911 Truth Movement: Focus or Die

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2006-08-18 12:25:39

www.falseflagnews.co…   911 Truth Movement: Focus or die(A defense of Dr. Steven Jones and a plea for sanity)By D. L. AbrahamsonExclusive to FalseFlagNews.comEmail me—–These next few months may be the most critical time in the history of the 9-11 truth movement.We stand on the brink of a nuclear world war.  The potential for a staged terror attack and subsequent invasion of Iran & Syria has never loomed larger.  This, while Israel continues to offer a back-door entry into WW III with their daily massacres in Lebanon and Gaza, urging the desperate neocon fascists to join them in the march toward Apocalypse.At the same time, last week was a time of overwhelming success as C-SPAN aired the 9-11 Scholar’s conference four times at prime time hours.  Then came a Scripps News poll saying 36% of Americans suspect government involvement in 9-11, with most suggesting they were directly behind it. The truth movement also recieved balanced coverage from newspaper and television networks, while a radio call-in mobilization resulted in hosts on Air America finally confronting 9-11 truth and neocons like Sean Hannity begging for mercy.We have never been closer to nuclear annihilation.  And at the same time we have never been closer to breaking the media censorship, building a large-scale political movement around 9-11, and arresting the traitorous plotters behind the attacks. So which direction will the world follow?Analysts ranging from authors James Bamford and Nafeez Ahmed to Pakistani ISI Chief Maj. Gen Hameed Gul are all predicting an imminent strike on Iran and Syria. Additionally, the confluence of major terror drills and nuclear war games over the next few months is particularly ominous.  STRATCOM, those generals with their finger on the nuclear button, are running Vigilant Guardian (also run on 9-11) from August 17-26.  Then, from Oct. 24-Nov.8, STRATCOM will run Global Lightning, a massive nuclear war game within the Global Storm series of drills running through December. On August 14-16, Hawaii is running a drill where a half-kiliton nuke explodes, killing 10,000 resulting in a martial law situation with a FEMA and military takeover.   All of these drills and more are monitored at FalseFlagNews.com We must remember that on 9-11, the military ran at least 15 drills, with many “simulated” hijacking terror drills and nuclear warfare war games against Russia.  So are these drills a sign of a potential goverment-staged terror event to usher in the nuclear clash of civilizations?  The STRATCOM Global Strike documents, available here, clearly document how these upcoming drills are part of CONPLAN 8022, the plan for an immediate nuclear strike on-demand with B-1 and B-52 bombers (with an emphasis on so-called “low yield” nukes).  We must also recall former CIA agent Philip Giraldi, who last year warned that the neocon cabal assembling around Cheney’s office were calling for the nuclear invasion of Iran, with the aid of STRATCOM, in the wake of a new WMD terrorist attack on American soil..At present, the neocons find themselves militarily defeated in Iraq and Afghanistan, while the Israeli massacres and war crimes in Lebanon have failed to stop Hizballah rockets.  With the November elections approaching, can the neocon plotters rely on electronic vote-rigging alone to keep their power over the Congress?Additionally, with the Euro-based Iranian oil bourse opening in September, the financier faction of bankers is facing the death of dollar hegemony,.  This will result in a massive dollar sell-off as central bank reserves flow into Euros.  Will they allow such a collapse to happen?It is “now or never” for the rogue network of coup plotters that siezed control of the military and government on 9-11.  Their agenda must move forward now, or they will find themselves under investigation in Congress or overwhelmed by the growing millions of Americans who are waking up to the truth about the 9-11 inside job.  How much longer can they wait?And for 9-11 truth activists, could the stakes ever be higher?One only need witness Professor Kevin Barrett’s disastrous interview on “Fox and Friends” a few days ago to understand our precarious situation.  Barrett, dressed in a black “Investigate 9-11” t-shirt, started well as he discussed WTC7, the NORAD stand down, and asked who was in command that day.  However four minutes into the interview, Barrett descended into the fringes, falling into a trap set by his interviewers.  He asserted that no hijackers ever got on the planes, and that the airport videos were faked (as the shadows prove, he says).  Also, according to Barrett, all the phone calls were fake, not just the cell phone ones.Is he aware of the fact that calls made from the air-phones do work at cruising altitude, and many of the calls originated from these phones?  Is he aware that drills like Amalgam Virgo (planned before 9-11) war gamed FBI agents posing as hijackers on a real flight?  Has he examined the links of Mohammed Atta to the SOCOM Able Danger program, and the “Door Hop Galley” cell?  What about the “hijackers” who trained at US Air Force bases?Furthermore, claiming every phone call was faked alienates the public and is based on incomplete science.  Barrett should know that cell phones can work on planes, albeit poorly and infrequently.  Additionally, the Canadian study he cited did not fly over the zone where flight 93 allegedly did.If we listen to the “no phone-call” theorists, government uber-spooks actually took the time to voiceprint Mark Bingham and call his mom but were then stupid enough to make it so obvious by saying, “Hi Mom, it’s Mark Bingham.”Watching Barrett fumble the ball was painful.  The professor, usually so eloquent in his TV appearances, lost his focus of the facts and strayed into true conspiracy theory.   To the average viewer, he came unraveled as he peddled pet theories about “no hijackers,” bogus phone calls, and faked videos.  This type of speculation, venturing so far from the core points proving an inside job, destroyed Barrett’s entire message.Even if Barrett and others who talk about faked cell phone calls are correct, does their speculation get us any closer toward building a nationwide political movement and arresting the 9-11 plotters? Or is it a divisive strawman that will isolate us from the mainstream media and average Americans?Suddenly it appears the controlled demolition, WTC 7, NORAD stand down, hijacking drills, war games, “Angel is Next” call to Bush, living hijackers, double-agent hijackers, CIA insider put options, and “al-Qaeda” links to Anglo-American intelligence are not enough.  Now every researcher has their own pet theory about no planes, no hijackers, no phone calls, no Pentagon Boeing, and no flight 93 crash (they claim it landed it Cleveland and the wreckage in Shanksville was, you guessed it, planted).At the same time we are now encountering the violent resurection of the “no WTC plane” thesis, which is dividing the Scholars for 911 Truth.  A small group of internet researchers is claiming the towers were hit by nothing, and the videos of the second plane hitting the south tower were vector-key CGI uploaded to the video news networks, along with the aid of WESCAM helicopter camera technology.  This group usually claims nothing hit the south tower, but if pressed, will offer possibilities like an entomopter formation, missile, commuter plane, or some futuristic cloaked weapon.But can such radical claims survive the most basic questions?  These researchers will have to find substantial answers to the testimonies of those eyewitnesses who saw planes, the many snapshot pictures of the plane, the amateur videos showing a plane, plane parts in the WTC wreckage, and how if this is true why NONE of the eyewitnesses ever said something about this massive deception.Do these “no plane” theorists have adequete answers that do not include labeling everybody but them as government agents?   Why are those who ask these fundamental questions labeled as idiots and agents, while this group simultaneously slanders Dr. Steven Jones a government-asset?”But wait!” they cry.  “The towers were exploded with nanothermite and a mini-nuke!  Anyone who claims anything less is just a provocateur NSA undercover agent!”Of course, why the plotters would require the redundancy of nanothermite and a nuke is of no concern.  And when asked for evidence to prove their claims, they point to shaky research showing slightly elevated tritium levels in the air.  And of course, they never, ever forget the mention that Steven Jones is just an limited-hangout junk scientist   Perhaps this because his research showed no radioactive isotopes?Wait, I must be an agent.  And if you disagree with that, maybe you are an agent.Maybe we are both agents, and were secretly brainwashed from understanding the real truth:  The towers were hit by a swarm of African killer bees and all the witnesses were mind-controlled with virtual reality googles and Valium.  Also, the twin towers never existed; they were merely part of a holographic magic trick run by the shadow government in collaboration with David Copperfield.  And the towers were exploded with nanoplasma antimatter, and anyone who discusses conventional demolition is an agent.It was this same motley assembly of internet researchers that selfishly belittled the four airings of the 9-11 Scholar’s conference on C-SPAN.  And while dedicated 9-11 truthers were devising a campaign to build up the audience, they mocked our efforts.  “If these scholars were such a threat, the establishment would never let them get on TV,” they whined.  This group of websites also failed to publicize the airing dates or times of the C-SPAN conference, but often took the effort to write scathing pieces about the participants, slandering them all as government agents or Zionist front-men.This same group was also conspicuously completely absent during this past week’s radio mobilization effort, when fearless 9-11 activsts overwhelmed the neocons and left gatekeepers, smashing through the Maginot Line of 9-11 censorship. It was a week in which a red-faced Hannity was forced to hang up on callers, Ed Schultz was simply apoplectic, and Michael Savage used call-screeners to block 9-11 truthers..  I personally made successful calls to nationally syndicated shows like Hannity, CoastToCoast AM, Alan Colmes & Matt Drudge, with other call in’s to WBZ in Boston and WTIC in Hartford.Webster Tarpley believes our combined efforts likely tripled the C-SPAN audience, if not more.   Even better, we finally forced Randi Rhodes to confront 9-11 truth and the NORAD stand down on Air America, while the C-SPAN event momentum continued.  It was a week which culminated with Tarpley’s brillaint two and a half hour performance on Mike Malloy’s nationally syndicated show on Air America.Frustrated 9-11 activists (like myself) who had always asked how we could wake up millions, discovered the power of using radio as a giant megaphone to warn other prisoners.  This type of success must quickly multiply.  If we hope to stop the next false-flag terror attack and the march into nuclear world war, we must wake up their millions of radio listeners….NOW.So, in the midst of our success, I ask that we reflect.Which websites, activists, and organizations supported and promoted the C-SPAN event last week?  And who were the shrill sectarians and slanderers that failed to even announce the air time of the event?  What were the motives of each of these groups?We are currently in the midst of a mass awakening in America.  9-11 truth is having the biggest coming out party in its history, as mainstream coverage and national polls suggest our movement is growing far larger than even optimists had suggested. A Scripps News poll showed 36% of American believe that 9-11 was either allowed to happen or an inside job, and a full 16% of Americans believing in a controlled demolition of the towers.  This means that a large portion of the country, likely more than one fifth, already understand 9-11 was an inside job.  A previous Zogby poll suggested the number of 9-11 skeptics were around 42%.Now come the release of the NORAD tapes, which have journalists and the formerly timid “Jersey Girls” calling for a new investigation of 9-11.  This on top of the C-SPAN coverage, the radio breakthroughs, and the surprisingly fair treatment from mainstream newspapers and tv propaganda organs like CNN and Fox.  Clearly, the wheels are coming off the government’s official mythology, and a revolution of thinking is brewing in massive numbers .We are hitting the big time.  Millions of Americans, who had previously ignored or derided suggestions of government complicity, are asking questions.So we must ask: Is this the time for sectarianism, name-calling, jealousy, territorial squabbles, and McCarthyist witch-hunt tactics where everyone is labeled an agent?  Have some individuals become so egostistical that they are blind to the need for rationality at this critical time?  Do they truly believe their own selfish needs and pet theories outweight the effort to actually arrest the criminals who engineered the terror attacks of September 11?I ask again: what are their motives?What is needed now is maturity.  As a movement, we must focus or die.  Going on national television with outlandish pet theories risks destroying the momentum we have worked so hard to build.  Those lucky enough to make television appearances must remember that there is still a large portion of this country who has not woken up to 9-11, and we need to introduce them with facts, not fantasy.  We are trying to wake up conservative Republicans, college anarchists, and senior citizen book clubs.  Is this the time for speculation about “no hijackers?”Can we build a national political movement around the idea of fake cell phone calls and CGI planes?  Or should we instead point to the NORAD stand down and hijacking drills, asking about the roles of Gen. Eberhart, Gen. Myers, Col. Marr, Gen. Schoomaker, Ben Sliney, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Richard Clarke, and others inside the chain of command?  Should we label each other as agents instead of telling the world about WTC 7, controlled demolition, and Dr. Steven Jones’s groundbreaking thermate research?It’s now or never for both sides.  The rogue network seeks to usher in a nuclear WW III, and 9-11 truth is the only way to stop them and expose the myth of terrorism.  In this time of imminent danger, we have to stay on message.If we get lost in a sea of speculation, we will lose the average American.  It is high time to save the frothy theories for the message boards and stay focused when we get TV time.  And those who engage in petty backstabbing, slander, name-calling, blackmailing, and intellectual McCarythism need to seriously question their priorities.Now is the time to build a national movement.  We can make calls and disrupt the radio propagandists.  We can use friendly forums like CoastToCoast AM to reach millions of fellow Americans.  We can make Sean Hannity’s life a living hell.  We can monitor the drills and war-games to stop the next false-flag attack, like at FalseFlagNews.comAnd most importantly, by focusing on our best points, rather than our weakest hypotheses, we can stop World War III.For the 9-11 truth movement, the camera is rolling and America is watching.Focus or die.  

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