Re: Pravda-putin-threatens-to-release-satellite-evidence-of-911 – R

From: J D

Date: 2015-04-09 09:45:40

No your right Andrew nothing more to say on this.  I was merely pointing out the current usage of NASA 911 image and how several cites are posting this Putin article again and the Satellite image and this character Field McConnell and also Ms Roth. To: Cognoscence@yahoogro…: Cognoscence@yahoogro…: Wed, 8 Apr 2015 14:39:23 -0700Subject: [Cognoscence] Re: Pravda-putin-threatens-to-release-satellite-evidence-of-911 – Really?   Most sites – including Vet’s Today and AbleDanger avoid mention of the truth of Hurricane Erin – true revelation of this would expose them either as disinfo or poorly researched sites. I already responded to the Putin-related article some time ago – see this message and I see you responded to it:Cognoscence Cognoscence To promote free, unfettered research for the sake of truth; to promote confluence and cooperation between ‘mainstream’ and ‘alternative’ science, and other are… View on Preview by Yahoo  So I am not entirely sure there is much else to discuss of real value…?

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