Upcoming BBC 9-11 Documentary – New Information – Please Act!

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2007-02-15 23:22:46

Hello,   We have discovered from a source inside the BBC that there are 2 versions or “edits” of the upcoming conspiracies documentary – one of which is a “whitewash” version. Our source tells us the guy pushing for the Whitewash Version to be broadcast is GARTH ANCIER:   business.guardian.co…,,2013028,00.html He was in the Guardian YESTERDAY. Coincidence? Action:   e-mail the addresses below, and any others you may be aware with a message like the one below. Let them know we know the gist of the game. We know from our source there are people in the BBC pushing for the truth to come out – so let’s hear it for them. Well, what are you waiting for? HelenBoaden.Complain… vine@bbc.co.uk 1_6_10feedback@bbc.c… info@bbc.co.uk guy.smith@bbc.co.uk mike.rudin@bbc.co.uk   and any other BBC ones you can think of! (or re-work the message below to send to other organisations)   Dear Sir/Madam,   We have discovered from a source within the BBC that there are 2 versions of the upcoming “Conspiracies” documentary about 9/11. We understand that there are people in the BBC who want the truth to come out and other ones that don’t. We understand that the main person backing the “whitewash” version is Mr Garth Ancier.   business.guardian.co…,,2013028,00.html   Of course, as you will realise, this calls into question the standards of professionalism, journalism, honesty and integrity which seem to be at work in the BBC. We KNOW 9/11 was an inside job, and however many times David Icke or “No Planes” is mentioned in relation to it, it will not detract from the smoking guns which more and more people have now seen and understand.   We therefore strongly advise that the “honest” version is broadcast on Sunday, because if it is not, the BBC’s reputation as a news broadcasting entity will be forever tarnished or destroyed. Clearly, we must also call into question the motives of an executive who can (or is trying to) influence what is to be broadcast, and this matter will need serious review also.   As you may know, William Rodriguez, Decorated hero and survivor of the World Trade Centre Disaster, is speaking around the UK. His testimony blows apart the official story of 9/11 and this will likely have been heard and read by 10s or 100s of thousands of people by the end of this month.   So, we know what the game is, and we are now “calling your bluff”. We are watching you and waiting for your response.   Yours Sincerely,    

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