UK: First swine flu vaccine trial is in Leicester

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2009-08-24 19:02:59

www.thisisleicesters…     First swine flu vaccine trial is in Leicester Friday, August 07, 2009, 09:30 13 readers have commented on this story.Click here to read their views. Britain’s first swine flu vaccine trials are taking place in Leicester, the Mercury can reveal today. In all, there are 175 volunteers taking part in the tests at Leicester Royal Infirmary. Scientists hope they will help provide a long-awaited breakthrough in the fight against the virus, with a vaccine being made available as early as this autumn. The Health Protection Agency has announced that the number of deaths from the illness in England rose from 27 last week to 36. But there has been a dramatic drop in the number of worried people calling their GPs. Calls from city patients dropped from 792 to about 250 last week, and in the county they fell from more than 1,500 two weeks ago to 380. However doctors still fear a fresh wave of infections when schools and universities re-open this autumn.   Vaccine tests began two weeks ago and blood samples are now being taken to detect how much immunity the drug gives. Because the infection is new, hospital experts say patients will need two doses of the vaccine to build up immunity. The trial is being led by Dr Iain Stephenson, consultant in infectious diseases at Leicester Royal Infirmary and clinical senior lecturer at the University of Leicester. He said test results should be known at the start of September, before the first batches of the vaccine are due to be delivered to the Department of Health. The vaccine’s safety is not in question. He said: “There is nothing experimental about this. “It is produced in exactly the same way as the seasonal flu vaccine which has been around since the 1940s and used by millions of people. It is only the ‘swine flu’ part that is different. “It is almost certain two doses of vaccine will be needed. Unlike seasonal flu, where people’s bodies are partly primed to fight the virus, swine flu is a new infection none of us has met before. “Because of this your body needs a priming dose and then a boosting dose. “The lower the dose the more of the vaccine can be shared among the population. “The trial will also help determine how far apart the injections need to be given.” The first people to get the jabs are likely to be children under-five, pregnant women and those under 50 with health problems. Dr Stephenson said: “The virus might just disappear but most people expect there will be a larger wave in the autumn – probably as the schools start going back. “Most people will be susceptible but fortunately, at the moment, it is a relatively mild infection. “The flu virus changes all the time and adapts but at the moment there is no sign the swine flu virus is changing.” Gemma Clark, a 20-year-old administration officer, at the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust, was one of the volunteers who responded to an advert on the trust’s internal website. She said: “I don’t really want to get swine flu and I thought I would be helping other people by taking part in the trial. I have never done anything like this before but I would be happy to do it again.” Gemma, who is being given £75 for travelling expenses, has had the first jab and is waiting to have a blood test. She said: “The injection stung quite a bit, but only for about 30 seconds. “After that my arm was a bit sore for a day or two but otherwise I have not had any side effects.”   This story Email to a friend Print Comment < Previous story Read all stories Next story > Bookmark with (what is social media?) Facebook Digg Reddit Delicious StumbleUpon Comments (13) wearechange,How much more strongly can I stress the word ‘ORIGINAL’? Where did this information ORIGINALLY come from, not where did you happen to get it from? If your information is correct then someone, somewhere, will have this information; perhaps from someone who actually formulates vaccines. In spite of all the opportunities to provide this information (Google searches that only throw up self referencing websites which don’t say where this information ORIGINALLY came from) this is looking more and more like an urban myth/conspiracy. Check your sources! D, Leicestershire commented on 24-Aug-2009 11:08 Why £75 travelling expenses? If this girl works at the hospital trust, surely she lives within commuting distance and therefore can get there for far less than £75! And we wonder why the NHS is in such dire straits. Again, I sit in disbelief as the service we all pay for squanders its money… Utterly disgusting. Irritated taxpayer, Leicester commented on 18-Aug-2009 10:49 D – do a google search for thisThe Health Studio Newsletter (Volume 1, Oct. 1997) Vaccine Fillers and Ingredients., Leicester commented on 07-Aug-2009 15:45 I am one of the people taking part in the trial. It is NOTa trial to see if it works, it has previously been tested and proved to be safe, it is purely to find out the correct dosage needed for accurate protection. I decided to take part as contracting the Swine flu virus is much more risky for me with my medical conditions than any side affects the vaccine can cause. I had the vaccine nearly 2 weeks ago, and guess what? No side affects. I also know quite a few other people on the trial and they have also suffered no ill affects. Anon, Leicester commented on 07-Aug-2009 15:12 wearechange,I’ve been researching the source of the information that the vaccine contains rabbit brain, but cannot find it. You make many claims of fact, can you please provide the reference for this particular one? By that I mean the ORIGINAL source of the information. D, Leicestershire commented on 07-Aug-2009 14:28 Just what should vaccines contain? They have problems, of course they do, but we don’t have smallpox any more. Is it just the swine flu vaccine that we should not take – based on 33 year old information on websites that are anti US government? Have we learned nothing since? D, Leicestershire commented on 07-Aug-2009 14:01 Hey DThis is no conspiracy thoery but truth – each of the ten points listed are facts – and we can back them up with all the mainstream news and information its all out there and easily available. No this is not UFO and lizard / reptilian theories do you own research.Also reasearch the gardasil HPV vaccine shot for girls for cervical cancer look at the thosands of girls in the UK some in leicester who have develoepd auto immune diseases and have been compleyly de-abilitaed.Do you know what is in the flue shots?heres the content – I am aware that vaccines typically contain many of the following fillers: aluminum hydroxide aluminum phosphate ammonium sulfate amphotericin B animal tissues: pig blood, horse blood, rabbit brain, dog kidney, monkey kidney, chick embryo, chicken egg, duck egg calf (bovine) serum betapropiolactone fetal bovine serum formaldehyde formalin gelatin glycerol human diploid cells (originating from human aborted fetal tissue) hydrolized gelatin mercury thimerosol (thimerosal, Merthiolate(r)) monosodium glutamate (MSG) neomycin neomycin sulfate phenol red indicator phenoxyethanol (antifreeze) potassium diphosphate potassium monophosphate polymyxin B polysorbate 20 polysorbate 80 porcine (pig) pancreatic hydrolysate of casein residual MRC5 proteins sorbitol tri(n)butylphosphate, VERO cells, a continuous line of monkey kidney cells, and washed sheep red bloodFeel free to take the vaccine! D, Leicester commented on 07-Aug-2009 13:51 ” line up for your swine flu vaccine this fall…”Enough said! Simon, City Cent(er) commented on 07-Aug-2009 13:29 “wearechange”‘s comments are cut and pasted from one of any number of websites – including a UFO blog site!This is yet another U.S. based conspiracy theory against the US government It is not hard science, it is just anti-rational nonsense.How else are we going to determine the effectiveness of a vaccine if we don’t try it out on people? Talk sense. D, Leicestershire commented on 07-Aug-2009 13:08 #1 – The vaccine production was “rushed” and the vaccine has never been tested on humans. Do you like to play guinea pig for Big Pharma? If so, line up for your swine flu vaccine this fall…#2 – Swine flu vaccines contain dangerous adjuvants that cause an inflammatory response in the body. This is why they are suspected of causing autism and other neurological disorders.#3 – The swine flu vaccine could actually increase your risk of death from swine flu by altering (or suppressing) your immune system response. There is zero evidence that even seasonal flu shots offer any meaningful protection for people who take the jabs. Vaccines are the snake oil of modern medicine.#4 – Doctors still don’t know why the 1976 swine flu vaccines paralyzed so many people. And that means they really have no clue whether the upcoming vaccine might cause the same devastating side effects. (And they’re not testing it, either…) #5 – Even if the swine flu vaccine kills you, the drug companies aren’t responsible. The U.S. government has granted drug companies complete immunity against vaccine product liability. Thanks to that blanket immunity, drug companies have no incentive to make safe vaccines, because they only get paid based on quantity, not safety (zero liability).#6 – No swine flu vaccine works as well as vitamin D to protect you from influenza. That’s an inconvenient scientific fact that the U.S. government, the FDA and Big Pharma hope the people never realize.#7 – Even if the swine flu vaccine actually works, mathematically speaking if everyone else around you gets the vaccine, you don’t need one! (Because it can’t spread through the population you hang with.) So even if you believe in the vaccine, all you need to do is encourage your friends to go get vaccinated…#8 – Drug companies are making billions of dollars from the production of swine flu vaccines. That money comes out of your pocket — even if you don’t get the jab — because it’s all paid by the taxpayers.#9 – When people start dying in larger numbers from the swine flu, rest assured that many of them will be the very people who got the swine flu vaccine. Doctors will explain this away with their typical Big Pharma logic: “The number saved is far greater than the number lost.” Of course, the number “saved” is entirely fictional… imaginary… and exists only in their own warped heads.#10 – The swine flu vaccine centers that will crop up all over the world in the coming months aren’t completely useless: They will provide an easy way to identify large groups of really stupid people. (Too bad there isn’t some sort of blue dye that we could tag ’em with for future reference…), Leicester commented on 07-Aug-2009 12:27 Hey Bill – what about all the influenza vaccines since 1976 (several each year) which didn’t have the same problems and saved thousand of lives. factored that into your calculations? GPs in Leicester administer thousands of doses of influenza vaccine each year with no adverse effects. 1976 was along time ago. AJ Cann, Leicester commented on 07-Aug-2009 11:48 Prof Silverstein doesn’t seem to object to vaccination for the current… Bert, Leicester commented on 07-Aug-2009 10:14 Soon, everybody will be urged to take the Swine Flu vaccine but I for one will not be having it and here’s my reason why.In 1976, health officials disclosed to America that something called “Swine Vlu” had killed an army recruit and hospitalised four of his fellow soldiers at the army base in Burlington County. Thus was born what would become known to some medical historians as a fiasco and to others as perhaps the finest hour of America’s public health bureaucracy.Only one person died from the Swine Flu itself in 1976 but hundreds of Americans were killed or seriously injured by the inoculation (vaccine) the government have them to stave off the virus.One major critic was Arthur M. Silverstein, whose book, ‘Pure Politics and Impure Science’ suggests President Gerald Ford’s desire win the support of America’s big drug companies, figured into the decision to immunize all 220 million Americans.By the end of that year, it was decided that every American take the new flu shot but within days of the mass inocculation beginning, several people fell seriously ill. Three even died of heart attacks within hours of having the shot. Illness and death continued and began to spiral out of control. On December 16, there were increasing concerns about the vaccine’s link to neurological problems, especially the rate Guillain-Barre syndrome. Therefore, the government suspended the program, having inoculated 40 million people for a flu that never came.In today’s Leicester Mercury it is announced that the new vaccine for Swine Flu is being tested in Leicester, England. Dr. Iain Stephenson, consultant in infectious diseases at Leicester Royal Infirmary and clinical senior lecturer at the University of Leicester says: “The vaccine’s safety is not in question. There is nothing experimental about this. It is produced in exactly the same way as the seasonal flu vaccine which has been around since the 1940’s and used by millions of people. It is only the ‘swine flu’ part which is different.”If flu vaccines are safe and non-experimental, can he please tell us what happened in 1976? Did those that tested it in the 70’s not modify the seasonal flu vaccine that had been around since the 1940’s? 2009 is much like 1976, we are all to be vaccinated again the epidemic that didn’t happen. In Leicestershire alone, phone calls to the Swine Flu hotline have fallen from 1,500 to 380 in just two weeks. The worst is over and I urge everyone to think before they take the vaccine.Most pharmaceutical medicines/vaccines take years to test properly but Dr. Stephenson’s tests are taking place in just a couple of months. Who knows what long term affects there will be? Of the 175 guinea pigs being tested, I wonder if the more negative results will be tested? I think not. Also, I wonder which pharmaceutical giant will be profiting from the vaccine and I wonder about their relationship with the American and British governments. Bill Gray, Leicester commented on 07-Aug-2009 09:51   Are you interested in what’s really going on in the world, behind the facade? Then…www.checktheevidence… happened on 9/11?    

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