Microchipping: the Spiritual threat against humanity.

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2009-12-02 19:42:05

Attachments : From Leo Noury’s blog   leonoury.blogspot.co…   Microchipping: the Spiritual threat against humanity.     Hello, I have not written an article for a long time as I have had many challenges in everyday-life. Things are now a little quieter and I hope to be able to post much more info in the next few months. In the past weeks I have realised more than ever before how totally dummed down people really are. That is why, in this short article, I want to talk about the ultimate aim of the new world order: A one world Government and a MICROCHIPPED POPULATION. It is on this second aspect that I would like to expand, as many; many people seem to ignore the spiritual implications of micro-chipping. It goes much much further than just surveillance, or “termination” of people although these two aspects are on the five-sense level of the micro-chipping agenda.You see, our whole reality is nothing more than a matrix reality, a thought-form based on fear that has totally entrapped us and taken over us. This thought-form is holographic in nature (the whole of reality is contained in each part); it is nothing more than an extremely dense net of rays that our brains decode as physical reality. How did it come into being? Well, according to a Hindu myth we were (and are) all beings of infinite consciousness that decided to experience duality (separation). At first, it was an agreeable experience. In fact, the beginning of duality can be described as nothing more than a world were all thoughts created reality… Not unlike what NDE experiencers describe. However, Duality creates illusory Hierarchy and hierarchy creates fear. “What does that person think of me?” Or “Am I better than him type of fear”. The trouble is that all the emotion energy began to create a thought-form, a totally artificial construct that became denser and denser and denser… Gradually, the thought-form became self-conscious and began to understand that its food source was our fear, and all the emotions that derive from it… In fact, according to even mainstream psychologists, over 99% of all our emotions derive from fear. Even “love” (not Love with a capital L) comes from the need to have security and to be protected… In other words from fear. That is why the thought-form began taking over our reality and was/is responsible for the illusion of death, war, suffering… Etc. You see dear reader; the thought-form actually is a system that thrives on our fear, THE THOUGHTFORM IS OUR WHOLE PHYSICAL REALITY AND POSSIBLY THE SO CALLED AFTERLIFE where according to researchers like Matthew Delooze, the manipulation continues albeit in a different form. We humans are infinite beings that have been turned into living batteries by the thought-form. After having researched the matter for many hours, I am certain that the reptilian and grey aliens that are at a five sense level pulling the strings behind the Illuminati are nothing more than soulless beings, extensions of the thought-form that have for sole purpose to manipulate us into situations that cause fear and suffering in order to feed the thought-form. It is clear to me that without our fear the thought-form and the soulless beings that are nothing more than extensions of the thought-form cease to exist.Also, there is a “rule” in the universe that says that for any manipulation to occur we must give our consent. It is clear that we decided ourselves to create duality and to separate from infinite consciousness. That is why the new world order and one world government advances through staged events like 9/11, the swine flu scam (that seems more and more like a biological weapon), fake global warming… After 9/11 the American people asked for the patriot act and the support rate was over 80% for the genocidal war in Afghanistan that has left over 1 million people (mostly women and children dead). Why? Because they where in an induced fear and wanted protection that came from the very “people” that were the organisers of 9/11. Most world events are created by the Illuminati (hybrid Babylonian bloodlines) so that the people CONSENT to give away their freedom. That is why the swine flu scams and global warming hoaxes are created: so that people consent to a global solution: “a world government”. There is also evidence to suggest that the swine flu and especially its solution the vaccine (and all vaccines) are there to cull the population by rendering us chronically ill. The mercury, aluminium, squalene and monkey cells present in the vaccine are there to render the population chronically ill, to make it dependant on the system, to impair reproduction and to eliminate the “undesirable” to the Illuminati new world order. At another level, all the suffering induced by the sickness caused by the so-called solutions to swine flu feeds the thought-form and the soulless reptilian entities that are the guardians of the thought-form.Now, one of the main goals of the Illuminati is the micro-chipping of the population. And as with everything, it is being done through conning the population to consenting to being implantedHere is an example of how people are conned to consent. Also there is now evidence that there are nano-microchips in the so called-swine flu vaccineClick here for the linkYou see, what you must understand is that for the soulless beings behind the illuminati our fear is a question of life or death: we stop sending them fear… or fear related emotions and the thought form/matrix that is their life force disappears. If you study the thought form, you realise that it works through cycles. (A bit like a chapter in a book). At the end of a cycle, it seems that the thought form becomes less dense and people have in theory more access to their infinite consciousness. It seems that in last few years we have been coming near the end of a cycle and that is why the illuminati are creating more and more fake alternative groups (the new age, part of ufology, some of the 5 sense only conspiracy movement) in order to keep people that are becoming aware of their infinity in the box. But, back to the microchip, it seems to be extremely important to the illuminati in order to pass on to the next cycle of the matrix. You see with the microchip as with everything else there are to levels to the problem:-A physical (five sense) level -A spiritual levelAt a physical level, the microchip will male people totally dependant on the system as it will replace in my opinion in the next few years all paper currency and credit card. Therefore, no microchip, no food. Also, the microchip will permit surveillance of people even in their most intimate moments. But there is an even more sinister aspect to all of this: by communicating information to the microchip, the powers that be will be able to terminate people at will, induce diseases and… There is evidence that this is already being done in a clandestine manner. I am certain that a good portion (and not all) of so called alien abductions are being carried out by the Illuminati for mind control and experimentation programs…Click here for an example of Microchip induced cancer.At a spiritual level, the implications are even greater. The microchip, once it is installed in the body will be in contact with nerve tissue, so the Illuminati will be able to take control of the person’s brain. In other words, implanted people will be nothing more than remote controlled biological robots… But it does not stop here. The Illuminati will also, through the microchip be able to induce any emotion, any time. So, they will induce a state of generalised and permanent fear in order to feed the thought-form. People will become nothing more than energy batteries (which we are already to some degree through all the symbolism, satanic rituals and daily mind control). It seems to me that the microchip is the device used to issue enough fear energy in order to usher in the next cycle (chapter) of the new world order: The end of the human form as we know it… The end of all thinking human beings, the end of everything that defines humanity…There is also evidence that consenting or being conned into consenting to be micro-chipped will have an incidence not just in our current lifetimes but in future lifetimes as well as being implanted will make the cycle death, reincarnation into the matrix even stronger… In other words, humanity will even be more trapped in the matrix. What can be done against all this…? A lot. We have the numbers; we have infinite consciousness something that the illuminati and the soulless beings do not have. Therefore if we all just use our numbers and consciousness in a peaceful way to refuse the system then we can reclaim who we are: infinite consciousness. That is why it is now a critical time to give out all the information we have, without being stopped by intellectual or fear based barriers. If the big picture is not known we will still be tools of the thought-form… Also, it is time for real non-collaboration with the system and not just we it arranges us. For example what can the illuminati do if billions of soulled people across the world refuse swine flu vaccinations? Nothing. What can the illuminati do if young men refuse to join the army and fight a war of extermination, depopulation and genocide in Afghanistan? Nothing. What can the Illuminati do if all doctors and nurses refuse to give chemotherapy that kills? Nothing. What can the Illuminati do if we all start taking our health into our own hands and using natural treatments that work? Nothing. What can the illuminati do if we stop buying into their fear mongering? NothingThe choice is ours.All the bestLeo   Are you interested in what’s really going on in the world, behind the facade? Then…www.checktheevidence… happened on 9/11?www.drjudywood.com/    

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