15 / 20 minute Cities/Neighbourhoods

I haven’t posted much about these, as it’s clearly all part of Agenda 21/2030 scam to implement more lockdowns, based on the climate change/global warming scam. Yet another fear-based set of militarised propaganda has been put out in this regard. 
Time people woke up to tyranny. Get your heads out of the sand folks. I’ll put my head over the parapet. Emailed today. Do me a favour people tag every Doncaster Councillor or MP into this post you know.
To: The Right Honorable Nick Fletcher MP
Dear Nick,
Thank you for your positive stand in the House of Commons, for the freedom of people in Doncaster regarding this World Economic Forum Agenda of fifteen minute cities.
Surely this is an attempt to circumnavigate the right to travel freely within the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. (United Nations). Is this indeed a breach of International Law?
It has been mentioned that the UK Government has also attempted to “re-write” our Human Rights, which should NEVER be allowed. It is NOT a Governments role to infringe on Human rights. Human rights were written for a reason, to protect people from nefarious activity.
As a Health and Safety Officer I have a couple of pointers that will most certainly happen should these 15 minute cities continue.
1. Number plate thefts will increase as individuals will try to avoid NPR Cameras.
2.The alteration of number plates will also occur, both of these will become a headache for the Police who are already stretched with normal duties.
3. Motorists will attempt to bypass their normal routes to work and amenities, by using the back streets where children play, often speeding to make up lost time on a normal route, passing parked cars and vans with limited visiblity.
4. These vehicles will be stopping and starting regularly at junctions and intersections, which means going through their gears increasing actual pollution, meaning this is counter productive if 15 minute cities is actually about Climate Change and not what it really looks like “Communism”.
5. Emergency vehicles such as Police, Ambulances and Fire Tenders may lose access and critical time, in the case of Ambulances and Paramedics the “Golden Hour” is crucial to the survival of people in a serious accident.
6.Deliveries of food, phamaceuticals and other essentials will be disrupted.
7.Disabled people may find longer and delayed travelling more problematic and inconvenient.
8. What would be the issues if an area Floods?
9. If a route is restricted for Taxi’s etc children and young women may find themselves having to walk through unfamiliar streets both during the day and more concerningly at night.
10.There is also a greed factor to this, everyone will remember the hike in prices that shops did during Covid. Because they had a captive audience and could charge what they wanted because competition was nullifed.
11. This list is obviously not exhaustive, there are many more issues that this agenda will create, job losses, business closures and so forth.
With respect to Doncaster alone, how much have the hundreds of portable CCTV camera’s we have seen mounted on routes cost? When the roads are in a terrible state of repair?
Who will recieve the income from fines and these travel permits if this agenda is not curtailed?
This brings me to my final points:
IF this is really to do with “Climate Change” which is openly being exposed daily as a hoax.
You may want to ask two valid questions:
1. If the seas are allegedly going to rise, why is the lowest country on the planet The Maldives expanding it’s International Airport.
2. Banks and Insurance companies who are professionals at risk management would cease giving loans/mortgages or providing insurance to beach front developers.
History will forever remember, those who stand on the right side of the line in the sand.
Respectfully a concerned citizen thinking of everyone.
James Berry
James Berry DipNCRQ – Grad IOSH – MISQEM – Health and Safety Manager – Accident Investigator – Fire Risk Assessor – Health and Safety Trainer.

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