NHS injection harm whistleblower ordered to get jabbed or lose job

[An all too familiar story now, but this is well-written so I am sending it out.]

By Henry Widdas 


A covid injection harm whistleblower claims his NHS bosses gagged him from warning his patients about the treatment – and said he would lose his job unless he had his second dose. 

Therapist Ross Chambers says his nightmare unfolded after he repeatedly asked managers to investigate apparent harms being caused by the covid-19 injections. 

The dad-of-one gathered evidence from his patients of 38 cases of harm over a short period, a sample of which he presented to NHS health bosses. 

The anecdotal evidence revealed a range of injuries – heart problems, blood clots, strokes, sepsis, neurological disorders, and death – occurring just days, and in one case an hour, after their jabs. 

He said: “I was telling my managers about all these really serious issues faced by my patients and their family members and then they are saying to me you need to also get this procedure otherwise you are getting sacked. 

“It was just completely mind-blowing.” 

Unable to endure the lack of action, and the silence from his colleagues, Mr Chambers left the job he loved in the NHS in July 2022. 

Mr Chambers, who was a Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner (PWP) at the NHS, recalled when he started hearing about injection harm from his patients. 

He said: “From about April 2021, that was when people started telling me these stories. 

“And to start with I felt it was like a one-off but when I kept on hearing more and more of them, I started to become concerned and I actually started documenting them. 

“The pattern I was getting from people was the problems they were getting were primarily after the second dose. I was seeing about seven patients a week for assessment and over a period of three months I was hearing of problems once a week, sometimes even twice. 

“It was very distressing for me to hear, I was getting to a point where I knew it was happening, I had heard too many stories for it to be a coincidence.” 

Mr Chambers, 35, said he was also hearing from those who had been vaccinated that they were getting covid very badly a short time after, when he had only heard one of his patients catching covid in 2020. 

He brought this up in a team meeting and said a colleague told him not to be “stupid” and that no-one could catch covid from the vaccines. 

Mr Chambers said two of the cases of apparent covid injection harm that he recorded involved two teenage girls. One suffered complications an hour after her dose and was later diagnosed with a neurological disorder. 

The other was diagnosed with blood clots in her leg and her lung a week after her injection, and was then told by a doctor that the vaccine was not the problem and that she should get her next dose when it was available to her. 

He presented this evidence from the teenagers, along with other cases he had recorded, to the executive medical director at Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, in November 2021.  

Mr Chambers also presented his health bosses with evidence from a Freedom of Information (FoI) request he had made to the North West Ambulance Service (NWAS). 

He said the data he received showed a very close correlation between the total number of second doses administered and the increase in grade one (the most serious) ambulance callouts over the same period. 

Mr Chambers says he did not get a response from the executive medical director at that time so he contacted his line manager who said they would escalate the issue. But despite asking his manager for an update several times, he said he never heard back from them. 

He said: “I was also told in meetings with my managers that I can’t be saying anything to my patients that would put them off taking a vaccine. I was basically told to stop talking about vaccines.” 

And after being warned that he too must be injected to keep his job, at a time before the NHS injection mandate was removed, he “broke with the stress”. 

He said: “I had to sign myself off sick which I had never done before in my life. 

“I made my local MP Scott Benton aware of what was going on and he got back to me and his words were ‘the die has been cast’ so essentially saying we can’t do anything about it.” 

He said the Blackpool South MP told him that he did not agree with him about his concerns and also quoted the BBC in his arguments supporting the covid injections. 

Mr Chambers said: “I have a four-year-old son to think about and, with these policies coming further down the line, what life is going to look like in the future for him is what concerns me. That was a motivating factor. It’s been difficult and stressful. 

“I don’t feel brave. For me it’s just doing the right thing so when I look back on my deathbed I don’t think, ‘Why didn’t I do anything?’” 

Mr Chambers said it was a video by YouTuber Dr John Campbell that, along with mounting peer pressure, persuaded him to get his own first dose. 

He said Dr Campbell had since done a U-turn on his recommending the medical procedure and had even covered the issue of the respiratory suppressant drug midazolam being used on covid patients. 

Mr Chambers said: “You only have to look at the first spike of deaths to know that it was not a natural thing. All of a sudden, boom, a load of people died and then it all disappeared. That is not a natural phenomenon and it happened simultaneously in various different countries so that could only have come about through policy. 

“They were giving 2.5mg of midazolam in combination with morphine and combined they can cause respiratory arrest. They were going straight in at 2.5mg which was a huge dose, especially for a frail, elderly person in a care home.”  

MP Scott Benton and Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust were both approached for comment but after being given a week to respond to Mr Chambers’ concerns, neither had responded. 



In a November 2022 letter from Scott Benton to Ross Chambers, the MP said: “The coronavirus response in the UK has been guided by science which is the bedrock on which the Government is making its decisions. 

“I am delighted that we have safe and effective vaccines approved to help protect people from covid-19. I am incredibly proud of the excellent progress in rolling out the vaccine and the booster doses. 

“I can assure you that the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has followed rigorous procedures to ensure the vaccines meet the high standards needed to be considered both safe and effective.” 

And Mr Chambers did eventually get a response from his former executive medical director in December last year. 

In their email, they said: “I apologise if I failed to acknowledge earlier emails. I have just looked back though my in-box and can find no record. 

“I no longer work at Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS FT [foundation trust] and am not in a position to answer your questions in detail. A lot has been written about mRNA vaccines and, of course, there is detailed advice in the British National Formulary (BNF), which is updated frequently.” 

Mr Chambers sent four follow-up emails to them after receiving this response asking for comment – while considering their Hippocratic Oath – on the cases of harm he had presented but he said he was yet to receive a response. 

As of March this year, the BNF website’s covid-19 injection page states: “Pregnant females should be offered immunisation against covid‑19 as pregnancy is a clinical risk factor for severe covid‑19 infection.”  



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