The Transformation

From: Eagleucsteve

Date: 2013-03-20 03:42:38

Unlimited electric power from fusion technology fueled only by water. From the sun itself via solar power satellites. Throw your garbage into a fusion torch, folks, and out the other end comes free clean raw materials. Unlimited power means unlimited Animal and People Chow from artificial photosynthesis. No more need to plant vast monocultures of grain means planting more trees and cleaning up the atmosphere. Moving heavy industry into space finishes the job. Mining the moon and asteroids means unlimited raw materials and unlimited power means the ability to turn anything into anything. Which means the ability to build whole new worlds in space or terraform planets. Which means the ability to do likewise with the mess we’ve made of THIS one. No more hunger or poverty or overpopulation means no more reasons for war. Voila, Starship Earth, able and worthy to take its place among those advanced galactic civilzations who have transcended their Transformation Crises.” —p. 1537, HE WALKED AMONG US (e-book), Norman Spinrad. This message was hand-typed in a loving spirit of Work by: SssSs

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