Nick Clegg Agrees to Disagree about 7/7

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2012-10-27 22:32:12

Attachments : This is just one for the archives…   Neil Austin advised me of his surprise at getting a response from UK Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg to a letter sent regarding the 7/7 Attacks in London. Neil had done as Richard Hall had suggested in sending a dossier to him, as discussed here:…   Included below is the text of Clegg’s response and a copy of the letter itself.    

The Rt. Hon. Nick Clegg M.P. Sheffield Hallam   85 Nethergreen Road, Sheffield S11 7EH Tel: 0114 2309002 Fax: 0114 2309614 Email: nickclegg@sheffieldh…   Mr Neil Austin 26 October 2012 Aust005/1 Dear Mr Austin   Thank you for your letter of the 4th October concerning information on the London bombings that took place in July 2005. You will appreciate that the suggestion that the government of the time allowed – or instigated – such an horrendous act of terrorism in such a cynical manner for political expediency is difficult to accept. You clearly believe that the research would lead a rational person to this conclusion – and I am sorry that I must disappoint you as I do not arrive at that conclusion myself.   I accept that you sincerely hold to your views and I appreciate you letting me know of this, but on this I’m afraid we will need to agree to disagree.     Yours sincerely     NICK CLEGG MP   Whilst Nick Clegg MP will treat as confidential any personal information which you pass on, he will normally allow staff and authorised volunteers to see it if this is needed to help and advise you. The MP may pass on all or some of this information to agencies such as the DWP, HM Revenue and Customs or the local Council if this is necessary to help with your case. Nick Clegg MP may wish to write to you from time to time to keep you informed on issues which you may find of interest. Please let him know if you do not wish to be contacted for this purpose.  

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