Re: Myles Power reviews WDTTG

From: mohanprao

Date: 2015-01-14 00:58:31

Here´s my review of Myles Power´s review:Obviously Myles either hasn´t actually read the book or has no intention of being honest. I have read this book “Where Did The Towers Go?” at least three times carefully and cannot understand Myles Power´s conclusions. Each conclusion seems so far off of what is actually written that it´s hard to believe he even believes himself. I have a degree in Materials Engineering Science and understand the physics and science of what Dr. Wood has written about the evidence. You don´t need a degree to understand the obvious conclusions from simply looking at the evidence! From the apparent intelligence Myles Power exhibits with the use of his language skills, I feel he is being disingenuous with this review and does not believe what he is saying. After reading the book, anyone honest cannot deny that Dr. Wood has the  best explanation to explain ALL the evidence.

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