Unite Planet Interview – Evaluating Evidence, Mindfulness & Navigating the Matrix

This video interview was recorded in August 2022 with Paul Northridge and Jonny Sinclair. I like the title they gave to it and the inserts they added! Thanks to them both for their long-standing support of the research etc that I’ve been involved in. 

I discuss narratives and how we can get caught up in them. I also discuss elements of meditation and how I try to remain balanced/calm etc when dealing with some pretty terrible stuff. Some folks might think it gets a bit “new-agey” – or they may think that mindfulness is not a great topic/word as it’s been talked about in some UN (United Nations) material. However, it’s not as simple as that, so please take from it all what is of value to you and leave the rest!


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Dr. Anderson:
“There are many organizations that have noble exteriors and secret interiors. In other words, they may have external agendas that they promote to their employees, members, and the media, but there is also a secret and well hidden agenda that only the inner core of the organization is aware of. The outer rings or protective membership as they’re sometimes referred to, are simply window dressing to cover-up the real agenda of the organization.

“The IMF, Foreign Relations Committee, NSA, KGB, CIA, World Bank, and the Federal Reserve are all examples of these organizational structures. Their inner core is knitted together to form an elitist, secret society, with its own culture, economy, and communication system. These are the powerful and wealthy who have joined forces in order to manipulate world political, economic, and social systems to facilitate their own agenda.

“The agenda, as I know it, is primarily concerned with control of the world economy and its vital resources — oil, gold, gas reserves, platinum, diamonds, etc. This secret network has utilized technology from the ACIO for the purpose of securing control of the world economy. They’re well into the process of designing an integrated world economy based on a digital equivalent of paper currency. This infrastructure is in place, but it is taking more time than expected to implement because of the resistance of competitive forces who don’t understand the exact nature of this secret network, but intuitively sense its existence.

“These competitive forces are generally businesses and politicians who are affiliated with the transition to a global, digital economy, but want to have some control of the infrastructure development, and because of their size and position in the marketplace can exert significant influence on this secret network.

“The only organization that I’m aware of that is entirely independent as to its agenda, and therefore the most powerful or alpha organization, is the Labyrinth Group. And they are in this position because of their pure-state technologies and the intellect of its members. All other organizations — whether part of this secret network of organizations or powerful multinational corporations — are not in control of the execution of their agenda. They are essentially locked in a competitive battle.”

Reader Feedback:

It’s a function of the degree of consciousness different people are endowed with. Lifeless computers can receive and process information but not make judgements, as involving reference to truth, and the less conscious are the same and closer to animal sheep. I wouldn’t try to reason with a “humanoid Schwartzenegger terminator robot” – if I knew it was such – and hence I try to see what kind of person I have in front of me – and deal with them accordingly, not arguing or wasting much time with them.
COVID was a fine test of criticality; another failure alongside Neil Sanders was Jarrah White, Aafter doing so much fine work on the Apollo Hoax, before taking the injection and advertising it on his channel. There is a limit to what information someone can reconcile, before it just becomes cognitive dissonance – and their computer minds seize up or “crash” – and they resort to blind cultural normalization, howsoever it is.
When you seem to get through to those less conscious, what’s really happening is, you’re just shooing them one way rather than the other- there’s no understanding. Any understanding would already be there, as long as the information is available- assessment or judgement isn’t learnt – it is an inherent, subtle capacity.

Additional Thoughts

I was trying to express how you move in a certain direction in life and then think about what you’d like to happen – ask for it – and then there’s more chance of it actually coming about – if it’s something that somehow will help with your own spiritual development (or someone else that you interact with). 

Years ago, I watched “The Secret” – I don’t buy into the materialistic side of it very much, but the general idea of attracting positive things/energy fits with my experience.



I know other people who, like me, have had similar experiences in terms of attracting things (good and bad) into their lives. Esther Hicks (and many others) talk about this. It can be easy to get “sucked into” it all and by the relevant books/DVDs (making the author wealthy, ha ha). The key, as I see it, is to be open to the possibilities/ideas (like I am).


Where this seems to tie in with mindfulness and Buddhism is trying to live joyfully and expressing gratitude for what you see around you and what you have – keeping yourself in a “higher vibration” (or simply a “happier mood,” not draining energy from others – but rather, sharing your energy with them etc. I see that as a starting point.)

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