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From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2006-05-17 18:20:10

Attachments : Take your pick! Check out the touched up “pentacone” image attached as well!     911 LOOSE CHANGE – Second Edition – Now No. 2 in the ‘Google Video Top 100’an astounding New York 911 expose. Mainly using & analysing live news clips, which were shown on TV only once and never shown again, prove beyond any reasonable doubt that 911 was a staged ‘FALSE FLAG’ atrocity perpetrated by the US Government against their own people. Treason!… MONEY MASTERS – this film answers the question why they are doing all of this – MONEY!How 13 families of ‘Private’ International Bankers utilised secret knowledge gained from previous civilisations enabling them to illegally create money out of thin air, and gain control of the Western money supply by illegally owning the Federal Reserve in the US and the Bank of England in the UK and consequently being the ‘HIDDEN HAND’ controlling most of the Western World’s Governments. Who have deliberately staged ‘FALSE FLAG’ atrocities, which started every war since the Napoleonic Wars. Who to this day have deliberately staged ‘FALSE FLAG’ terrorism outrages in New York 911, Madrid, Bali, Jordan, Egypt, London 77, to control us by fear of a TERRORIST BOGEYMAN organisation that does not even exist.…   LONDON 77 – A Summary of the Evidence A summary of all of the available evidence surrounding 77 proves beyond any reasonable doubt that the 4 Muslim ‘patsies’ did NOT do it.…   FALLUJAH: THE HIDDEN MASSACRE Italian mainstream TV documentary shown in November 2005, clearly evidencing that the US and the UK are the real terrorists, using the illegal chemical weapon white phosphorus on thousands of innocent civilians – men, women and children. It burns all of the skin and flesh right down to the bone. A shocker that everyone should see only… AIDS: FACT OR FRAUD Compelling & substantiated evidence that HIV is a harmless virus and does not cause AIDS, that AIDS is not contagious, and that the only things that cause AIDS are recreational drugs and the ‘supposed’ pharmaceutical industry cure – AZT, both of which totally destroy the immune system.… A WORLD WITHOUT CANCER – The Story of Vitamin B17There is substantial evidence that Cancer is simply caused by a vitamin deficiency of vitamin B17. Note: Vitamin B17 is banned by the pharmaceutical industry and is only available on prescription from metabolic doctors. It would appear that they want long lingering expensive treatment of the symptoms rather than actual…   Another suppressed cancer remedy is – Essiac – a successful non-toxic herbal treatment for cancer that’s been with us since 1922. It’s a formula made from four very common herbs. In 1938 Essiac came within three votes of being legalised by the Ontario Government as a Cancer Cure in Canada.  Essiac works by greatly enhancing the body’s own immune system enabling the body to more easily destroy the cancer.  Simply Google ‘Essiac’.FREE ENERGY: THE RACE TO ZERO POINTFree Energy for all – we should have it now. Extraordinary detailed summary of many suppressed free energy inventions and the ‘FATE’ of most of their… A WORLD WITHOUT DISEASE – No Video Available on Google Video YetBoth Nicola Tesla and Dr Royal Raymond Rife thoroughly investigated different methods of High Frequency Vibrational Therapy and were world-renowned until they started curing just about every disease known to man.  They both proved that the body vibrates at a set frequency, and that most disease bacteria had their own individual different frequency that could be killed by the use of their High Frequency Vibrational Therapy machines which have since been outlawed by the pharmaceutical industry.The Rife Machine – Link:… Violet Ray Machine (Tesla coil technology) – Link:  

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