9/11: Distinguishing The Propaganda From The Smoking Guns

By CB_Brooklyn
September 2008
(updated – see bottom)

Seven years and the media still lies about 9/11. Disgraceful, isn’t it? A million leaflets, dozens of films, but continued silence. Why is this happening? Why hasn’t the truth movement’s work broken through the media’s lies? The answer relates to the material the “truth movement” promotes.

Vladimir Lenin, the first Communist dictator after the takeover of Russia in 1917, is widely credited with the following quotation, "The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves." A look through the “Global Analysis – International Intelligence” archives reveal many comparisons between Lenin and Bush.

Those in control of the world have top-secret exotic technologies. These technologies could replace oil and gas, but instead have been weaponized. 9/11 was orchestrated with these technologies. They plan a police state culture and don’t mind if a limited number of people are exposed to the 9/11 propaganda, as long as the advanced technologies remain secret. See “The 9/11 Truth Movement, Free Energy Suppression and the Global Elite’s Agenda” for full information.

Who controls the horizontal? Who controls the vertical? We know the corporate media to be our culture’s main source of news. Unfortunately though, our trustworthy media is completely controlled. Observe the graph below (sourced here) and note all this happened in just 20 years time. This chart details the corporations involved.

user posted image

Did you know the Washington Post owns Newsweek? Or that the New York Times owns the Boston Globe? Believe it or not, getting the news “changed” to suit one’s preference isn’t that difficult. As this Saudi Prince and Rupert Murdoch know, all it requires is shares of a news agency and the owner’s phone number!

Not only do the media censor information, they’re a propaganda-promotion tool:

This March 2000 WorldNetDaily article gives some info on this. Note this quote: “…"psyops" (psychological operations) personnel, soldiers and officers, have worked in the CNN headquarters in Atlanta.” Why on earth would “PSYOPS soldiers” work at CNN? What possible purpose could they serve?

This April 2006 Washington Post article concerning the Iraq war reveals something too: “The documents explicitly list the "U.S. Home Audience" as one of the targets of a broader propaganda campaign.” Courtesy of the CNN PSYOPS Soldiers??

This June 2008 Washington Times article details Congress’ attempt to “ban Pentagon propaganda on the Iraq war”. What kind of system is this if Congress needs to create a bill to ban propaganda?

Tom Curley, President and CEO of the Associated Press, voiced his opinion: “9/11 attacks harm First Amendment”.

The perpetrators who orchestrated 9/11 are using these media-propaganda techniques to control the opposition.
The “truth movement” is the opposition.

Let’s start by sorting through some of the planted propaganda. Then we’ll examine the smoking gun evidence of exotic weapons, including a timeline of 9/11 events relevant to the technologies used. Following the timeline are some personal statements about a couple of individuals in the “truth movement”. In the final section, we’ll examine two non-9/11 “conspiracy theories”. These should help open up the mind to exotic weaponry should the reader still consider it science fiction. (Warning: The last section contains potentially upsetting material, and will permanently alter the average person’s perception of reality.)

* Lenin-inspired Propaganda *

Let’s look at four examples of this propaganda and how the media promote it. The reader will note that “prominent figures” within the “truth movement” who support the propaganda have affiliations with exotic weaponry and the Global Elite. See the “Global Elite Agenda” article (linked above) for a list of people who lost their lives as part of the cover-up.

** WTC 7 “Pulled” ** – Larry Silverstein, owner of WTC 7, referred to this building in a PBS documentary titled “America Rebuilds”, and said: “I remember getting a call from the fire department commander, telling me that they were not sure they were gonna be able to contain the fire, and I said, ‘We’ve had such terrible loss of life, maybe the smartest thing to do is pull it.’ And they made that decision to pull and then we watched the building collapse.”

The “truth movement” continues to waste time debating Official Government Conspiracy Theory (OGCT) believers as to what Silverstein meant: “Pull the building” or “Pull the firefighters” or “Pull the firefighting effort”.

Did anyone wonder why Silverstein made this statement? Why did PBS broadcast it?

Are we to believe that both Silverstein and PBS made this mistake?

Larry Silverstein is a member of the Global Elite. He owns Silverstein Properties and has given millions of dollars to Israeli causes. Promoting his “pull it” statement has labeled the “truth movement” anti-Semitic by many, which is exactly what the 9/11 perpetrators want. WTC 7 is the single most important propaganda that the perps want the “truth movement” to promote. Why else would they gauge its popularity in the May 2006 Zogby Poll? Christopher Story, editor of International Currency Review, explains the purpose of opinion polls: To Guide The Strategists And Manipulate Opinion. Just like the Twin Towers, WTC 7 was destroyed with directed energy weapons. See this paper by former Clemson University Professor of Mechanical Engineering Dr Judy Wood for information.

Message boards around the internet show many discussions of the recently published WTC 7 report by NIST. Regardless of how ridiculous the report is, why would NIST suddenly release it now? Certainly there must be a reason for its sudden release in August of 2008. According to leaked government documents as revealed here and here, the US dollar is expected to collapse in September 2008, with the US Federal Government’s finances collapsing by February 2009. Could the WTC 7 report convince people that the inside job “conspiracy theory” is solved and that Bush is the good guy? This is a distinct possibility.

We see here that the media covered the WTC 7 report. Notice that the article promotes the Lenin-inspired opposition of Richard Gage, Steven Jones, Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth (AE911Truth), and molten metal.

The Silverstein/PBS piece was carefully crafted propaganda to steer the “truth movement” away from exotic weaponry. WTC 7 was purposely destroyed, but it’s a red herring.

[I blogged “Is WTC 7 a Red Herring?” in March 2007 and the “truth movment” still hasn’t woken up.]

** Molten Metal ** – AE911Truth, (a group that came out of nowhere after Dr Wood filed her Request for Correction with NIST regarding exotic weapons), claims “Tons of molten metal found”. Steven Jones, notorious for destroying free-energy Cold Fusion research in the 80s, claims “molten metal flowing and in pools” .

One of the witnesses claiming (PDF) molten metal existed was Leslie Robertson, the structural engineer who designed the WTC: “As of 21 days after the attack, the fires were still burning and molten steel was still running.”

Are we to believe this guy? Leslie Robertson is a member of the Global Elite who has received millions of our tax dollars. If molten metal existed, why would he admit it?

Who else has promoted molten metal? David Ray Griffin, a Christian Theologian from Claremont University. Why is this guy so popular in the “truth movement”? David Ray Griffin is a member of the Global Elite who lives “on the beach at Isla Vista, one of the most expensive real-estate spots in the US”, and is pro-Global Government, or New World Order, something that George Bush Sr called for on September 11, 1990 in a speech to a Joint Session of Congress.

As a theologian, Griffin certainly didn’t discover the molten metal “evidence” himself. For this we must bring in Steven Jones.

Jones, a former physics professor at Brigham Young University, is a Mormon whose paper “Behold My Hands: Evidence for Christ’s Visit in Ancient America” reveals his fascination with Maya/2012. Jones’ 9/11 paper “Why Indeed Did the WTC Completely Collapse” emphasizes two main propaganda points: molten metal and WTC 7. Jones uses the term “collapse” as a form of conditioning to divert people’s attention from the fact that the majority of the towers turned to dust, including 500 miles of structural steel.

Jones promoted his molten metal and explosives on MSNBC as a “hypothesis to be tested”.

Jones did research at Los Alamos where exotic weapons are designed and is no newcomer to deception. In the 80s he was directly involved in the discrediting of free energy research and had called it “crazy, impossible”. This was not the only time Jones used “crazy, impossible” to ridicule something. As revealed in the previous link, he applied this technique again at a 9/11 “Arizona Truth” conference in February 2007 to discredit the directed energy weapon evidence.

A careful check of the evidence, such as the lack of enormous steam explosions from rain and fire hose water, shows there was no molten metal:
WTC Molten Metal: Fact or Fiction?

The molten metal and “high heat” claims were carefully crafted propaganda to steer the “truth movement” away from exotic weaponry. There may have been bits of short lived molten metal on the ends of cut beams, but it’s a red herring.

** Explosives / “Bombs in the Buildings” ** – In August 2005, the New York Times published the First Responders’ World Trade Center Task Force Interviews on its website. These testimonies were immediately scoured by the “truth movement” and much evidence for explosives was discovered. But why would the Times help the “truth movement” by publishing evidence for explosives? A later interview of one of the First Responders (conducted by a 9/11 Researcher) revealed evidence of exotic weaponry that was redacted from the Times publication (PDF). Take a look at the 20+ blacked-out lines! Other testimonies were redacted as well.

Exotic weaponry does a much better job addressing the evidence than explosives. As just one example, explosives does not explain tons of steel turning to dust. Note to newcomers: the “truth movement” has been conditioned by Jones and others into thinking the steel is “collapsing”. Most newcomers can see the obvious: it turned to dust. Here’s another video.

Griffin is a strong promoter of explosive-demolitions as well.

Bill Clinton and George W Bush, members of the Global Elite, publicly blamed Al Qaeda for explosives in the towers:

• On September 15, 2006, Bush said: “Khalid Sheikh Mohammed described the design of planned attacks of buildings inside the U.S. and how operatives were directed to carry them out. That is valuable information for those of us who have the responsibility to protect the American people. He told us the operatives had been instructed to ensure that the explosives went off at a high — a point that was high enough to prevent people trapped above from escaping”.

• On March 8, 2008, Clinton said: “America may not be perfect, but we don’t blow up our own buildings– al Qaeda does that”.

The explosives and “bombs in the buildings” claims were carefully crafted propaganda to steer the “truth movement” away from exotic weaponry. There may have been explosions, but it’s a red herring.

** War Games / NORAD Standing Down **This Associated Press article helped promote the “war games” propaganda. Here’s a quote: “In what the government describes as a bizarre coincidence, one U.S. intelligence agency was planning an exercise last Sept. 11 in which an errant aircraft would crash into one of its buildings.”

Former Director of the Star Wars Program, Bob Bowman, is one of the “prominent figures” in the “truth movement”. As we see here, he promotes the NORAD red herring. Why hasn’t Bowman spoken up about the evidence for directed energy weapons?

Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta also helped spread NORAD “stand down” propaganda. In testimony to the 9/11 Commission and broadcast on C-SPAN, Mineta described what the “truth movement” interpreted as a stand down order issued by Cheney regarding the Pentagon.

Mineta’s quote: “There was a young man who had come in and said to the vice president, "The plane is 50 miles out. The plane is 30 miles out." And when it got down to, "The plane is 10 miles out," the young man also said to the vice president, "Do the orders still stand?" And the vice president turned and whipped his neck around and said, "Of course the orders still stand. Have you heard anything to the contrary?"”

Just how long would it take this “young man” to check the radar screen, run in and out of different rooms, and talk to Cheney, all multiple times? Why hasn’t David Ray Griffin ever mentioned this?

Not relevant to the propaganda, but noteworthy: On June 22, 2006, Scholars for 9/11 Truth founder Dr James Fetzer mentioned Mineta’s comments live on FOX News and the next day Mineta resigns as Transportation Secretary. Note the media makes no mention of Mineta’s testimony to the 9/11 Commission or Dr Fetzer’s comments. See the “9/11 Directed Energy Weapon / TV-Fakery Suppression Timeline for the Mineta-directed energy weapon connection.

There were no plane crashes at any 9/11 site. Rumsfeld himself admitted a missile hit the Pentagon and “similar” hit the WTC. Here’s his quote: "Here we’re talking about plastic knives and using an American Airlines flight filed with our citizens, and the missile to damage this building and similar (inaudible) that damaged the World Trade Center."

This CNN/FOX footage reveals that no planes crashed at any of the four sites.

The war games and NORAD claims were carefully crafted propaganda to steer the “truth movement” away from exotic weaponry. There may have been war games on 9/11, but it’s a red herring.


* The Real Smoking Guns *

Once the Lenin-inspired 9/11 propaganda is separated from the real evidence, we see the truth. The truth is in exotic technologies and is quite easy to understand. Keep in mind that top-secret technologies are always light-years ahead of what’s publicly admitted. (Don’t fall for this new propaganda, designed to mislead people regarding the “magnetic forces” explained below.)

** Alaskan Magnetometer Data ** – Alaskan magnetometers went BONKERS with every 9/11 “event”. This includes the plane-shaped holes appearing in the towers! See this careful examination of the data by Dr Wood.

user posted image

Smoking Gun: Why would a plane crash cause a magnetic shift 4000+ miles away??

This is an indication of HAARP, also located in Alaska, and known for its weather modification. Solid, hardcore proof of 9/11 is simpler than we think!

Okay, the plane-shaped holes were made with directed energy weapons. Then what, if not planes, did New Yorkers see?

** Holograms/Projections ** – This 1999 Washington Post article reveals the military’s psychological operation hologram project.

user posted image

[I downloaded this graphic from a governmental website detailing the Holographic Projector mentioned in the Washington Post link. The government has since removed the article.]

Smoking Gun: There are no witness reports of hearing damage. No witnesses reported the deafening sound of wide-body commercial airliners at full throttle hitting the Twin Towers. From this analysis of WTC Task Force Interviews we learn that the sounds reported by First Responders were inconsistent with what one would expect.
Commercial airliners are LOUD!

Here’s a few witness accounts (source information in “Debunking the 9/11 *Anti-No-Plane-Theory* Myths”):

• Stephen Gregory, Assistant Commissioner, Bureau of Communications

Q. Where were you when the second plane hit?
A. We were down at the command post between Liberty and Albany on the west side of West Street. …

Q. Did you see or hear the second plane before it hit the World Trade Center?

A. I never actually saw the plane, but l heard it. You could hear it coming in and then we heard the explosion and you could hear the roar of the plane coming in. At first I didn’t realize it was a plane. I thought it was like the roar of fire, like something had just incinerated, like a gas tank or an oil tank. It sounded like a tremendous roar and then you heard boom and then there was a big fire, a lot of fire, a big fireball. I never actually saw a plane hit the building. I never saw that. I saw it on television, but I never saw it while I was standing there.

• Gary Smiley, FDNY paramedic, was carrying an injured woman across Church Street who kept yelling "plane" and Smiley recalled, "I looked up at that point, and that’s when the second plane hit the South Tower. The explosion was unbelievable. It was right over my head. You didn’t hear anything. People ask me sometimes, ‘What did you hear?’ I heard nothing."

• Steven Bienkowski, NYPD Harbor Unit Scuba Team: "I happened to be sitting in the back left side of the (helicopter) ship. … We were on the southwest side of the South Tower, and I glanced over my shoulder and there came a United Airlines aircraft right at us, a little bit underneath where we were. And I do mean a little bit underneath us. It probably missed us by about three hundred feet, and it proceeded to fly right through the building, right in front of us. …. I don’t remember hearing an explosion, although it must have been extremely loud. … When that second plane went into the building, it just looked like an evil magician’s trick. It looked nothing like what I would have imagined a plane crashing into a building would look like. The plane just completely disappeared and turned into a giant fireball. Being there was surreal."

Okay, New Yorkers saw holograms. But what about the live footage shown on TV?

** Computer Generated Images (CGI) / Animations ** – We know the media broadcasted cartoons because the “airplane strike” videos violate Newton’s Laws of Motion. Retired aerospace engineer Joseph Keith says it best: "The video is phony because airliners don’t meld into steel and concrete buildings, they crash against them!" Not one scientist, not even Steven Jones, has explained this violation of Physical Laws.

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

We know the military and TV Networks have this technology and use it to alter world politics as that was reported in the July/August 2000 edition of Technology Review Magazine. “Debunking the 9/11 *Anti-No-Plane-Theory* Myths” linked in the previous section contains full analysis.

Smoking Gun: These cartoons violate physical laws. They directly implicate the media for scaring America into invading Afghanistan and Iraq.

Okay, there were no plane crashes at any of the 9/11 “crash sites”. Exotic technologies were used instead. Were exotic technologies also used to destroy the towers?

** Directed Energy Weapons ** The visual evidence is quite clear and shows effects that could easily be explained by directed energy weapons. The graphic below reveals just a few key points. See “The Star Wars Directed-Energy Weapons (DEW)” by Drs Judy Wood and Morgan Reynolds for tons more evidence.

user posted image

The US Government’s goal is "full spectrum dominance" of air, land, sea, and space as these military documents explain. The government contracted with several sponsors of the Directed Energy Professional Society for the 9/11 NIST Report, obviously to cover-up the evidence of directed energy weapons. (This is detailed in the “9/11 Directed Energy Weapon / TV-Fakery Suppression Timeline”.)

The US Government even has a Directed Energy Directorate at Kirtland Air Force Base, New Mexico. Dr Wood has been in contact with one of their representatives and they did not deny that directed energy weapons were used on 9/11, but instead claim “phenomena that we cannot explain here”. The representative also finds “Dr Wood’s investigation interesting and worthy of further consideration”.

Smoking Gun: The above image.

Okay, the WTC was destroyed with directed energy weapons. But do weapons exist powerful enough to do the damage seen? Or, were other exotic technologies also used to eliminate the need for enormous power levels?

** Hurricane Erin ** – Not many know that a major hurricane – Hurricane Erin – was in the Atlantic Ocean in September of 2001. In fact, Erin was closest to NYC at its largest size on 9/11 itself. Interestingly, the National Hurricane Center projected Erin to be stronger than it projected Katrina to be four years later. Dr Wood performed an exhaustive analysis of Erin and discovered numerous similarities between hurricanes and “free energy” Tesla Coils.

user posted image

Smoking Gun: Shouldn’t they have prepared the upper-east coast for this major storm?? How were they so sure this humongous hurricane would make a sharp right-hand turn away from New York and head back out to sea? Weather reports on Long Island indicated rain!

Erin was a controlled environment. It was steered toward New York before 9/11 and away from New York after 9/11.

Okay, Hurricane Erin was part of the mechanism used to turn the towers into dust. Is there evidence that hurricanes or its field effects could cause the damage seen?

** Hutchison Effect ** – The pictorial data in “Anomalies at the WTC and the Hutchison Effect” clearly show characteristics of the Hutchison Effect, named after experimental scientist John Hutchison.

user posted image

Smoking Gun: The evidence speaks for itself and the reader is encouraged to check all the photos in “Anomalies at the WTC and the Hutchison Effect”.

Mr Hutchison duplicated the work of Nikola Tesla, the first major scientist of free energy research.

Okay, exotic technologies were used to orchestrate the 9/11 events.

Let’s educate others,
get justice by removing the criminals from power,
and put this technology to good use!


* Hurricane Erin Timeline *

• Storm data (upgrades, downgrades, pressure, wind speeds) taken from chart on this page.
• Magnetometer data taken from this page. (Each shift in the timeline is hotlinked to most relevant graphic.)
• Witness testimony source information available in Debunking the 9/11 *Anti-No-Plane-Theory* Myths.

2001, September 8

EVENING EDT – Erin upgraded from Tropical Storm to Category 1 Hurricane with pressure/wind speed ratio of 987mb/75kt.

2001, September 9

MORNING EDT – Erin upgraded from Category 1 Hurricane to Category 2 Hurricane with pressure/wind speed ratio of 982mb/90kt, later changes to 979mb/95kt.

AFTERNOON EDT – Erin upgraded from Category 2 Hurricane to Category 3 Hurricane with pressure/wind speed ratio of 968mb/105kt, later (in evening) changes 969mb/105kt.

2001, September 10

MORNING EDT – Erin pressure/wind speed ratio changes to 969mb/100kt.

AFTERNOON EDT – Erin downgraded from Category 3 Hurricane to Category 2 Hurricane with pressure/wind speed ratio of 970mb/90kt.

EVENING EDT – Erin downgraded from Category 2 Hurricane to Category 1 Hurricane with pressure/wind speed ratio of 973mb/80kt.

2001, September 11

MORNING EDT – The eye slowly begins its right-hand turn away from NYC. Erin pressure/wind speed ratio changes to 976mb/80kt, where it remains until after 9/11.

08:20:00 AM EDT – Alaskan magnetometers begin shift.

08:45:00 AM EDT (approximate) – Murray Murad, Lieutenant Investigator, Bureau of Investigations and Trials is on the south side of the WTC Complex. He hears something hovering over the firehouse for two or three minutes, then hears a revving sound. (400MPH planes do not “hover”. Murad does not report the deafening sound of a wide-body commercial airliner.)

08:46:26 AM EDT – WTC1 gets hole – 0.9 (Richter Scale)

08:48:00 AM EDT – Alaskan magnetometers spike and begin reversing direction.

09:00:00 AM EDT (approximate):

• Stephen Gregory, Assistant Commissioner, Bureau of Communications of FDNY is in the southwest area of the WTC Complex and hears the sound of a gas tank incinerating. (He does not see or hear a wide body commercial airliner.)

• Murray Murad, Lieutenant Investigator, Bureau of Investigations and Trials, sees a plane hit the South Tower. (He does not report the deafening sound of a wide-body commercial airliner at full throttle despite it being a few hundred feet above his head.)

• Gary Smiley, FDNY paramedic, is carrying an injured woman across Church Street who is repeatedly yelling "plane". Smiley looks up and sees a plane hit the South Tower right over his head. He does not hear anything. (In an interview he confirms to having heard “nothing”.)

• Steven Bienkowski, Harbor Unit Scuba Team of NYPD is in a helicopter on the southwest side of the South Tower. He sees a plane coming towards him 300 feet below, then sees it fly right through the building. He does not hear an explosion. (In an interview he says, “… it just looked like an evil magician’s trick. It looked nothing like what I would have imagined a plane crashing into a building would look like.”)

09:02:54 AM EDT:

• WTC2 gets hole – 0.7 (Richter Scale) – Alaskan magnetometers detect shift

• Media audio blips (See “September Clues Part 5” for info on the 17 sec delay between Richter scale activity and media’s “official” strike time.)

09:03:11 AM EDTWNYW 5 NYC (FOX) / WABC 7 NYC (ABC) CGIs hit tower

09:03:12 AM EDTWNYW 5 NYC (FOX) / WB 11 NYC read the “oh my goodness” script

09:30:00 AM EDT – 09:40:00 AM EDT – Pentagon Event – Alaskan magnetometers in middle of “wave”

09:45:00 AM EDT:

• Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta orders all civilian aircraft to land as soon as possible. (Mineta has ties to the Directed Energy Professional Society. (See the DEW/TVF Suppression Timeline for full info.) Why would Mineta ground airplanes shortly before the South Tower was destroyed?)

• The Senior FAA Manager orders all aircraft to land.

09:59:04 AM EDT – WTC2 goes poof – 2.1 (Richter Scale) – Alaskan magnetometers detect shift

10:03:00 AM EDT – 10:10:00 AM EDT – Shanksville, PA Event

10:28:31 AM EDT – WTC1 goes poof – 2.3 (Richter Scale) – Alaskan magnetometers detect major shift

10:31:00 AM EDT – Military flights resume. (Why were planes only grounded during the timeframe of the towers’ destruction? Perhaps for least interference with a directed energy weapon?)

05:20:33 PM EDT – WTC7 goes poof – 0.6 (Richter Scale) – Alaskan magnetometers begin level off

• •Also on 9/11…

• Van Romero, a controlled demolition expert from Mexico Tech, says "My opinion is, based on the videotapes, that after the airplanes hit the World Trade Center there were some explosive devices inside the buildings that caused the towers to collapse". "It could have been a relatively small amount of explosives placed in strategic points"

Note: Romero retracts his statement 10 days later, but the “truth movement” promote it as “expert opinion”. He then receives recognition, awards and grants. Romero has made presentations about directed energy weapons at the Directed Energy Professional Society. (See the DEW/TVF Suppression Timeline for full info.)

Was this really from “a relatively small amount of explosives”?
Towers turn to dust: Photo 1Photo 2Photo 3

• Peter Jennings knows the airplane video is fake, as is obvious from his nervousness and word fumbling when ABC played it in slow motion.

2001, September 12

MORNING EDT – Erin pressure/wind speed ratio changes to 979mb/75kt.

2001, September 13

MORNING EDT – Erin pressure/wind speed ratio changes to 982mb/70kt.

2001, September 14

MORNING EDT – Erin pressure/wind speed ratio changes to 987mb/65kt.

AFTERNOON EDT – Erin pressure/wind speed ratio changes to 984mb/65kt.

EVENING EDT – Erin downgraded from Category 1 Hurricane to Tropical Storm with pressure/wind speed ratio of 981mb/60kt.


An Ace in the Hole…

Ace Baker, known for his FOX 5 no-plane analysis, is 100% convinced the Hutchison Effect is fake. This assumption has caused a major disruption in the search for truth and is a clear example of how one gets blindsided by predetermined conclusions.

Baker offered John Hutchison $100,000 if he could duplicate the Hutchison Effect in front of him. But Baker’s highly insulting emails virtually guarantee that this will never happen. Take a look at the following excerpts from an email list. Would you invite this person into your home?

From: Ace Baker
Date: Wednesday, February 27, 2008 9:01 PM

Well, we have a little issue with regard to the Hutchison Effect. Hutchison is a video faker, pure and simple. There is no Hutchison Effect. I’m sorry. Hutchison makes silly upside-down videos.

He’s been caught red-handed using strings on the toy UFO thing.

[Comment from CB: Hutchison’s “Toy UFO on a String” was not a levitation experiment. The string was a wire to conduct a current. Baker made an assumption without checking the facts.]

I was quite civil today on Dynamic Duo. The truth is John Hutchison is an unabashed fraud and charlatan. He is a disgrace.

From: Ace Baker
Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2008 16:51:28 -0700 (PDT)

"I hate Judy Wood. Judy Wood is a liar, a fraud, and a despicable human being. Judy Wood knows perfectly well that there is no Hutchison Effect. In my opinion, based on the evidence, Judy Wood is a conspirator to mass murder, participating intentionally in the disinformation campaign associated with the crimes of 9/11. Judy Wood is therefore deserving of my hatred, and the hatred of all good and honest people."

[Comment from CB: Jim Fetzer was on the recipient list of the above email and continued supporting Baker.]

From: Ace Baker
Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2008 17:59:20 -0700 (PDT)

There are two categories of people who claim Hutchison’s videos are real:

1. Completely gullible idiots
2. Liars protecting mass murderers.

From: Ace Baker
Date: Tue, 2 Sep 2008 20:44:13 -0700 (PDT)

If H-Effect is real, then demonstrate it to me. It ought to be easy. And very, very rewarding to you. Unless you’re the filthy fraudulent liar that I think you are.

Who would want the author of those emails in their home? No one. But John Hutchison’s determination to expose the truth of 9/11 overcomes Baker’s insulting behavior, and continues to invite him as long as Baker will pay and act in a civil manner.

Jim Fetzer continued to support Ace Baker on his Dynamic Duo radio show even after those emails. Why? Dr Judy Wood is the research scientist. Exactly what is Ace Baker?

Full emails of Ace’s “hate correspondence” here:
The Hutchison Effect and 9/11 – An Ace in the Hole?
9/11 and The Hutchison Effect – An Ace in the Hole – Part II
9/11 and The Hutchison Effect – An Ace in the Hole – Part III

It should also be noted that, live on Fetzer’s radio show, Ace stated that Andrew Johnson sent him “hate correspondence”. This is completely untrue. Ace is a major disruptor and troublemaker.

Censor Reprehensor…

Reprehensor, an administrator at 911Blogger.com, put out this highly ridiculous article. He does not seem to comprehend the idea of “planted plane parts”, nor does he apply high school level Laws of Physics. Instead, he cites articles by “prominent figures” such as Greg Jenkins. Obviously reprehensor didn’t see this new video. Good news is that reprehensor must be receiving pressure into allowing discussions of no-planes and directed energy weapons for him to spent time writing that article! At present, reprehensor is nothing more than a propagandist tool of the 9/11 criminals. Several individuals are even banned from posting on 911Blogger including James Fetzer (founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth), Kevin Barrett, and myself! 911Blogger/reprehensor certainly does not represent freedom. Other sites that also censor these topics are the forums at Pilots for 9/11 Truth, Loose Change, Truth Action, and PrisonPlanet (Alex Jones). I urge all readers to pressure those sites to stop their censoring.


* Other “Conspiracy Theories” *

Unfortunately, many people will assume the idea of exotic weaponry on 9/11 to be science fiction. The following two non-9/11 “conspiracy theories” should help the reader understand media conditioning and encourage them to open their minds a bit.

Note: Some people may find these examples jaw-dropping and even spellbinding; but no better time than the present for a dose of reality!

** Life On Mars ** – To many this is just a silly conspiracy theory. Some would actually break out in hysterical laughter at just the suggestion of intelligent life on Mars. But these NASA photos prove it. There’s no doubt. (See here for further analysis and source info on NASA’s site.)

user posted image

Do 9/11 “truthers” laugh hysterically when Steven Jones calls the directed energy weapon evidence “crazy, impossible”?

Do mainstream scientists laugh hysterically when Steven Jones calls the free energy evidence “crazy, impossible”?

** Paul Is Dead ** – Let’s look at another “conspiracy theory”: the idea that ex-Beatle Paul McCartney was replaced with a look-alike in the 1960s. Not everyone is familiar with this one, but those who are usually consider it crazy. However, a before-and-after facial comparison makes one wonder if this so-called “conspiracy theory” should be renamed as “definitive fact”.

Observe the following photos. The first graphic is a comparison between two photos prior to 1966. The second graphic is post 1966. Distance between the eyes was equalized. Notice that the skull is the same shape in each graphic:

user posted image

user posted image

Now examine this comparison between 1966 and 1967. (Distance between eyes are equalized):

user posted image

Paul was 24-25 years old in these photos so his skull structure could not have changed to that extent.

See the above link for a much more in-depth analysis and source info for the photos.

[If any reader can prove the analysis wrong, please do so. That way I can conclude that I did see the real Paul at Giants Stadium in 1993 and Madison Square Garden in 2002, after all.]

See the “Nothing Is Real: Paul Was Replaced” message board for more information on this topic.

The Bohemian Club, commonly known to consist of the Global Elite, also serves musicians such as Steve Miller and the Grateful Dead, one of whose members went camping with Bush Sr.

See here for an interesting interpretation of music by The Who put together by Dr Wood that explains what’s going on in the world.

We humans have been deceived big-time on a number of issues. Life on Mars?? Paul is dead??

What about Bigfoot? The Bermuda Triangle? Crop Circles? Atlantis?

Is it possible all these so-called “conspiracy theories” are completely true?

What about Roswell/Area 51? The Moon Landing Hoax? The Loch Ness Monster? Ghosts?

Who do the Global Elite represent? Us, or themselves?


The following entries were made 9/14/08:

War Games / NORAD Standing Down section: Replaced text of Mineta’s quote with version from 9-11commission.gov’s website.

The Real Smoking Guns section: Added “Keep in mind that top-secret technologies are always light-years ahead of what’s publicly admitted. (Don’t fall for this new propaganda, designed to mislead people regarding the “magnetic forces” explained below.).

Computer Generated Images (CGI) / Animations section: Added third animated gif (for better understanding of the violation of Newton’s Laws of Motion).

Paul Is Dead section: added “The Moon Landing Hoax?”

DEW image redone in better quality.

Several typos corrected.


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