UK People – FW: The Bradbury Alliance – please network

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2014-02-10 22:29:30

For UK folks – From Justin Walker – He is talking about this PDF file:   www.checktheevidence… From: [] Sent: 08 February 2014 23:09To: ad.johnson@ntlworld….; penny.pullen@uwclub….; b.mckenzie@btinterne…;…; pidcockdavid8@gmail….; lindataylor101@btint…;; allan-kelly@hotmail….;;;; john.galloway@totali…;;;…;…Subject: The Bradbury Alliance must go viral – please network hard. Hi everyone,
Please network the attached article (sent in Word and as a pdf) as hard as you can – it is essential that knowledge of the Bradbury Pound and the Bradbury Alliance goes viral in the next few weeks.
We will be having a ‘gathering of the clans’ for the Bradbury Alliance on Budget Day on Wednesday March 19 outside Parliament at midday where we can ‘educate’ both the politicians and the mainstream media about the positive ramifications of the Bradbury Pound – the bankers’ nemesis!   This will be big and we need hundreds to turn up to make a real impact. The last page of the attached pdf has a poster for people to print off and to bring with them.
The Bradbury Alliance is exposing the whole rotten corporate banking system, including Establishment-led paedophilia and child abuse.  Everything boils down to this one simple issue – evil people currently control our money supply unlawfully – take this away from them and they immediately collapse leaving humanity to live in peace, happiness and prosperity.  It’s all as simple as that.
So please network hard and mobilise your contacts.
Many thanks,

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