Re: Open letter to Bush from Michael Moore

From: Andrew

Date: 2005-09-05 15:44:37

For those that haven’t seen “Martial Law” by Alex Jones, it seems that Michael Moore is partially complicit in the cover up. Alex Jones asked him why he didn’t talk about the NORAD stand down in F911. Moore responded “That would be un-American”. This is on Camera. You can download the whole film, free here: 20of%20the%20Police%20State.wmv With the power and control that we know exists, it seems to me that the release of F911 was a managed part of the PTB’s agenda. I could, of course, be wrong about this… — In, BLACKSHEEPMUSE@a… wrote: > Source: Michael Moore > messageDate=2005- > 09-02 > > > > Vacation is Over… an open letter from Michael Moore to George W. > Bush

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