Documentary about UFO Disinfo and Richard Doty

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2014-09-11 09:26:01

This documentary is quite instructive, but one must note it has been made by John Lundberg, Mark Pilkington and Jon Ronson (who was the guy that got Alex Jones into Bohemian Grove a few years back) – who are “limited hangout” or outright debunkers.   The video mainly discusses the case of Paul Benewitz – see… how he was targeted for disinformation operation by Richard Doty and others – with tragic results. (Doty seems proud of the work he did if you watch the video.) There is also some stuff about Bill Moore, who kind of “disappeared” from the UFO scene in the late 80s after admitting he agreed to put of disinfo into the UFO research community.…   Oddly, the title on this YouTube posting doesn’t seem to match the actual video – Linda Moulton Howe is interviewed, though.   Note how much they talk about disinfo and mythology and not about evidence. (Pilkington can’t seem to resist the opportunity to use the words “UFO Mythology” and similar phrases. These guys are more interested in the disinfo than the truth.   One wonders where they got the money to make this – as it’s well shot, well-edited and well-presented for a YouTube documentary.

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