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From: jon_devlin

Date: 2015-03-30 12:57:01

It’s my opinion based on my limited research into the whole ‘Mental Illness’ industry, that has me believe we have virtually no, non-drug induced mental illness. I’d qualify this by saying, I fully agree that a very small percentage of people are born with some brain abnormality (or some develop this from trauma to their nervous system) do exist and they may have cognitive and or motors kills problems but they are the small minority that might be labelled, if one has to give a label, as have a mental illness. To even use the term Mental Illness in all other references, is to further perpetuate this nonsense that the Health Industry through their bible ‘The DSM’, justify the notion that even Shyness is a scientifically proven medical condition or a Chemical Imbalance or other such dribble. Then proscribe drugs that create a whole plethora of new conditions that need further drugs to combat and soon you have (across the pond at the moment) a population were, one presumes an adult parent taking their < 1 year baby into a doctors surgery and are happy that this 'Professional' will prescribe a Psych drug to said bundle of innocence. I kid you not, just under 1000 baby's of <1year in the US of A, had a doctor prescribe Psych drugs (with all the same dangerous and addictive properties that they put on their contra indicators) and that prescription was discharged as completed. The statics (I'll let you google these if your interested) for up to 3 years is in the 100's thousands and from memory the total for the USA of Psych drug prescriptions is something like 75 Million per year circa 2014 I think?Do you remember Tom Cruse being vilified several years ago (then had a few lean movie years) for telling the world that Brook Shields was not being helped by taking Psych drugs, then he as laughed at etc etc If you use their terminology even in jest you are playing into their hands and leading the way for them to use this terminology to legally prescribe Psych drugs to people that disagree with the official versions of truth. But, as I opened up with its my educated opinion.I listened to Dr John Breeding several years ago and he is a nice gentle intro into this very disturbing world of Psychiatry (do you know which ethnic minority, 2% I believe, are the founders of this honourable profession?) Can You Heal from Mental Illness? Mental Health Recovery, Healing Depression

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