FW: Glasgow bin lorry crash predictive programming?

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2015-02-21 21:28:48

Thanks to David for alerting me to this. It is very strange, but fits the pattern   1) 911 foreshadowed in many films for a number of years (Mario Bros 1993, Lone Gunman 2001, Matrix 1999) www.youtube.com/watc… 2) Boston Marathon bombing foreshadowed in Family Guy www.youtube.com/watc… 3) Sandy Hook name shown in Batman Dark Knight film about 1 year before it happened jonrappoport.wordpre… 4) Robin Williams suicide foreshadowed in Family Guy (what is about that show) www.dailymail.co.uk/…   David also makes a good point about this being highlighted by the Daily Mail the day after the events in Glasgow took place. (Daily Mail keeps featuring this stuff – see other message about this as well!)   It appears to be some kind of weird/occult ritual that is going on, if you ask me…. From: David Sent: 21 February 2015 19:33To: andrew johnsonSubject: Glasgow bin lorry crash predictive programming? Andrew,   This is truly bizarre and apologies if you are already aware. As you no doubt know, on December 22nd a bin lorry ploughed into shoppers in Glasgow’s George Square killing six people and injuring more. At the time it happened it struck me as a very strange event. I’m not saying it didn’t happen as I’m sure it did but something didn’t feel right to me. I get that feeling about a lot of news story and have done long before the internet came along and others started pointing strange things out. Before you watch the video this quote from the awful Daily Mail will explain what it is about The tragedy bears a striking resemblance to a scene from Brad Pitt’s World War Z, which was filmed in Glasgow in 2011 only yards from where yesterday’s tragedy unfolded.The zombie film includes a scene in which a bin lorry crashes into several cars as pedestrians scramble out of the way. The movie bin lorry careers along Cochrane Street, before coming to a stop on the corner of George Square.The 2013 film – produced by and starring Pitt – saw the city centre play the part of Philadelphia. I think it also a bit suspicious that the Daily Mail had already reported the connection by the next day www.youtube.com/watc… This surely can’t just be a coincidence? If it was just a bin lorry crash in a movie you could pass that off as just a coincidence yes, but at the same location where the real thing happens 4 years later? That’s really stretching the odds a bit too far for me. David

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