be wind noise on the phone mic. He doesn’t pan around to show the event and seems quite blase about it. He ain’t running for shelter!]

Kerry, Biden, Pelosi, Romney and the Ukraine?

According to Gonzalo Lira (above), and other sources, US politicians Biden, Pelosi, Romney and Kerry all have sons or daughters who have some sort of business connection to the Ukraine [1], [2], [3], [4]. Again, “fact check” sites claim to debunk these statements [3] [4]. To me, it is not really that important  – if people are buying into the shamestream “this is a war” narrative.

Ukrainian President – Volodymyr Zelenskyy – An Actor

Some people are now aware of this (from IMDB):

After portraying the president of Ukraine for three years in his comedy series “Servant of the People” (2015), he was elected president of the country in 2019.

How likely is it that an actor playing a national leader would become that same national leader? Miles Mathis has also explored this area a bit more. This includes Zlenskyy’s relationship with an oligarch called Kolomoisky.

Injured Pregnant Ukrainian Woman – An Actor?

I’ve seen several postings about “crisis actors” being used in alleged bombings/attacks in the Ukraine. Trying to use both DuckDuckGo and Google to find these reveals they, too, are now hooked in to the shamestream narrative, with a strong preference for bringing up “fact check” type postings, claiming to debunk such “misinterpretations” about crisis actors.

However, one story I did find does seem to show that one shamestream story did, indeed, show an actressan injured pregnant Ukrainian woman. Though Paul Craig Roberts has deliberately covered up what really happened on 9/11, he has collected a couple of other instances of Ukrainian fake news in the mainstream.

Media Fakery – A Fake War?

The BBC have already been caught presenting footage of a military parade as an invading Russian squadron. Back in 2011, the BBC showed footage from India claiming it was from Tripoli, Libya – during the time that Gaddafi was being targeted – probably so the country’s economy could be taken over by the central banks. Another reader sent me a link to a posting which goes even further – “Illusion Warfare Report: The Road to Ukraine.” Make of it what you will.

Will the matrix allow me to peak behind the curtains of a manufactured and manipulated world staged event?

The Journey begins…

On the 3/3 I took a flight from Luton, England to Krakow, Poland.

Via Poland seemed the easiest way into the Ukraine.

Note: all the 33’s.

Evan the unvaxxed, I entered Poland with ease on the condition I left within 24 hours.

So I wasted no time, and took a train from Krakow to Przemysl.

The only sign of WAR was the name of the cafe’

I include the rest of the reader’s post below (thanks to the author!) I agree with his observations/thoughts/comments.

Hello Andrew,

A British man visited Ukraine and claims this whole war is a hoax:


Robert Jensen shared this on his website:


I don’t know what’s happening in Ukraine, I just know that you can’t trust anything that appears in the mainstream media.

In my neighborhood I have seen several people who suddenly have Ukrainian flags and the like hanging in the window.

When I checked Amazon’s website this morning to buy something there, I saw that they offer Ukrainian flags on the homepage.

I also see stories appearing that the refugees from Ukraine are mainly Africans and Arabs who are being funneled into Europe via Ukraine. You have probably heard this too.

I know the United Nations has a plan called “Replacement Migration” but I’ve never really looked into it.

Maybe they’ll need all those Africans if the vaccinated people are all going to drop out. But this is just a theory.

Nor does anyone seem to care that most of these “refugees” are not vaccinated at all.

I find it bizarre to see how quickly people move from one mass hysteria to the next mass hysteria.

We should never forget what really happened in the Boston Marathon Bombing – meticulously exposed in the 2016 video “The Boston Unbombing” (alternative link). Nor should we forget the video clearly showing that a real car bomb in Iraq had casualty actors create a scene for the press (alternative link). 

The Real Warmongers/Perps?

Unless KGB member Vladimir Putin publically calls out ...

In an earlier posting, I referenced an article called “Putin’s special appearance with Klaus Schwab at Global World Economic Forum WEF.” We should not forget this here – nor that Putin was head of the KGB. Though he is a highly intelligent man, who speaks several languages, he still hasn’t done what was suggested in a 2015 posting…  “Pravda: Putin Threatens to Release Satellite Evidence of 9/11” As I said back then, “Does Putin have access to Amazon to buy books? Would he be able to get his own copy of “Where Did The Towers Go?

So is this whole Ukraine Operation just part of creating conditions which help the so-called Great Reset? That is, to create more confusion, economic damage and displacement – so that people cry out for new economic solutions – such as a Central Bank Digital Currency?

Ukraine Biolabs/Weapons?

The other chapter of the story that  has been doing the rounds (also mentioned by Gonzalo Lira) are the “Biolabs/Bioweapons” stories. For example a Reuters (shamestream) report: “Exclusive: WHO says it advised Ukraine to destroy pathogens in health labs to prevent disease spread” and an “alternative” source (Gateway Pundit) “Uncovered Web Pages Show Barack Obama Led an Effort to Build a Ukraine-Based BioLab Handling ‘Especially Dangerous Pathogens’” This could just be another common trope or meme to insert into the public consciousness – little different from the Iraq and “Weapons of Mass Destruction” trope/meme (whether that be chemical, biological or other weapons)  which we heard over a long period between at least 2001 and about 2007.

Ukraine and Nukes

An article titled “Why Ukraine gave up its nuclear weapons — and what that means in an invasion by Russia”

Three decades ago, the newly independent country of Ukraine was briefly the third-largest nuclear power in the world.

Thousands of nuclear arms had been left on Ukrainian soil by Moscow after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. But in the years that followed, Ukraine made the decision to completely denuclearize.

In exchange, the U.S., the U.K. and Russia would guarantee Ukraine’s security in a 1994 agreement known as the Budapest Memorandum.

So with what’s been happening in 2022, we see this nuke trope/meme being re-introduced – to which my response is (in simple terms) – “if they decided to start chucking nukes at each other, what can we do about it?” (And yes, there are now some who contend that the whole nuclear arms race was a complete hoax – research that for yourselves!)

Let me say that even people that know what happened on 9/11 could forget the staggering nature of the total destruction that took place that day – and the capabilities of the weaponry that was used (which appear to include weather control/manipulation). As far as I am concerned, this changes “the equation” in any shame-stream media or alt-media discussion about how a nuclear war might start. Do you think anyone who might want to “start nuking” would not be known about by those that did 9/11 – and not be impacted by the technology they used back then?

So, try to remember clearly (or learn) what has happened in the past. Study and observe as much as you can. Think as much as you can – and don’t be manipulated just by emotive narratives!

Say prayers for those who may have lost their lives or had their homes, businesses etc destroyed by the evil deceivers and their soulless puppets and mouthpieces in politics, academia and the shamestream media. And have a think about what is said in this short video by Thich Nhat Hanh – even though he is talking more about a physical war, rather than a spiritual or psychological one.


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