Zero 9/11 Film to be shown in Russia

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2008-09-10 21:57:41

Several people have sent me this story concerning the “Zero” 9/11 film being shown in Russia. I have included this announcement, followed by my review of the Zero film below. Please read the review.    BREAKING: RUSSIA WILL TELEVISE 911 TRUTH ON Sept 11!!!!  30 million Russian citizens can watch. Tue Sep 9, 2008 10:18 am (PDT)  *BREAKING NEWS! 9/11 TRUTH IS NOW UNSTOPPABLE! * Russian television is to give prime time airing 9/11 film on the eve of this week’s seventh anniversary of the attacks in New York and DC! Public showing of Italian Truth film could lead to international tribunal. thanks to Barbara Honegger DEUTSCHE WELLE Italian film-maker Giulietto Chiesa, who was in Berlin for a screening of his documentary (“ZERO”) which questions the official US version of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, has called for an international tribunal to probe events. Chiesa was in Berlin at the weekend for a screening of his film which features, among others, novelist Gore Vidal and playwright Dario Fo as well as retired American professor of philosophy David Ray Griffin who advances conspiracy theories that contradict mainstream accounts of events of 11 September, 2001. Federal Aviation Administration controllers, US Air Force pilots, military commanders and physicists also appear in the critical documentary, which the director hopes will create “political awareness” of the “faulty” official investigation into the events by the 9/11 Commission. “Some of the individuals appearing in the film are former FBI and CIA agents, people who have in a sense taken a very big risk in speaking out. I am very grateful to them because they have done a big job,” said Chiesa. “The film would not have been possible without them,” he said, adding that ZERO had been seen in France and Belgium at individual screenings, and by more than 20,000 people in Italy. But the film so far has not gained a distributor in Europe. In an interview with German news agency dpa, Chiesa, a European parliamentary deputy, said Russian television is to give prime time airing to his film on the eve of this week’s seventh anniversary of the attacks in New York and Washington. “That means that some 30 million Russian citizens will learn the truth about what happened, which is a very big result for me.” (can’t get this link up)… “The hottest places in Hell are reserved for those who, in times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality.” ~ Dante Alighieri. Those who watch while our elected officials are ravaging our country should consider that…Vin   I have seen the Zero film – someone sent me a DVD of it. Sadly, the film does little to expose the real truth of 9/11 (more information below) and leaves the viewer with no real clear picture of what happened on 9/11. What I mean is, we can now give people much more evidence about what happened on 9/11, over and above saying “the official story is bogus” – this film really does a very poor job in this regard. It has glitzy graphics and a “catchy score”. Some would argue that this is needed to “attract attention”. In the absence of any really good discussion of evidence, I again have to disagree.     1) It features – at the beginning – Steven E Jones, and him saying “to do science well, you have to look at all the evidence”. It then shows some computer animations of the columns being destroyed with charges of some kind, but it doesn’t say what they are (these are really good animations).   2) It mentions planes crashing into the WTC a lot (this didn’t happen).   3) The latter part of the film is concerned with hijackers and how they couldn’t have done it. It doesn’t really do a good enough job of explaining that they weren’t even involved (there is no evidence that they were – other than bogus news reports after the event).   My impression when watching the film  was that it actually moved from a MIHOP (they Made It Happen On Purpose ) to a LIHOP (Let It Happen On Purpose) position – which is the reverse of the way the film could have been edited.   It does not cover the dustification of the WTC and it does not include any discussion of any legal action taken by people like Dr Judy Wood. In short, the film is out of date and in many respects is inferior to Loose Change 2, which is now 3 years old. Loose Change 2 is good because it does not feature Steven E Jones.  Fairly recently, he suggested the towers may have been destroyed using “Paint on Thermite”.   Paint on Thermate – 9-11 Debate-Air America – R Greene – S Jones 08 May 2008.mp3 (108 KB) (Modified: Jul 14 2008 11:28:24 PM)   Prior to this, he has stated molten aluminium is silvery in appearance – at all temperatures – in daylight conditions (i.e. it does not glow – check this if you need to).   S Jones Silvery Aluminium Molten All temps in daylight 07 Jun 2006 Alex Jones.mp3 (117 KB) (Modified: Jul 14 2008 11:28:23 PM)   This is false. And there does seem to be a reason for him to try and get people to think this. It is very likely to cover up the effects of exotic technology (something which uses some kind of “Hutchison-Effect Like” field interference), as you may see here:…   Also please consider the evidence that weather modification technology was used on 9/11:…   Many people think that films like Zero are “OK” because they get people to question the official story of 9/11. I used to go along with this idea. However, now I think that because we have had a good set of evidence laid out, and a good proportion of it has been submitted to a court, we should use it – and realise that there is an orchestrated effort to discourage people from looking at this evidence. I went into some detail about this in a presentation I gave in July in the UK. Some people who have seen this have given me a positive reaction. Have a look if you wish….   www.checktheevidence…   With best wishes,   Andrew Johnson UK

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