FW: 9/11 – What Happened? David Kimball on KDVS Radio 90.3FM Tues.

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2017-09-11 09:51:47

   From: David Kimball [mailto:afreedmind@yahoo.com] Sent: 11 September 2017 07:48To: Andrew Johnson Subject: 9/11 – What Happened? David Kimball on KDVS Radio 90.3FM Tues. 9-12-17 4:30–5:00PM  Hi. I facilitated monthly meetings of Sacramento 9/11 Truth for over 11 years and have brought a number of speakers on this topic to Sacramento area venues.  In In March of 2017 I compiled a 54-page booklet entitled “Sacramento 9/11 Truth.”  For more info about the booklet, send me an email at afreedmind(at)yahoo(dot)com.   This Tuesday, September 12th from 4:30 to 5:00 PM, I’ll be the guest of Daniel Raven on his show “Life, the Universe, and Everything” on KDVS Radio 90.3FM, in Davis, CA.   Tune in if you get a chance.  Past shows also available on the station’s archives.  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ KDVS Radio 90.3FM in Davis, CA kdvs.org/  Show: “Life, The Universe, and Everything”  Date and time: Tuesday, Sept. 12, 2017 – 4:30PM – 5:00 PM Host: Daniel Raven Guest: David Kimball – Sacramento 9/11 Truth 9/11 – What Happened? Listen Now: kdvs.org/programming…  Show Archives: kdvs.org/past-playli… Index of Archives: kdvs.ucdavis.edu/arc…  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ All the best,  David Sacramento 9/11 Truth – Updated May 30,  Sac Valley Truth Pages (Entries: 2006 thru 2011)http://sac911truth.blogspot.com/   Articles by David R. Kimball posted on Indybay.org tinyurl.com/hjoyjfk_… Links: 9/11 Unfortunately, No One Can Be Told What Happened On 9/11 You Have To See It For  World Trade Center – What Really Happened?debamboozled.files.w…  Real Whistleblowers Don’t Show Up On Your Evening  Where Did the Towers Go? They Literally Turned to Dust in Mid-Airhttps://debamboozled.files.wordpress.com/2015/03/2015-03-11-classified-free-energy-technology-revealed.png Website of Judy Wood, PhD  www.drjudywood.com/D…. Judy Wood’s Did the Towers Go?” by Dr. Judy Wood (2010) 
Hardback book, 544 pages. “…the only comprehensive forensic investigation to date in the public domain.” This is a detailed and comprehensive compilation of the evidence of what happened at the World Trade Center on 9/11. wheredidthetowersgo…. of Morgan Reynolds, PhD  nomoregames.net/  Judy Wood and Morgan Reynolds: Qui Tam [Whistleblower] lawsuits drjudywood.com/artic… Hafiz Rodriguez, www.youtube.com/user…  Andrew Johnson  www.checktheevidence…  IRREFUTABLE: Classified Free-Energy Technology Revealed to the World – posted by IRREFUTABLE 12-24-15  (Video – 52:51 total)https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrbhfJlvZHYEu12_R65lR9Q/playlists_____________________________________ Geoengineering the Weather New videos uploaded: IRREFUTABLE YouTube  Geoengineering Watch

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